Saturday, June 28, 2008

Round 10 Review

Warriors end Kangaroos’ unbeaten run
Warriors have upset top junior side Kangaroos in their Wimmera hockey round ten encounter on Saturday, ending their unbeaten run. Kangaroos had won all their eight matches so far but have finally succumbed to the hard working Yanac side. Warriors, currently in fourth position, scored four goals against the Dimboola side in the win which before this round was as many as Kangaroos had had scored against them in total all season.
Bradley Alexander playing on the wing passed many hard balls across the circle giving Warriors lots of opportunities, scoring once himself. Warriors scored three times in the first half before Kangaroos fought back in the second, but Warriors took the game 4-2. Erin Blackwood and Alex Wheaton also played well for Warriors. Nathan Jorgensen and Josh Lehmann were best for Kangaroos.
Quiet achievers Hurricanes could be a dark horse this season after leveling the score with top team Tigers on Saturday. Hurricanes have been strengthening with each match and if they continue at this rate they could be one to watch come finals time. On Saturday Tigers were out of the blocks early with continued pressure on Horsham. Adam Clohesy was instrumental in Yanac’s attack and scored the first goal. Will Hewitt was busy all day for Horsham, doing his job well at full back. Khyran Demllo leveled the score for Hurricanes in the last two minutes of the half. Play started evenly in the second half but Horsham lifted their game with short succinct passing. Kim Croot picked up his game for more scoring opportunities for Yanac, then Paul Mackereth lifted his Horsham side to make it an exciting second half. Josh Cramer and Matt Kube also shone for Yanac and Richard Kemp for Horsham. The game ended an even 1-1.
Hoops scored in the first half but Dimboola Men came out strong and leveled the score early in the second. Hoops scored two more quick goals for a 3-1 win.
There was even play up and down the field and exceptional teamwork from both Nhill and Kaniva men in their match. Both teams scored in the second half for a 1-1 draw.
Highlanders have continued their unbeaten run winning their tenth game straight, but not without a struggle. Yanac Women’s Sarah Coughlan, goalie Joanne Wheaton and Anne Blackwood defended strongly against Highlanders who had many attacking chances. While Horsham controlled most of the play Yanac did have a couple of chances but were unable to convert. Effective player Ellie Morrow and Ginny Forrest scored for the 2-0 win, while Kate Ferrier was also strong for the team.
Warrack Women have been strengthening all year, ever since their shock 9-0 loss to Highlanders in the first round. On Saturday they proved themselves ever capable with a convincing 4-0 win over top two team Dimboola. With nobody scoring in the first half Warrack came out hard in the second to score four good field goals. Fast reflexes on the pads netted Sue Puls two goals, Alana Argent scored from the top of the circle while Jenny Gaulke claimed the other. Jenna Goad and Joanne Lawson were strong for Warrack while sisters Elizabeth and Jennifer Klinge were strong for Dimboola.
Nhill and Kaniva women played an even game, 0-0. Laura and Rosie Wallis shone for Thunderbirds while youngsters Claire McDonald and Katie Rich shone for Kaniva.
A six-goal haul to Braden Clark and consistent strength from Brady Dixon set junior side Raiders up for a strong win against Bombers. Kendal Meyer also scored. Monique Schwedes was strong for Bombers as was goalie Joanne Ellis, while Andrew Valentine scored two goals back for the team to finish 7-2 to Raiders.
In the other junior match Revengers enjoyed a 3-0 win over Kookaburras.
- Rachel Clark

Round 10 Results and Ladders

Juniors: Revengers 3 d Kookaburras 0. Goals: Revengers, N. Langman, M. Moloney, D. Robinson. Best: Revengers: E. Schilling, N. Langman, M. Moloney; Kookaburras, K. Villis, K. Florimell, L. Searle.
Raiders 7 d Bombers 2. Goals: Raiders, B. Clark 6, K. Meyer; Bombers, A. Valentine 2. Best: Raiders, B. Dixon, B. Clark, K. Meyer, L. Wallis; Bombers, M. Schwedes, J. Ellis, S. Creek, A. Valentine.
Warriors 4 d Kangaroos 2. Goals: Warriors, B. Alexander, N. Alexander, A. Wheaton, S. Bone; Kangaroos, J. Klinge, N. Jorgensen. Best: Warriors, B. Alexander, E. Blackwood, A. Wheaton; Kangaroos, N. Jorgensen, J. Lehmann, A. Hose.
Ladder: Kangaroos 34 points, Leopards 30, Raiders 26, Warriors 24, Revengers 16, Kookaburras 6, Bombers 4.

