Monday, April 28, 2008

Round 2 Results and Ladders

Results from Round 2
Juniors: Kangaroos 7 (goals, Brydon Tischler 2, J. Gebert 2, N. Jorgensen, Brett Tischler, J. Klinge; best, N. Jorgensen, J. Lehmann, Brydon Tischler) d Raiders 0 (T. Eastwood, B. Dixon, R. Sanders).
Warriors 5 (B. Alexander 2, N. Alexander, A. Wheaton, S. Bone; S. Bone, N. Alexander, M. Webb, A. Wheaton) d Revengers 2 (B. Crafter, J. Williamson; M. Moloney, M. Hewitt, N. Langman, E. Schilling).
Leopards 4 (B. Smith 2, J. Janetzki 2; S. Wallis, A. Creek, J. Schwartz) d Kookaburras 1 (J. Guerin; J. Guerin, K. Villis, J. Meehan).
Women: Yanac Women 0 (M. Jago, S. Coughlan, M. Falting) drew with Kaniva Women 0 (C. Riches, J. Silinger, J. Rabone).
Warracknabeal Women 3 (K. Triffitt, S. Puls, J. Gaulke; J. Goad, L. Arnold-Wardle, J. Hausler, A. Sleep) d Thunderbirds 1 (M. Fahrina; G. McLeod, P. Cramer, L. Wallis).
Highlanders 3 (L. Schilling, C. McFarlane, B. Batchelor; K. Ferrier, E. Morrow, L. Schilling) d Dimboola Women 2 (A. King, T. Rossbach; E. Klinge, V. Smithyman, T. Rossbach.
Men: Tigers 7 (J. Cramer 4, K. Croot, A. Clohesy, T. Cook; J. Cramer, Chris Barber, K. Croot) d Kaniva Men 4 (A. Douglas, R. Sanders, C. Beattie, M. McDonald; R. Wallis, M. Wallis, F. Meyer).
Hurricanes 3 (S. Hoffman, P. Mackereth, R. Robson; J. O’Dwyer, S. Hoffman, R. Robson) d Dimboola Men 2 (B. Lovett, J. Halsall; T. Jorgensen, B. Lovett, R. Booth).
Nhill Men 1 (M. Miller; A. King, M. Miller, J. Bendall) drew with Hoops 1 (J. Knoop; S. Bardell, S. Laverty, J. Knoop).

Ladders after Round 2:
Juniors: Kangaroos 8pts, Leopards 8, Warriors 4, Raiders 4, Bombers 2, Revengers 2, Kookaburras 0.
Women: Highlanders 8, Dimboola Women 4, Thunderbirds 4, Warracknabeal Women 4, Yanac Women 2, Kaniva Women 2.
Men: Tigers 8, Hoops 6, Kaniva Men 4, Hurricanes 4, Nhill Men 2, Dimboola Men 0.

Round 2 Review

High scoring men’s hockey at Nhill

An intense high scoring game saw Kaniva Men in front of Tigers by a goal at the break in Wimmera hockey’s round two action at Nhill on Saturday. The ball moved quickly from end to end, with few players dominating. Yanac started the second half strongly with Josh Cramer in good position on the wing to put in a couple of excellent goals, four in total. The game continued fast until the end, Tigers working hard for the points, 7-4.
Nhill Men’s defence headed by Allan King were flawless with possibly only one exception resulting in Hoops scoring once before halftime. A late game knee injury saw Nathan Dahlenburg leave the field by ambulance. When play resumed his teammates seized the moment to break through the Warrack backline with Mont Miller evening the score 1-1 in the last five minutes. Simon Bardell shone for Hoops.
Disciplined play by Hurricanes saw them two goals up at the break, with the young Dimboola Men side coming out hard to get two field goals and looked like they might take the game away. However Hurricanes settled back down and scored late in the second to finish 3-2 in front.
Wide shots and good stops by Dimboola backs kept Highlanders from dominating the scoreline this week, despite their halfbacks directed by Kate Ferrier helping forwards into goal. Elizabeth Klinge led Dimboola to play better team hockey late in the half and they were able to score. Play was mostly mid field late game with Highlanders taking the lead 3-2.
Warrack Women bounced back this week with Jenna Goad proving herself as a dangerous back, allowing forwards a stronger game to defeat Thunderbirds 3-1.
Yanac Women had much of the play and were unlucky not to score against Kaniva, finishing 0-0. Top players were Yanac forward Mikaela Jago and Kaniva back Claire Riches.
Kangaroos ran away from Raiders 7-0.
Warriors led the attack and after good team goals to both sides, were victors over Revengers 5-2.
Leopards took advantage of some frustration in Kookaburras to take the game 4-1.Bombers had the bye.

