Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thank you

Thanks everyone for a great season, and especially those who have helped me out this year in any way, from babysitting, passing along photos and scorecards, giving advice, computer help, etc. Made life much easier for me!

Please support the Records Secretary again next year (from Warracknabeal) with photos and information and prompt delivery of scorecards. It is a time consuming job and sometimes difficult to get photos published, and ladders and results...amongst other things. I wish them well, whoever takes on the job!

Thanks also for words of encouragement I have received this year. It's been an interesting and very time consuming job with a lot of deadlines and hockey info and stats running constantly through my brain!

Now that my baby boy is 4 months old he is of course requiring much more attention (sleeps a lot less!) and I think the hockey season has finished just in time!

Well done to the executive (and everyone else) for making the season run smoothly. It has been an enjoyable year.

I do hope you have enjoyed blogspot this year, and the reports and any photos which have appeared in the wimmera and local press.

Thanks again, and good luck for next year.

Rachel Clark
WHA Records Secretary 2008

WHA 2008 Executive

Your WHA Executive Team for 2008 was:
President – Simon King, Warracknabeal
Vice President – Simon Farmers, Yanac
Secretary – Christine Dufty, Nhill
Treasurer – Richard Kemp, Horsham
Records Secretary – Rachel Clark, Kaniva
Umpires Convenor – Launa Schilling, Horsham
Other Club Representative – Sally Klinge, Dimboola
Draw – Dimboola
Non-exec Public Officer - Suzanne Puls

The executive members put in timeless hours towards making the hockey season successful. As do each club’s nominated delegates who all attend monthly association meetings from February to August/September, making decisions and carrying out various tasks.

Well done to everyone for making 2008 a very successful season: executive, delegates, club executives and committee members, coaches, umpires, players, team officials, Country Week managers and coordinators, caterers, curators, first aid providers, drivers, parents, supporters and any other contributors to the sport of hockey!

WHA Executive 2008:
Standing from left: Records Secretary Rachel Clark, Vice President Simon Farmers, Umpires Convenor Launa Schilling, Treasurer Richard Kemp.
Seated from left: Secretary Christine Dufty, President Simon King.

WHA Executive 2008:

From left: Records Secretary Rachel Clark, Vice President Simon Farmers, Secretary Christine Dufty, President Simon King, Treasurer Richard Kemp, Umpires Convenor Launa Schilling.


WHA delegates and executive at the final General Meeting for the season on Monday 18 August 2008 at the Victoria Hotel, Dimboola.


WHA 2008 Presentations Photos

WHA - Individual Recognition Awards
'Just Hockey Award'
- ‘Just Hockey Award’ winner Meaghan Pohlner from Dimboola.
Wimmera Messengers Encouragement Awards

Senior Female award winner Heather McDonald from Kaniva and Junior Boy award winner Tim Eastwood from Kaniva.


Junior Female award winner Ashlee Crowhurst of Dimboola.


Winner of the Senior Male award Jarryd Bendall of Nhill was not at the presentation dinner, but is pictured in action during the season (right).


WHA Junior Awards


WHA Junior Girls Best and Fairest winner Monique Schwedes from Horsham Bombers, left, with Juniors Girls Runner Up Best and Fairest winner Erin Blackwood from Yanac Warriors.


WHA Junior Boys Best and Fairest winner Nathan Jorgensen from Dimboola Kangaroos is flanked by Equal Runners Up Best and Fairest winners Nathan Alexander from Yanac Warriors, left, and Kendal Meyer from Kaniva Raiders, right.

James Klinge of Dimboola Kangaroos was awarded best on ground in the junior grand final.


WHA Women's Awards


Elizabeth Klinge of Dimboola Women, pictured, won the WHA Women’s Best and Fairest a single vote ahead of Horsham Highlanders’ Kate Ferrier.


Women's Runner Up Best and Fairest winner - Highlanders’ Kate Ferrier (in black and red closest to the ball!) in action during the season (was overseas at time of grand final and presentations!) - sorry I didn't have a better photo!