Women: Thunderbirds 0 drew with Kaniva Women 0. Best: Thunderbirds, L. Wallis, R. Wallis, G. McLeod; Kaniva Women, C. McDonald, K. Rich, C. Riches, H. Meyer.
Highlanders 2 d Yanac Women 0. Goals: Highlanders, V. Forrest, E. Morrow. Best: Highlanders, E. Morrow, K. Ferrier, V. Forrest; Yanac Women, S. Coughlan, Joanne Wheaton, A. Blackwood.
Warracknabeal Women 4 d Dimboola Women 0. Goals: Warrack Women, S. Puls 2, J. Gaulke, A. Argent. Best: Warrack Women, J. Goad, J. Lawson, L. Arnold-Wardle; Dimboola Women, E. Klinge, J. Klinge, J. Ross.
Ladder: Highlanders 40 points, Dimboola Women 26, Warracknabeal Women 22, Kaniva Women 16, Yanac Women 8 (goal difference minus-11), Thunderbirds 8 (minus-15).

Men: Hoops 3 d Dimboola Men 1. Goals: Hoops, S. Bardell, B. Schilling, S. Morrow; Dimboola Men, J. Halsall. Best: Hoops, P. Slater, B. Schilling, C. Bardell; Dimboola Men, T. Jorgensen, B. Jorgensen, C. Nuske.
Kaniva Men 1 drew with Nhill Men 1. Goals: Kaniva Men, M. McDonald; Nhill Men, M. Miller. Best: Kaniva Men, K. Meyer, R. Wallis, M. Eastwood; Nhill Men, J. Bendall, U. Showib, R. Thurlow.
Hurricanes 1 drew with Tigers 1. Goals: Hurricanes, K. Demllo; Tigers, A. Clohesy. Best: Hurricanes, W. Hewitt, P. Mackereth, R. Kemp; Tigers, A. Clohesy, J. Cramer, M. Kube.
Ladder: Tigers 30 points, Hoops 28, Hurricanes 24, Kaniva Men 22, Nhill Men 14, Dimboola Men 2.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Senior Country Week - Men's Photos

Wimmera Men's Team at Senior Country Week 2008
Back Row Standing - Josh Halsall, James Terry, Beau Lovett, Jarrod Knoop, Stuart Hoffman, Will Hewitt.
Centre - Simon King.
Front Row Sitting - Ryan Booth, George Nikkelson, Lochlan Zordan, Tristen Knoop, Mathew McDonald, Josh Creek.
Very Front - Ryan Robson.
Absent - Darren Grose, Kyle Creek.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Junior Country Week - Preview

Junior teams to represent Wimmera at country championships
The Wimmera Hockey Association will be represented at the Junior Country Week hockey championships once again with a large squad travelling down to Melbourne this weekend.
Games will be played on Saturday 28 June and Sunday 29 June 2008 at several venues in Melbourne including the State Hockey Centre.
All teams will play teams from country areas around the state over the two days of competition.
Many games are played on artificial turf which is great experience and a whole new ball game for our Wimmera players who play on grass fields through our normal season. The game can be a lot faster and often requires different tactics and plays.
Sometimes it can take a few games to get used to the different style of play, which can potentially be a disadvantage to our teams playing against some opposition who are more familiar with the faster synthetic surfaces.
Our association however has been well represented in the past with several teams in recent years being quite competitive and reaching finals.
This year the association is sending 72 players in six teams including: an Under 15 girls team and an Under 17 girls team, an Under 13 boys team, two Under 15 boys teams, and an Under 17 boys team.
All six Wimmera clubs are represented, with a large contingent from Yanac, Kaniva, Dimboola and Nhill, and a few from Warracknabeal and Horsham.
There are some 20 parents and officials going along to support them.
The weekend is a good opportunity to build confidence in players as well as promote inter-club friendships which is beneficial at an association level.
Also, thanks go to Dimboola’s IGA supermarket which is sponsoring these teams supplying fruit and food.
Good luck to all teams, and skill!
- Rachel Clark

