Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ladder after Round 17

Men: Hoops 44 , Tigers 44, Hurricanes 32, Kaniva 30, Dimboola 10
Hoops have a greater goal difference than Tigers

Women: Warracknabeal 42, Thunderbirds 36, Yanac 34, Highlanders 30, Kaniva 28, Dimboola 22

Juniors: Kangaroos 58, Leopards 58, Revengers 44, Raiders 40, Bandits 38, Warriors 20, Kookaburras 18, Black Hawks 16, Bombers 14

Kanagroos have a greater goal difference than Leopards

Round 17 Results

Round 17 Results:

Men: Hurricanes 2 d Hoops 1. Goals, Hurricanes, S. Hoffman, L. Dunn. Best, Hurricanes, D. Barnett, S. Hoffman, T. Nooteboom; Hoops, S. Bardell, N. Kent, S. Langman

Tigers 3 d Dimboola 2. Goals, Tigers, K. Croot 2, M. Croot; Dimboola, T Jorgensen, B. Jorgensen. Best, Tigers, S. Farmers, L. Reichenbach, A. Clohesy; Dimboola, B. Lovett, S. Wundersitz, T. Jorgensen

Women: Warracknabeal 1 drew Highlanders 1. Goals, Warracknabeal, S.Puls; Highlanders, K. Ferrier. Best, Warracknabeal, C. Cheeseman, J. Langman, A. Argent; Highlanders, K. Ferrier, L. Schneider, R. Creek

Dimboola 1 d Yanac 0. Goals, Dimboola, A. King. Best, Dimboola, M. Searle, M. Sallman, V. Smithyman; Yanac, E. Blackwood, S. Coughlan, A. Blackwood

Thunderbirds 1 d Kaniva 0. Goals, Thunderbirds, L. Wallis. Best, Thunderbirds, L. Wallis, P. Cramer, J. McLeod; Kaniva, C. Riches, D. Meyer, R. Clarke

Juniors: Kookaburras 3 d Black Hawks 2. Goals, Kookaburras, J. Guerin 2, J. Keating; Black Hawks A. Valentine 2. Best, Kookaburras, M. Pohlner, KJ, Florinell, Z. Aitken; Black Hawks, S. Creek, E. O’Connor, Q. Barrett

Revengers 4 d Warriors 1. Goals, Revengers, P. Aitken 2, R. McPherson, J. Williamson; Warriors, S. Bone. Best, Revengers, S. Bardell, T. Hewitt, E. Aitken; Warriors, E. Blackwood, A. Webb, S. Bone

Leopards 3 d Raiders 1. Goals, T.Cook 2, B. Newcombe; Raiders, B. Nixon. Best, Leopards, T. Cook, A. Creek, N. Jones; Raiders, M. Wallis, T. Eastwood, R. Sanders

Kangaroos d Bombers (forfeit)

Round 17 Review - Yanac

Hockey returned to Yanac on Saturday. In a great game of end-to-end hockey the Nhill Leopards defeated the Kaniva Raiders 3-1. Brady Newcombe got the Leopards off to a good start with a very skilful goal and it was Leopards 1, Kaniva 0 at half time. The highlights of the half being the long runs into the forward line by Tom Cook and Adrian Creek and the clever play by Sarah Wallis and Natalie Jones that set up the runs.

Early in the second half the Raiders struck back with a goal from Brady Dixon and the game was very much alive. Tom Cook scored 10 minutes in after a great individual effort off a short corner and then scored again giving the Leopards a winning lead. Raiders Mat Wallis goalie made some terrific saves in goals and was ably assisted in defence by Roey Sanders and Tim Eastwood.

In the women’s competition Nhill Thunderbirds consolidated third spot on the ladder with a closely fought 1-nil victory over fifth placed Kaniva. The first half saw several quick runs into attack by the Wallis sisters only to be spoilt by the defensive skills of Claire Ritches for Kaniva. At half time it was nil all. The second half continued much in the same vein; however Laura Wallis managed to score a lucky goal, and Kaniva were unlucky not to score an equaliser at the death from a short corner.

Bottom placed Dimboola women had a 1 – nil victory over second placed Yanac. Again showing the closeness of the women’s competition. Michelle Searle was again very good for Dimboola as were Marli Sallman and Vicki Smithyman, with Adeni King scoring the lone goal. Best for Yanac were Erin and Anne Blackwood and Sarah Coughlan.

Horsham Highlanders held top team Warracknabeal to a 1 all draw. Both teams were determined not to give the other any advantage leading into the finals. In a gritty match in wet weather Horsham led early through a goal to Kate Ferrier but were pegged back by Warracknabeal late in the game by a Suzanne Puls goal. It seems now that a draw in the last round will be enough for the Highlanders to hold onto fourth place. They are 2 points and a goal difference of 4 ahead of fifth placed Kaniva.