Robyn Creek of Horsham Highlanders was awarded best on ground in the women’s grand final.
WHA Men's Awards

Men’s Best and Fairest winner Will Hewitt from Horsham Hurricanes, right, with Runner Up Best and Fairest Tim Jorgensen from Dimboola Men.


Matt Kube of Yanac Tigers was awarded best on ground in the men’s grand final.


General photos


Kaniva Shire Hall where Kaniva Hockey Club hosted the WHA presentation dinner on Saturday 6 September 2008.


Horsham celebrate their women's team's first grand final win in 25 years at the presentation dinner Saturday night, as well as claiming several of the top individual awards for 2008.


Grand Final Photos - Women

2008 Women's Premiers
Horsham Highlanders
- Highlanders doing the Highland Fling after their win and 25 year drought broken for Horsham women!
Standing left to right: Bec Batchelor, Clair Hucker, Kim Fry, Denise Vallance, Jaclyn Zordan, Allie Salter, Ginny Forrest, Ellie Morrow, goalie Shannon Jakobi, captain Carmel McFarlane.
Kneeling left to right: Launa Schilling, Kylie Ferguson, Maddie Bullock, Sarah O'Connor, Robyn Creek.
Absent from match: Lisa Schneider whose finger got split in warm up before the game – very untimely and disappointing! And playing coach Kate Ferrier who was in Europe!
2008 Women’s Runners Up
Dimboola Women

Back from left: Adina King, Zoe Aitken, Naomi Kuhnell, Rosa Goode, Ange Keating, Jess Ross, Elizabeth Klinge, Lisa Robson, Meaghan Pohlner, Kelly Smithyman.Front from left: Vicki Smithyman, Jennifer Klinge, Cara Elsom, Ashlee Crowhurst, captain Michelle Searle.


Horsham fans on the sideline at Kaniva.


Vicki Smithyman in action for Dimboola Women.


Robyn Creek in action for Highlanders.


Jennifer Klinge in action for Dimboola Women.

Clair Hucker in action for Highlanders.


Highlanders celebrate the 25 year drought break with champagne!


Highlanders captain Carmel McFarlane, left, WHA president Simon King, centre and Dimboola Women captain Michelle Searle, right.


Highlanders captain Carmel McFarlane accepts the women’s premiership trophy.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Grand Final Photos - Men

2008 Men's Premiers
Yanac Tigers
- Standing left to right: Simon Farmers, Michael Dart, Tom Cook, Vern Wheaton, Matt Kube.
Kneeling left to right: Nigel Reichenbach, Shaun Alexander, captain Adam Clohesy, Hugh Finlay, goalie Murray Miller, Luke Reichenbach, Josh Cramer, Jamie Harding and Michael Croot.

2008 Men’s Runners Up
Horsham Hurricanes

Standing from left: Ben Schwedes, Lachie Zordan, Khyran Randall-Demllo, Ryan Robson, Ash Clark, Steve Grose, Luke Dunn, John Heenan, Josh Sykes-Atkins.

Kneeling: Stuart Hoffman, Tim Nooteboom, Paul Mackereth, Matt Tepper, Will Hewitt, Richard Kemp, Andrew Dorman.


Tigers and Hurricanes in grand final action.


Yanac Tigers celebrate their winning goal in extra time.


Yanac and Kaniva fans cheering on Yanac Tigers to their premiership.


Kaniva sidelines on grand final day.

Regional Umpires from Hockey Victoria Charlie Martin, left and Mark Frost, right, with WHA President Simon King. These two umpires officiated at all three finals on Saturday at Kaniva.


Hurricanes captain Ryan Robson, left, with WHA president Simon King, and Tigers captain Adam Clohesy, right.


Tigers captain Adam Clohesy accepts the premiership trophy after the match from WHA president Simon King.


WHA Umpires Convenor Launa Schilling, right, presents Regional Umpires from Hockey Victoria Charlie Martin, second from right, and Mark Frost, second from left, with a gift each in appreciation of their efforts and involvement with the WHA during the 2008 season conducting rules sessions and coaching clinics, as well as officiating at all three grand final matches. WHA President Simon King looks on, left.