Friday, June 20, 2008

Senior Country Week - Men's Review

Men represent Wimmera hockey at country championships
Despite failing to register a win, the Wimmera Hockey Association’s senior Men’s Team far from disgraced itself in the State Country Hockey Championships held at the Footscray Hockey Centre in Melbourne on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, 7-9 June 2008.
Coming up against much stronger opposition who were more familiar with the faster synthetic surfaces, the team drew one game against Grampians and lost five, with the worst defeat being a hard fought five nil loss to eventual Division premiers West Gippsland. Other pool matches saw losses to Warrnambool and North Central.
The highlight game for the weekend was the early game on Monday morning in an inter-pool game which matched the Wimmera from Division 3 with the top team in Division 2, Albury Wodonga. Despite going down in a credible 2-3 defeat, this was the only occasion for the tournament that any team scored more than one goal against the Division 2 Premiers.
The final game was the play-off game for third and fourth place against North Central who after being held scoreless in the first half had to fight hard to score four goals against a tiring Wimmera team to win the game.
Mathew McDonald was the top goal scorer for the weekend with two, in front of Ryan Booth, Kyle Creek, Darren Grose and Josh Creek with one each. Every player deserves to be included in the best players list as they all effectively fulfilled whatever role in the team they were asked by the coaches.
The success of the team’s participation in the tournament should not be judged by the lack of victories, but by the valuable experience gained by playing at this higher level on the unfamiliar synthetic surfaces and by the ability of players from four different clubs, most of whom had never played together before, to gel as a team right from the start of the first game and to maintain that cohesion over what is quite a demanding three days of hockey.
For only their second attempt at this level in the last twelve seasons, the team gave an excellent account of themselves as players and as representatives of their Association and region.

Pool Games
Wimmera 1 (R Booth) drew with Grampians 1
North Central 3 d Wimmera 1 (M. McDonald)
West Gippsland 5 d Wimmera 0
Warrnambool 3 d Wimmera 2 (M. McDonald, K. Creek)
Inter-Pool Game
Albury Wodonga 3 d Wimmera 2 (D. Grose, J. Creek)
3rd v. 4th Play-Off
North Central 4 d Wimmera 0
- Senior Country Week Men’s Coordinator Simon King

Senior Country Week - Women's Review

Wimmera women runners up at hockey country championships
Wimmera’s women have shone at the Senior Country Week women’s championships 2008 coming runners up in the B grade section at Geelong.
The women have represented the Wimmera Hockey Association well in the last two years – a women’s team was premiers in that division last year, 2007.
A second Wimmera women’s team this year were not quite so successful, unfortunately losing all their matches.
The Wimmera’s women’s teams headed down on Friday night by bus driven by Sue Kuhnell to stay at the Barwon Caravan Park.
First games up on Saturday 7 June and Sunday 8 June at 9am and last games at 8pm made for long days.
Monday start time was 10am and finals were at 4.30pm. We arrived home at 12.30am after a celebration dinner at the Skipton Pub on the way home.
Some noteworthy extras for the weekend were: Kylie Ferguson played with Goulburn Valley Vets; Michelle Searle and Claire McDonald played with Goulburn Valley A team where Michelle scored a goal and they won 2-0 against central Vic; and Claire McDonald umpired a game, Vicki Smithyman a few games plus the Vets finals and Michelle Searle umpired a few and also the A Grade Finals.
A big thank you to IGA Dimboola for their kind donation towards the team’s food, Sue Kuhnell for driving the bus and to Lynn Kedwell for being both teams’ manager.
All had a great weekend with no extreme injuries, only a whole lot of bruising and bumps.
Will return next year to keep up the great Wimmera reputation.