From Rachel Clark

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rd 2 Preview - Nhill to host hockey action again

Lush green fields at Nhill College will provide the backdrop for Wimmera hockey’s round two matches this Saturday. Dry conditions have meant some venues are still being prepared for the season, with the Nhill site again the choice venue.
An amendment to the draw will see Warriors play Revengers while Kangaroos will play Raiders. The swap ensures a more even fixture of games played between junior teams.
Revengers will be keen to take the field after a first round bye, while Warriors will try to hold their strength throughout the match.
Strong teams Kangaroos and Raiders will present a good viewing match. Leopards will play Kookaburras.
Highlanders will be looking to put in another good effort after last week’s nine-goal demolition of reigning premiers Warracknabeal Women when they play Dimboola Women. The Horsham team has been working hard for several years on their teamwork, skills, fitness and matchplay. It is all coming together now and with the advantage of retaining a good number of players from last season will be a force to be reckoned with again this year. Last year’s association women’s best and fairest Kate Ferrier together with Ellie Morrow give the team an extra lift, but don’t discount the strengths of Carmel McFarlane, Robyn Creek and Denise Valance who have given the team consistency over the past seasons.
Dimboola Women also had a good start last week with a 7-0 scoreline over Kaniva Women. With several players able to score on their team also, this should be a good match to watch. Jess Ross and Elizabeth Klinge will work hard in defence to keep the ball up to the likes of Michelle Searle and ‘Fred’ King who scored twice each last week.
Thunderbirds will look to back up a strong win last week with a good match against Warrack Women. Yanac Women play Kaniva Women.
Hurricanes may have an even match against Dimboola Men. Hoops will be strength against Nhill Men, and it will be a tough match between Tigers and Kaniva Men.

Short Corner
Rachel Clark

Results from Sat 12 April 08

Wimmera Hockey Association - Results Round 1
Juniors: Leopards 4 (goals, M. Fahrina, S. Wallis, G. Janetzki, O. Stephan; best, B. Smith, J. Janetzki, A. Welsh) d Warriors 2 (S. Bone 2; E. Blackwood, A. Wheaton, S. Bone).
Kangaroos 2 (N. Jorgensen, B. Tischler; N. Jorgensen, Meaghan Pohlner, Michael Pohlner) d Bombers 1 (A. Valentine; M. Schwedes, S. Creek, A. Valentine).
Raiders 6 (B. Clark 3, K. Meyer 2, J. Clark; B. Dixon, K. Meyer, B. Clark, T. Eastwood) d Kookaburras 2 (L. Searle, N. Crowhurst; J. Guerin, J. Meehan, K. Villis).
Women: Highlanders 9 (goals, C. McFarlane 2, D. Valance 2, J. Zordan 2, K. Ferrier, J. Tuomis, K. Fry; best, K. Ferrier, E. Morrow, C. McFarlane) d Warrack Women 0 (T. Holland, A. Argent, J. Langman).
Dimboola Women 7 (A. King 2, M. Searle 2, E. Klinge, T. Rossbach, K. Bouts; J. Ross, M. Searle, E. Klinge, T. Rossbach) d Kaniva Women 0 (J. Rabone, E. Hicks, K. Webb).
Thunderbirds 4 (L. Wallis 2, P. Cramer, C. Maris; J. McLeod, G. McLeod, P. Cramer) d Yanac Women 1 (M. Jago; S. Coughlan, M. Jago, A. Blackwood).
Men: Kaniva Men 4 (goals, A. Douglas, C. Beattie, M. McDonald, S. Lawson; best, P. White, M. McDonald, R. Sanders) d Dimboola Men 0 (T. Jorgensen, B. Lovett, D. Jochinke).
Hoops 3 (S. Langman 3; J. Knoop, N. Kent, S. Langman, P. Slater) d Hurricanes 1 (A. Clark; L. Dunn, P. Mackereth, S. Grose, S. Hoffman).Tigers 4 (A. Clohesy 2, K. Croot 2; A. Clohesy, J. Cramer, S. Farmers) d Nhill Men 0 (A. King, J. Bendall, M. Miller).