Grand Final Photos - Juniors

2008 Junior Premiers
Dimboola Kangaroos
Left to right: Brydon Tischler, Josh Lehmann, Michael Pohlner, Meaghan Pohlner, Brett Tischler, James Klinge, Benjamin Gebert, captain Nathan Jorgensen, Jacqueline Gebert, Rebecca Lovett, Kelly Smithyman, coach Sally Klinge.
Very front: goalie Ambrose Hose.
2008 Junior Runners Up
Yanac Warriors


Back left to right: Jason Bone, Bradley Alexander, Anna Reichenbach (vice captain), Alex Wheaton, Brittany Dickinson, Emma Ussing, Ryan Smith, Vern Wheaton, Nathan Alexander and Sam Bone.

Middle left to right: Melaie Webb, Greta Morphett, Marny Croot, captain Erin Blackwood and Alana Colbert.

Front: Catherine Wagg.


Warriors and Kangaroos in action in the 2008 grand final.

Warriors head into attack.

Kangaroos head into attack.


Warriors celebrate their loan goal.
Warriors and their support after the match.
Kangaroos after the match
Kangaroos captain Nathan Jorgensen, left, WHA president Simon King, and Warriors captain Erin Blackwood, right.
Dimboola Kangaroos captain Nathan Jorgensen accepts the junior premiership shield from WHA president Simon King.

WHA 2008 Presentations Review

Season 2008 winds up
An estimated 200 people attended the presentation dinner at the Kaniva Shire Hall, representing 19 teams from 6 clubs.
Kaniva president Christian Stimson welcomed everyone to the day and evening.
The new WHA executive committee for 2008 was also announced during the brief AGM held before the dinner. President – Simon Farmers, Yanac; Vice President – To Be Confirmed, Kaniva; Secretary – Christine Dufty, Nhill; Treasurer – Richard Kemp, Horsham; Records Secretary – To Be Confirmed, Warracknabeal; Umpires Convenor – Michelle Searle, Dimboola; Draw – Nhill; (Non Exec) Public Officer – Suzanne Puls.
The vote counts each saw some close results, with the junior boys having an equal result for runner up.
The winner of the junior girls best won enough votes to have been runner up for the juniors overall, although the awards have been separated for the past several years.
Nathan Jorgensen of Dimboola Kangaroos took out junior boys best and fairest, with a haul of 25 votes ahead of joint runners up Nathan Alexander of Warriors and Kendal Meyer of Raiders with 18 votes.
Horsham Bombers junior Monique Schwedes took out the girls’ top award with 19 votes ahead of last year’s winner Erin Blackwood who was awarded runner up with 12 votes.
James Klinge of Kangaroos was awarded the Peter Colbert Medal for best on ground in the junior grand final.
The women’s count was the closest with the winner being decided by the tally of the final round. Votes were locked at 25 each between Elizabeth Klinge and Kate Ferrier. Kate was awarded 2 votes in the final round to take her to 27 and the crowd hushed as they awaited the call for the final game by Elizabeth’s team Dimboola Women. One vote was read out, then two votes…there was silence before Elizabeth’s name was called for 3 votes to take the award!
Interestingly, Kate received two more votes than she received last year as runner up, and was also runner up to a Dimboola Women player this year being Elizabeth Klinge who scored 28 votes the same as last year’s Dimboola winner Michelle Searle.
Robyn Creek of Horsham Highlanders was awarded the Jane Gregson Memorial Medal for the women’s best on ground in the grand final.
In the men’s Tim Jorgensen scored three more votes than he scored last year as runner up, and was again runner up to a Hurricanes player, this year being Will Hewitt (last year goalie Steve Grose). Will recorded 23 votes ahead of Tim on 18.
Matt Kube of Yanac Tigers was awarded the Ken Flack Trophy for best on ground in the men’s grand final.
Wimmera Messengers Encouragement Awards are presented to four people each year in recognition and encouragement of their involvement in representing the WHA, their support of hockey at a club and association level, and their provision as an excellent role model for others involved in hockey. Recipients are not necessarily playing members.
Senior Male: Jarryd Bendall from Nhill – Jarryd has participated at country week, has attended many club committee meetings and has been an excellent role model to the junior players in his club as a player, coach and umpire.
Senior Female: Heather McDonald from Kaniva – Heather has served on various committees at club level including president and coach, has been actively involved in country week for 10 years, and umpires. She has instigated a summer competition of hockey at Kaniva which has proven very popular at promoting the sport of hockey to the community as well as being a great pre-season fitness program.
Junior Male: Tim Eastwood from Kaniva – Tim has become a reliable brick wall of defence in his junior team as he progresses in his career and often fills in for his senior men’s side. He has participated at country week for the past 5 years. He has showed keenness towards learning the skills of umpiring, especially during the minkey competition and helps out with club duties such as the canteen. In particular he is very encouraging to the younger players helping them with stick skills and field positioning as a good role model.
Junior Female: Ashlee Crowhurst from Dimboola – Although Ashlee has been a hockey player for only a couple of years she has been a cooperative member, willing to play where she is required, encourages her teammates and has built her confidence quickly, playing several games with the women’s team. She has also displayed concern for the well being of her teammates which is to be encouraged and commended.
Just Hockey Award: Meaghan Pohlner of Dimboola – Meaghan has displayed exemplary sportsmanship in all aspects of the game, listening well to coaches and umpires and acts on suggestions on how to improve her game. She is respected by her peers for her calm demeanor, attends all training sessions and participates in club and association activities. She played junior country week for the first time this year. She is a steady and skilful player often overlooked by the umpires when giving their votes each week. This is predominantly a sportsmanship award generally given to junior player.
Various certificates were handed out during the presentation evening and via End of Season Club Packs in recognition of efforts during the season from umpires, executives, top goal scorers and participants in country week hockey.
Kaniva Hockey Club was commended for their efforts of hosting the day and evening, providing superb grounds for the three finals.
During the evening a powerpoint presentation was also made of a proposed Wimmera Hockey Centre to be located at a new Dimboola Community Health and Fitness Centre. The centre would incorporate use by both hockey and tennis on an artificial surface. More information will follow on that in the future as an exciting prospect for hockey in the Wimmera.
- Rachel Clark