Team 1
Kate Perkins, Cassie Curtis, Cara Elsom, Krystal Smith, Donna Meyer, Vicki Smithyman, Zoe Aitken, Kylie Ferguson, Naomi Kuhnell and Samantha Wallis.
Games played
Wimmera 0 lost to Albury 6
Wimmera 0 lost to West Gippsland 6
Wimmera 0 lost to Glenelg loss 4
Wimmera 0 lost to Warrnambool 7
Wimmera 0 lost to East Gippsland 1

Team 2
Rosa Goode, Hannah Bedford, Jess Ross, Elizabeth Klinge, Claire McDonald, Linley Arnold-Wardle, Jennifer Klinge, Michelle Searle, Mary Kedwell and Adina ‘Fred’ King.
Games played
Wimmera 1 def Geelong 0 (Mary Kedwell)
Wimmera 0 drew with Latrobe Valley 0
Wimmera 1 lost to Maryborough 2 (Adina King)
Wimmera 6 def East Gippsland 0 (Elizabeth Klinge, Adina King, Mary Kedwell, Michelle Searle, Jess Ross, Jennifer Klinge)
Wimmera 2 def Glenelg 1 (Jess Ross and Jennifer Klinge)
Elimination Final
Wimmera 6 def Maryborough 0 (Adina King 2, Mary Kedwell, Jennifer Klinge, Jess Ross, Michelle Searle)
Semi Final
Wimmera 2 def Geelong 0 (Michelle Searle and Jess Ross)
Wimmera 0 lost to Albury 6
- Senior Country Week Women’s Coordinator Michelle Searle

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Round 10 Preview

First matches at Horsham this season
Horsham Hockey Club will host their first matches at their home field this season, hosting all nine matches in Wimmera hockey’s round ten.
Just over half way through the season’s home and away matches and it seems the top four in each division are nearly set unless there are some upset games.
There have not been any real upsets so far in the draws with teams playing to their strengths consistently and almost predictably.
Kangaroos take on Warriors from 11am on field one. Kangaroos are unbeaten winning all their eight games played this season. They are six points clear of second placed Leopards and should collect another four points when they play Warriors. It was a close 2-1 encounter in Kangaroos’ favour when they last played in round three with Warriors defending well and keeping the score low. Warriors can score against Kangaroos though, and it should be a good match.
Dimboola Women will have a good match against Warrack Women. Dimboola are proving themselves a tough to beat side this year, losing only twice out of nine games. They play Warrack who are their nearest chance to knock them out of the top two, and will do their best to retain the double chance in finals. Warrack are the quiet achievers this year and always seem to time it right at finals time. Teams will want to watch out for them making a comeback into top hockey.
The biggest chance for a change is in the women’s top four. If Yanac Women won a couple of games soon they might be a chance to make finals. It is unlikely to happen this week when they take on Highlanders who have won all of their nine games played this season. Yanac are a good side, however, and might be able to take something away from that game and score some points in their next few games which should see them evenly matched with their opponents including Nhill and Kaniva.
Kaniva has a place in the top four, eight points ahead of Nhill. Nhill will be looking to close the gap a little if they have finals in their sights, while Kaniva will want to hang on and give themselves a good chance to play finals.
Field two games get the early start from 9.30am with juniors Revengers and Kookaburras. Both are unlikely to reach finals and will enjoy a good even match, building on their strengths and team play.
Raiders should keep their third spot on the junior ladder after they meet Bombers.
Thunderbirds will need to make a move shortly if they want a hope to reach finals. Sitting bottom of the ladder two games’ worth of points outside a finals berth they would need to start with a win against Kaniva Women this week. Thunderbirds and Kaniva Women should enjoy an even match but Kaniva may have the advantage.
Dimboola Men will need to be fast. Hoops will be looking for a good result following last week’s loss to top team Tigers. Hoops will need to keep winning matches to retain their spot in the top two.
Hurricanes are only just outside the men’s top two, and will work hard but may not be strong enough for Tigers who seem to be strengthening as the season goes by.
Junior team Leopards have the bye.
- Rachel Clark