Convincing scorelines in hockey first round

Even play resulting in convincing scorelines was the order of the day as Wimmera Hockey Association hit off for its first round of the 2008 season at Nhill College on Saturday.
Only one match out of nine had a margin of one goal with others reaching up to nine goals.
The juniors got the ball rolling with Warriors using the ball well scoring twice through Sam Bone before half time but Leopards kept in touch with a goal to Grady Janetzki. Leopards equalised not long after the break and by improving their teamwork scored twice more to win 4-2.
The lowest score of the day reflected the evenness of the contest between Bombers and Kangaroos, the latter victors 2-1.
Raiders had good forward runs and scored good team goals winning 6-2, despite capable Kookaburras defence.
Revengers had the bye.
Warracknabeal Women were caught off guard with a lack of fitness compared to Highlanders who dominated and with great team passing were rewarded with a 9-0 win. Kate Ferrier led the attack from centre half, while a breadth in attack resulted in goals shared between six players.
Jess Ross pushed Dimboola Women into attack as they dominated the scoreline against Kaniva Women, despite some counter attack. Michelle Searle chipped in two goals in the 7-0 win and earned a spot in the best – a worthy effort after recently becoming a mum again!
Thunderbirds took advantage of scoring opportunities including from short corners to win 4-1 over Yanac Women.
Kaniva Men made the most of scoring opportunities in an even contest against Dimboola Men, winning 4-0. Patrick White led Kaniva’s campaign with four players scoring, while Tim Jorgensen led Dimboola’s defence.
Hurricanes tried hard and were rewarded with one goal but Hoops were the victors 3-1, with three goals to Shane Langman.
Yanac Tigers had the advantage over the returning Nhill Men’s side. Strength on the back line from Allan King kept Tigers to one first half goal. The fast paced game slowed in the second but Tigers continued to score, finishing 4-0. Adam Clohesy stood out for Tigers, also scoring two goals.

Short Corner
Rachel Clark

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wimmera Hockey 2008 Hits Off

Wimmera Hockey Association will commence its 2008 season this Saturday with nine hockey matches to be played at Nhill College grounds.

Some of the usual grounds are still suffering from drought conditions, however the Nhill fields should provide comfortable conditions for the first couple of rounds.

The association this year will field 19 teams from six clubs including Nhill, Dimboola, Yanac, Kaniva, Warracknabeal and Horsham.

Junior team numbers have dropped from nine last season to seven this year. Horsham and Nhill have both dropped a junior side.

Junior lineups are always an unknown quantity until a few rounds into the season due to their rotation of losing older and experienced players every year. It can take a few weeks for the ‘new’ teams to gel.

Season action hits off from 9.30am with junior teams Leopards and Warriors the first to take the field. Reigning premiers Leopards will have lost one or two of their top players, and will need to play well against the hard working Warriors.

Kaniva Raiders will take on Dimboola Kookaburras, while Horsham Bombers face last year’s runners up Dimboola Kangaroos. Warracknabeal Revengers have the bye.

Horsham Highlanders will sport a new look uniform this year, dropping the tartan skirts for a colour uniform more in line with their men and junior counterparts. Warrack Women have lost one of their greats in Jenny Ford who left the area at the end of last season, but still always seem to come up with a strong line up. This game will be a grand final rematch for the women, with both Warrack and Highlanders keen to see what strengths their opponents possess this season.

Kaniva and Dimboola’s women’s teams usually have an even match so this should be a nice way to start the season for both.

Nhill Thunderbirds will take on Yanac Women.

The men’s competition sees the return of the Nhill Men which boosts the field to six. This will mean a more consistent draw for the men, with no byes. The Nhill team will play last year’s runners up Yanac Tigers and will need to start fast. It should be a good match for the Nhill camp to see where they stand.

Reigning men’s premiers Warracknabeal Hoops may dominate over Horsham Hurricanes.

Kaniva Men made their debut in the association last year and were playing great hockey by season’s end, making the preliminary finals. They will play the young Dimboola Men who now also have another year of experience playing together. This should see both teams in good stead for the season.

Good luck to all teams for a happy, healthy and entertaining season 2008!
Rachel Clark
WHA correspondent