WHA 2008 Presentations Results

Wimmera Messengers Encouragement Awards:
Senior Male – Jarryd Bendall, Nhill;
Senior Female – Heather McDonald, Kaniva;
Junior Female – Ashlee Crowhurst, Dimboola;
Junior Boys – Tim Eastwood, Kaniva.
Just Hockey Award – Meaghan Pohlner, Dimboola.

Junior WHA presentations 2008:
Junior Premiers– Dimboola Kangaroos.
Junior Runners Up – Yanac Warriors.
Peter Colbert Medal for Junior Best on Ground in Grand Final – James Klinge, Kangaroos.
Junior Boys Best and Fairest (Andrew Darnell Memorial Award) – Nathan Jorgensen 25 votes.
Equal Junior Boys Runner Up Best and Fairest – Nathan Alexander, Yanac Warriors, 18 votes.
Equal Junior Boys Runner Up Best and Fairest – Kendal Meyer, Kaniva Raiders, 18 votes.
Junior Girls Best and Fairest (Andrew Darnell Memorial Award) – Monique Schwedes, 19 votes.
Junior Girls Runner Up Best and Fairest – Erin Blackwood, Yanac Warriors, 12 votes.

Women’s WHA presentations 2008:
Women’s Premiers– Horsham Highlanders.
Women’s Runners Up – Dimboola Women.
Jane Gregson Memorial Medal for Women’s Best on Ground in Grand Final – Robyn Creek, Highlanders.
Women’s Best and Fairest (Noreen Wheaton Trophy) – Elizabeth Klinge, Dimboola Women, 28 votes.
Women’s Runner Up Best and Fairest – Kate Ferrier, Horsham Highlanders, 27 votes.