Round 9 Review

Tigers claim a clear lead
Tigers now have a clear lead on the men’s ladder thanks to a 2-0 win over second placed Hoops in round nine of Wimmera hockey action. Tigers and Hoops had shared equal points since round four only separated by goal difference.
At Dimboola, Hoops rarely had the ball in their scoring zone in the first half while goals to Adam Clohesy and Hugh Finlay set Tigers up for the win following excellent passing and team play. Hoops came back strongly in the second and were unlucky not to score. Fitness may have let them down in the end. Simon Farmers and Clohesy were a strength for Tigers while goalie George Nikkelson and junior Ethan Schilling were Hoops’ standouts.
Dimboola Women gave another solid performance dominating Thunderbirds 3-0. Elizabeth Klinge scored one goal, and together with Michelle Searle and Jess Ross led the way for Dimboola. The Nhill side were not without their chances with direction from Grace Mcleod and Rosie Wallis but were thwarted by good goalie work by Rosa Goode.
Junior goalie Ambrose Hose did some top work for Dimboola Men with Ryan Booth at full back also creating a good defence against Nhill. While both sides created scoring chances in the first half, Nhill Men dominated early in the second with many forward thrusts and finally converted through young Jack Janetzki. Dimboola mounted a late burst and were unlucky not to convert from several short corners. Nhill’s Graeme Janetzki at half back and Allan King at full back proved hard to beat. Nhill won 1-0.
Junior side Leopards came out strong defeating Kookaburras 4-0.
Nathan Jorgensen scored three goals and steered Kangaroos to a comfortable 7-0 victory over Bombers. Sean Creek and Monique Schwedes helped Bombers work well together to stop more goals.
At Kaniva, top women’s side Highlanders continued their domination winning their ninth straight game this season, this time with a 6-1 demolition of the home women’s side. Highlanders controlled the game and took advantage of their attacking chances, resulting in a four-goal haul to star Ellie Morrow and two to Robyn Creek. Kaniva’s Claire Riches and Krystal Smith defended well but were unable to stem the flow. Kaniva launched a counter attack resulting in their only goal through Kelsey Webb.
Warracknabeal Women scored in the second half of an even game to beat Yanac a close 1-0.
Hurricanes started with good team work with Stuart Hoffman and Luke Dunn working well. Christian Stimson was on fire for Kaniva in the first half while a free hit outside the circle found teammate Kendal Meyer who deflected and put Kaniva in the lead. Ryan Wallis had a constructive game continually putting Kaniva into attack, although Dunn had a good shot and beat Kaniva’s goalie, sneaking the ball under him to even the score 1-1.
Raiders and Warriors drew 3-3 in a high standard junior game.
- Rachel Clark

Round 9 Results and Ladders

Juniors: Leopards 4 d Kookaburras 0. Goals: Leopards, M. Fahrina, J. Janetzki, B. Smith, O. Stephan. Best: Leopards, S. Wallis, B. Smith, J. Janetzki; Kookaburras, S. Villis, J. Keating, J. Meehan.
Kangaroos 7 d Bombers 0. Goals: Kangaroos, N. Jorgensen 3, J. Klinge 2, Brydon Tischler, R. Lovett. Best: Kangaroos, N. Jorgensen, Michael Pohlner, J. Klinge; Bombers; S. Creek, M. Schwedes, J. Ellis.
Raiders 3 drew with Warriors 3. Goals: Raiders, B. Clark 2, J. Clark; Warriors, N. Alexander, A. Wheaton, S. Bone. Best: Raiders, B. Dixon, T. Eastwood, J. Clark; Warriors, E. Blackwood, A. Wheaton, B. Alexander.
Ladder: Kangaroos 34 points, Leopards 28, Raiders 22, Warriors 20, Revengers 12, Kookaburras 6, Bombers 4.

Women: Dimboola Women 3 d Thunderbirds 0. Goals: Dimboola Women, E. Klinge, A. King, T. Aitken. Best: Dimboola Women, E. Klinge, M. Searle, J. Ross; Thunderbirds, G. McLeod, R. Wallis, L. Wallis.
Highlanders 6 d Kaniva Women 1. Goals: Highlanders, E. Morrow 4, R. Creek 2; Kaniva Women, K. Webb. Best: Highlanders, E. Morrow, R. Creek, K. Ferrier; Kaniva Women; C. Riches, K. Smith, A. Wallis.
Warracknabeal Women 1 d Yanac Women 0. Goals: Warracknabeal Women, S. Puls. Best: Warracknabeal Women, A. Argent, T. Holland, J. Gaulke; Yanac Women, A. Blackwood, S. Coughlan, S. May, M. Falting.
Ladder: Highlanders 36 points, Dimboola Women 26, Warracknabeal Women 18, Kaniva Women 14, Yanac Women 8, Thunderbirds 6.

Men: Nhill Men 1 d Dimboola Men 0. Goals: Nhill Men, J. Janetzki. Best: Nhill Men, Graeme Janetzki, A. King, T. James; Dimboola Men, A. Hose, R. Booth, T. Crowhurst.
Tigers 2 d Hoops 0. Goals: Tigers, A. Clohesy, H. Finlay. Best: Tigers, S. Farmers, A. Clohesy, H. Finlay; Hoops, G. Nikkelson, E. Schilling, S. King.
Kaniva Men 1 drew with Hurricanes 1. Goals: Kaniva Men, K. Meyer; Hurricanes, L. Dunn. Best: Kaniva Men, R. Wallis, C. Beattie, C. Stimson; Hurricanes, S. Hoffman, S. Grose, L. Dunn.
Ladder: Tigers 28 points, Hoops 24, Hurricanes 22, Kaniva Men 20, Nhill Men 12, Dimboola Men 2.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Round 9 Preview

Wimmera hockey resumes with split round
Wimmera hockey resumes this Saturday with round nine after a week off last weekend due to Senior Country Week hockey.
Players from all teams will be fresh and keen to get back into the season. Four games will be played at Kaniva, while Dimboola Hockey Club will host their first matches at their home field this season, hosting five matches.
At Kaniva, from 11am Raiders will take on Warriors.
Yanac Women will take on Warracknabeal Women who are starting to make an impression on the competition again. Yanac put up a fight each week and it should be a good viewing match.
Kaniva Women will have a tough match against Highlanders. The home side will face an uphill battle against the unbeaten side but with a good line up have the capacity to make them work for the points.
Kaniva Men will be evenly matched with Hurricanes. Quiet achievers Hurricanes have a chance to match the points of the top two teams if they win.
At Dimboola, home side and unbeaten juniors Kangaroos have the early 9.30am start against Bombers.
Kookaburras take on Leopards.
Dimboola Women will be strong against Thunderbirds.
Top two men’s sides Hoops and Tigers are on equal points and will play hard and fast. Each will work hard for the points to help cement their spot in the top two which come finals time would give them the double chance. At the half way mark in the season it could be anybody with the double chance in the men’s competition. There is not much separating Hurricanes at third spot from a place in the top two and Kaniva not far behind.
Dimboola and Nhill men will be evenly matched and it should be an enjoyable game.
Revengers have the bye.
*Congratulations to our players in the men’s team and two women’s teams for participating in the Senior Country Week hockey in Melbourne and Geelong last weekend. It is great to see the Wimmera represented in hockey in this way.
- Rachel Clark