Men’s WHA presentations 2008:
Men’s Premiers – Yanac Tigers.
Men’s Runners Up – Horsham Hurricanes.
Ken Flack Trophy for Men’s Best on Ground in Grand Final – Matt Kube, Tigers.
Men’s Best and Fairest (Aitken Findlay Trophy) – Will Hewitt, Horsham Hurricanes, 23 votes.
Men’s Runner Up Best and Fairest – Tim Jorgensen, Dimboola Men, 18 votes.

Certificates of appreciation 2008:
Certificates were presented to umpires who had umpired 5 games or more during the home and away season. The umpires who umpired the most number of games were Clint Beattie with 18 and Ian McDonald with 21, both of Kaniva. A great effort considering there were only 17 rounds.
Certificates were provided in the End of Season Club Packs for each association executive member in appreciation of their dedication, time and work.
Certificates were also included for the highest goal scorer from each team.
Certificates will be provided to clubs for each player who played in any of the senior or junior country week teams.

AGM – new executive named
The WHA Annual General Meeting was held briefly before the dinner, with the announcement of the new executive committee for 2009:
President – Simon Farmers, Yanac
Vice President – To Be Confirmed, Kaniva
Secretary – Christine Dufty, Nhill
Treasurer – Richard Kemp, Horsham
Records Secretary – To Be Confirmed, Warracknabeal
Umpires Convenor – Michelle Searle, Dimboola
Draw – Nhill
(Non Exec) Public Officer – Suzanne Puls

Outgoing executive were thanked during the day and evening for their efforts running the association during the 2008 year:
President – Simon King, Warracknabeal
Vice President – Simon Farmers, Yanac
Secretary – Christine Dufty, Nhill
Treasurer – Richard Kemp, Horsham
Records Secretary – Rachel Clark, Kaniva
Umpires Convenor – Launa Schilling, Horsham
Other Club Representative – Sally Klinge, Dimboola
Draw – Dimboola

Grand Final day raffle winners
1st prize – Jenny Wallis, Kaniva (meat tray)
2nd prize – Betty ? (lobster)
3rd prize – James Keating, Dimboola (3 bottles of wine)
4th prize – Barry Crouch, Kaniva (Brown’s IGA Tooheys Extra towel)
5th prize – Chelsea Sanders, Kaniva (Brown’s IGA t-shirt)
6th prize – Annette Gebert, Dimboola (Curtis’ Foodworks, Kaniva…)
7th prize – Suzanne Puls, Warrack (xs t-shirt – Commercial Hotel, Kaniva)
8th prize – Guerin (t-shirt – Commercial Hotel, Kaniva)
9th prize – Michael Dart, Yanac (Kaniva Hair Salon clutch purse)

Grand Finals Review

Hockey premiers 2008: Kangaroos, Highlanders and Tigers
It was a day for Yanac, Horsham and Dimboola on Saturday as the Wimmera Hockey Association grand finals were played out. The three clubs were represented in two each of the three matches and each club claimed one victory each.
Dimboola Kangaroos, Horsham Highlanders and Yanac Tigers are the 2008 premiers.
They defeated Yanac Warriors, Dimboola Women and Horsham Hurricanes in some top quality hockey matches.
The junior, women’s and men’s grand finals were played at Kaniva on Saturday 6 September 2008, with the Kaniva Hockey Club also hosting the association grand final dinner and presentation evening at the Kaniva Shire Hall that evening.
To top it off the grand finalist clubs were also each well represented in the best and fairest counts, amongst other awards, at the presentation dinner that evening.
Matches were all even and free flowing, and none were decided by strokes. The only game requiring extra time was the men’s final.
In the junior final Kangaroos defeated Warriors 4-1. Kangaroos got a good start scoring twice through James Klinge while Nathan Jorgensen and Kelly Smithyman also scored. Warriors scored once through Nathan Alexander although they put the pressure on Kangaroos time and time again. However Kangaroos have been the dominant junior team this season and deserved the win. Warriors were pleased to find themselves in the final and made very worthy opponents.
Highlanders have broken Horsham women’s 25 year drought with their 3-1 win over Dimboola Women. Highlander’s top player and coach Kate Ferrier was overseas on grand final day and there was a split finger during warm up on the day, but this did not deter the team and they showed how their level headed approach and strong ground work have made them the top team this year. Highlanders scored in the first couple of minutes but Dimboola kept with them through the game. A late goal sealed the win. Ellie Morrow scored twice and Robyn Creek scored the other for Highlanders. Young Ashlee Crowhurst scored Dimboola’s goal. Dimboola can hold their heads high for a good game, but it was Highlanders’ turn this year.
Tigers met their match in their final after mixed results with Hurricanes during the season. The game was 0-0 at full time and it could have been anybody’s game. Tigers scored through Tom Cook in the first ten minutes of extra time and they held on to claim the victory 1-0.
Premiership shields were presented at the conclusion of each match by WHA president Simon King. The women’s trophy is a new trophy this year, donated by the Warrack Women since they have kept the previous trophy after winning it three consecutive years. The new trophy is known as the ‘Jenny Ford Trophy’ in honour of Jenny’s dedication to the Wimmera association over many years.
After the final match Umpires Convenor Launa Schilling presented Regional Umpires from Hockey Victoria Charlie Martin and Mark Frost with a bottle of wine each. Mark and Charlie umpired all three finals on the day and have conducted rules sessions and coaching clinics in the association during the season. They have been valuable contributors to the association this year.
- Rachel Clark