Friday, June 6, 2008

Senior Country Week Preview

Teams to represent Wimmera at senior hockey championships
Three Wimmera hockey teams will compete at Senior Country Week championships this long weekend.
A men’s team will compete in Melbourne while two women’s teams will compete in Geelong on Saturday and Sunday with finals played on Monday.
For only the second time in the past 12 seasons, a team representing the Wimmera Hockey Association will compete in the Senior Men’s Victorian State Country Championships.
Men’s country week coordinator Simon King said players representing four of the association’s six clubs will compete at the Footscray Hockey Centre on two synthetic grounds, one water based and one sand based. The team will face opponents from East Gippsland, Grampians, North Central and Warrnambool plus one other from Albury Wodonga, Ballarat, Glenelg or Portland for a total of five games with the possibility of up to two finals on the Monday afternoon.
The team last competed in 2006 when it won a couple of games in Division Two, but as the association was unable to muster enough players to compete last year, the team has been drawn to play in Division Three this year. The last time the team competed in Division Three was in 1996 when they fell one game short of making the Grand Final.
The squad includes Ryan Booth, Joshua Halsall, Beau Lovett and James Terry from Dimboola, Steve Grose, Will Hewitt, Stuart Hoffman, Ryan Robson and Lachlan Zordan from Horsham, Mathew McDonald, Fergus Meyer, Reilly Sanders and Ryan Wallis from Kaniva and Simon King, Jarrod Knoop and George Nikkelson from Warracknabeal.
A Wimmera women’s side competed successfully last year winning the B Grade section.
Players from Dimboola, Kaniva, Warracknabeal and Horsham clubs will make up the Wimmera women’s sides this year and women’s country week coordinator Michelle Searle is hopeful of the team doing well again with a good lineup.
The women are looking forward to playing on a newly laid turf at Geelong, competing on artificial turf at Stead Park and Geelong college.
The women’s teams will compete against similar sides to the men, although a draw is still unavailable.
Michelle also hopes the teams will both play in the B grade section this year which would allow them to again be competitive, rather than be placed up to A grade which would place them at the bottom of the field.
Players will wear the Wimmera hockey colours, navy and gold.
IGA Dimboola is sponsoring the women’s team to help in their endeavour.
A couple of players are also intending to gain some further umpiring experience during the weekend.
Despite playing on grass fields in the Wimmera, most of the players have experienced the faster game on the synthetic surfaces whilst representing the Wimmera at the State Junior Country Championships in the past. Many in the men’s squad will be making their debut at senior level. With some experienced campaigners amongst a youthful squad, it is hoped that the teams will all be competitive, although it is difficult to predict how they will go against more seasoned opponents who are more at home on the synthetic surface.
There will be no Wimmera Hockey Association matches played this weekend due to the country championships.
- Rachel Clark (with contributions from Simon King and Michelle Searle)

Round 8 Review

Close games in Wimmera hockey
Wimmera hockey’s round eight saw many close games with two draws and several one-goal defeats when players took to the fields at Warracknabeal’s Anzac Park for the first time this season. The two exceptions were convincing wins to Highlanders and Raiders.
Highlanders continued their winning streak with a 4-1 win over Thunderbirds. The McLeods did their best to hold them back with Grace and Jeanette playing best and Bonnie scoring Thunderbirds’ loan goal. Goals spread around four Highlander players did the damage, as well as good passing between Kate Ferrier, Ellie Morrow and Launa Schilling.
Warracknabeal Women scored first blood after working well as a team but Kaniva came back and scored right before the half time whistle. Warrack came out strong and scored first again but Kaniva moved quickly and evened the score 2-2.
Dimboola and Yanac women played a very fast paced and skilful game with both sides finishing off well in the circle. Full backs on both sides lifted in the second half stopping all scoring chances. Michelle Searle continued to work hard and set up many attacks for Dimboola who finished ahead 3-2. Sarah Coughlan shone for Yanac.
Dimboola Men took the game up to the more favoured Yanac Tigers. Ryan Booth and Tim Jorgensen defended well for Dimboola and Beau Lovett pushed the ball forward regularly. Tigers’ Hugh Finlay scored a good goal near half time. Good defence from Tigers’ Matt Kube and Dimboola’s Booth ensured the game remained as at half time, 1-0 to Tigers.
Junior player Ethan Schilling scored to give Hoops a 1-0 win over Kaniva Men.
Hurricanes move up to third spot on the ladder after a narrow 1-0 win over Nhill Men. Nhill had slightly more of the play with Mont Miller playing solidly in the centre but Will Hewitt played strongly in defence repelling many of Nhill’s attempts in the circle. Ryan Robson scored the goal very late in an entertaining match.
Revengers gave Kangaroos a run for their money despite Kangaroos dominating the first half. Revengers displayed good defence led by captain Nakita Langman and held the strong Dimboola side to one goal in the half. Revengers picked up in the second half and inners Marcus Williamson and Ethan Schilling helped the side to plenty of chances to score but with no success. The unbeaten Kangaroos took the game a close 1-0.
Raiders have sneaked up to third spot on the junior ladder following their 10-1 win over Kookaburras. Raiders had a good attacking game, scoring five goals each half, while Kookaburra’s Jamie Guerin capitalised on a break scoring their loan goal in the first half. Kookaburras were defensively very good during short corners.
Many chances were wasted despite good play by both Leopards and Warriors. The Alexander brothers Bradley and Nathan stepped up for Warriors with Bradley scoring one of their goals while Sam Bone scored the other in the 2-2 draw. Sarah Wallis and Ben Smith were skilful and scored for Leopards.
- Rachel Clark

Round 8 Results and Ladders

Juniors: Kangaroos 1 d Revengers 0. Goals: Kangaroos, J. Klinge. Best: Kangaroos, N. Jorgensen, Michael Pohlner, B. Gebert; Revengers, M. Williamson, N. Langman, E. Schilling.
Warriors 2 drew with Leopards 2. Goals: Warriors, B. Alexander, S. Bone; Leopards, B. Smith, S. Wallis. Best: Warriors, B. Alexander, N. Alexander, E. Blackwood, A. Wheaton; Leopards, S. Wallis, B. Smith, A. Creek, T. Dent.
Raiders 10 d Kookaburras 1. Goals: Raiders, B. Clark 4, K. Meyer 3, J. Clark 3; Kookaburrs, J. Guerin. Best: Raiders, B. Dixon, K. Meyer, L. Wallis, J. Clark; Kookaburrs, J. Keating, K. Florimell, B. Terry, J. Meehan.
Ladder: Kangaroos 30 points, Leopards 24, Raiders 20, Warriors 18, Revengers 10, Kookaburras 6, Bombers 4.

Women: Warracknabeal Women 2 drew with Kaniva Women 2. Goals: Warrack Women, J. Gaulke, T. Goyne; Kaniva Women, S. Wallis, K. Rich. Best: Warrick Women, A. Argent, J. Langman, J. Lawson; Kaniva Women, C. Riches, C. McDonald, D. Meyer.
Dimboola Women 3 d Yanac Women 2. Goals: Dimboola Women, J. Ross, A. King, K. Smithyman; Yanac Women, N. Farmers, J. Ussing. Best: Dimboola Women, M. Searle, J. Ross, E. Klinge; Yanac Women, S. Coughlan, M. Falting, A. Blackwood.
Highlanders 4 d Thunderbirds 1. Goals: Highlanders, K. Ferrier, R. Creek, R. Batchelor, E. Morrow; Thunderbirds, B. McLeod. Best: Highlanders, K. Ferrier, E. Morrow, L. Schilling; Thunderbirds, G. McLeod, J. McLeod, H. Kennedy.
Ladder: Highlanders 32 points, Dimboola Women 22, Warracknabeal Women 14 (goal difference minus-6), Kaniva Women 14 (minus-7), Yanac Women 8, Thunderbirds 6.

Men: Hurricanes 1 d Nhill Men 0. Goals: Hurricanes, R. Robson. Best: Hurricanes, W. Hewitt, R. Robson, L. Dunn; Nhill Men, G. Janetzki, M. Miller, T. James.
Hoops 1 d Kaniva Men 0. Goals: Hoops, E. Schilling. Best: Hoops, P. Slater, J. Knoop, B. Schilling; Kaniva Men, R. Wallis, C. Beattie, M. McDonald, T. Eastwood.
Tigers 1 d Dimboola Men 0. Goals: Tigers, H. Finlay. Best: Tigers, M. Kube, K. Croot, H. Finlay; Dimboola Men, R. Booth, T. Jorgensen, B. Lovett.
Ladder: Tigers 24 points (goal difference plus-16), Hoops 24 (plus-11), Hurricanes 20, Kaniva Men 18, Nhill Men 8, Dimboola Men 2.