Grand Finals Results

Kangaroos 4 d Warriors 1. Goals: Kangaroos, J. Klinge 2, N. Jorgensen, K. Smithyman; Warriors, N. Alexander. Best: Kangaroos, J. Klinge, Meaghan Pohlner, N. Jorgensen; Warriors, E. Blackwood, N. Alexander, A. Reichenbach.

Highlanders 3 d Dimboola Women 1. Goals: Highlanders, E. Morrow 2, R. Creek; Dimboola Women, A. Crowhurst. Best: Highlanders, C. McFarlane, R. Creek, J. Zordan; Dimboola Women, V. Smithyman, J. Ross, E. Klinge.

Tigers 1 d Hurricanes 0. Goals: Tigers, T. Cook. Best: Tigers, V. Wheaton, L. Reichenbach, M. Dart; Hurricanes, S. Grose, S. Hoffman, T. Nooteboom.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Junior Country Week Photos #1

Under 15 Boys B

The victorious Under 15 Boys B team:
Back left to right: James Klinge (Captain), Jordan Clark, Edward Aitken, Talor Dent, Nathan Alexander, Liam Wallis, Brady Dixon.
Front left to right: Diane Eastwood (Manager) Tim Eastwood, Alex Wheaton, Kendal Meyer, Luke Searle, Michelle Searle (Coach) with baby Cooper Searle.
Very Front: Goalie Alex Welsh.


Under 13 Boys
Lachlan Clark in action in the Under 13 Boys.
Under 17 Girls

Under 17 Girls team
Back, left to right: Marny Croot, Manager Michael Croot, Jess Wheaton, Anna Reichenbach, Ashleigh Wallis, Kelsey Webb, Sarah Wallis, Coach Jo Wheaton, Monique Schwedes.
Front, left to right: goalie Michelle Farinha, Alannah Creek, Erin Blackwood, Claire McDonald.
Under 15 Girls

Under 15 Girls team
Back row: Caitlin Smith, Meaghan Pohlner, Lousie Bone, Caitlyn Bendall, Kelly Smithyman.
Front row: Melaie Webb, Olinda Elsom, Ashlee Crowhurst, Roey Sanders, Elly O’Connor, Alana Colbert. Absent: goalie Emily Hicks.

Under 15 Girls
Back row: Ashlee Crowhurst, Caitlyn Bendall, Lousie Bone, Elly O’Connor, Kelly Smithyman, Meaghan Pohlner, Olinda Elsom, Melaie Webb. Front row: Caitlin Smith, Alana Colbert, Emily Hicks (goalie), Roey Sanders.

Above: Vicki Smithyman umpiring on behalf of the Under 15 Girls team.

Below: several pics of the Under 15 Girls in action.