Horsham Hurricanes got over the line in somewhat of an upset win against the Warracknabeal Hoops in a very close men’s game. A very determined Hurricanes got off to a good start and led 2-nil half way into second half. The fitter Hoops then started to have more of the attacking play and scored a goal with about 10 minutes to play. The Hoops continued to push forward but their momentum was thwarted by a strong Hurricanes defence led by Lochie Zordan and Jarrod Knoop.
Dimboola men surprised flag favourites by matching the Yanac Tigers for most of the match before losing narrowly in the dying minutes of their game. The score was 3-2 Yanac’s way, but this and other recent results must give the young Dimboola men’s side a lot of hope for next season.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Leopards v Raiders at Yanac

Highlanders v Dimboola at Horsham

Round 16 Review

Highlanders continued there good form with a dominant win over Dimboola women in Horsham on Saturday. The Horsham Highlanders have been on the bottom of the ladder for most of the season, but a string of good matches has seen them break into the four.

On a well prepared field the skills of Highlanders Kate Ferrier, Launa Schilling, and Ellie Morrow were on show. Fuyuko Lehman got the Horsham women off to a flier. Awesome teamwork up forward gave the Highlanders a 4 – 1 lead at half time. The second half was closer, but the Highlanders were always going to win through great teamwork. Best for Dimboola were Michelle Searle and Jess Ross.

Kaniva women’s great effort to hold top side Warracknabeal to a draw went unrewarded as they dropped out of the four for first time this year. Warracknabeal had many more shots on goal, but just couldn’t get it through the strong Kaniva defence. Their respective defences have the least goals scored against them this year. Defenders Julie Langman and Jenny Ford were best for Warracknabeal, while Hannah Bedford and Rachel Clark were Kaniva’s best.

The Thunderbirds managed to hold onto third place with a good 2 nil win over second placed Yanac women. Holly Kennedy providing the difference scoring both goals for the Thunderbirds.

In the juniors the Leopards regained top spot with a return to form. The Leopards had many avenues to attack with six different goal scorers and a characteristic tight defence led by the talented Chris Jones in goals against the Kookaburras. Tom Cooke, Natelie Jones, and Oscar Stephen were all in great form for the Leopards.

In a crucial match between two form teams, third placed Revengers and fourth placed Raiders, saw the Revengers come out on top. Revengers dominated winning 3 nil. Ethan Schilling and Nakita Langman led the way for the red hot Revengers. Best for the Raiders were Liam Wallis and Claire McDonald.

Wet weather and a determined Nhill Bandits kept the potent Dimboola Kangaroos attack to just 2 goals. The Kangaroos lost top spot despite winning, their percentage of 571 is just below the Leopards (627). Best for the Kangaroos were Beau Lovett and Kelly Smithyman. While Jack Janetski and Lauren Bendall played well for Nhill.

The Black Hawks with two goals to Andrew Valentine defeated the Bombers in clash of the two Horsham junior sides.
In the men the hoops and Kaniva drew 1 all, while Dimboola and Horsham also drew, the score was 2 all.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Round 15 Results

Men: Kaniva 5 d Dimboola 1. Goals, Kaniva, A. Douglas, C. Beattie, M. McDonald, G. Douglas, C. Champness. Best, Kaniva, S. Eastwood, M. McDonald, A. Douglas; Dimboola, S. Westendorf, S. Wundersitz, B. Bloore.
Tigers 4 d Hurricanes 1. Goals, Tigers, J. Cramer, K. Croot, A. Clowesy, H. Finlay; Hurricanes, P. Mackereth. Best, Tigers, M. Dart, L. Reichenbach, M. Miller, Hurricanes, P. Mackereth, R. Kemp, D. Barnett.
Women: Warracknabeal 5 d Thunderbirds 0. Goals, Warracknabeal, S. Puls, 3, J. Lawson, 2. Best, Warracknabeal, C. Noone, J. Lawson, C. Cheesman; Thunderbirds, G. McLeod, H. Cannell, A. Rowe.
Highlanders 2 d Yanac 1. Goals, Highlanders, K. Ferrier, L. Schilling; Yanac, S. May. Best, Highlanders, K. Ferrier, R. Creek, L. Schilling; Yanac, S. May, S. Coughlan, A. Blackwood.
Dimboola 1 d Kaniva 0. Goals, Dimboola, J. Ross. Best, Dimboola, J. Ross, M. Searle, K. Villis; Kaniva, H. Bedford, L. McDonald, C. McDonald.
Junior: Revengers 2 d Leopards 1. Goals, Revengers, E. Schilling, C. Schilling; Leopards, A. Creek. Best, Revengers, S. Bardell, N. Langman, M. Moloney; Leopards, Ad. Creek, Al. Creek, C. Jones.
Kangaroos 5 d Warriors 0. Goals, Kangaroos, B. Lovett, 2, N. Jorgensen, 2, J. Klinge. Best, Kangaroos, B. Lovett, M. Pohlner, R. Lovett, E. Klinge; Warriors, A. Reichenbach, E. Blackwood, V. Pfeiffer, A. Wheaton.
Bandits 2 d Black Hawks 0. Goals, Bandits, J. Bendall, 2. Best, Bandits, J. Bendall, M. Heenan, J. Schwartz; Black Hawks, S. Creek, E. Hayden, A. Salter.
Raiders 5 d Kookaburras 0. Goals, Raiders, J. Clark, 3, A. Wallis, K. Meyer. Best, Raiders, J. Clark, C. McDonald, T. Eastwood, R. Sanders; Kookaburras, L. Searle, C. Elsom, C. Villis, K. Florrimel.

Round 15 Review

Wimmera Hockey games were played in Warracknabeal on the weekend, with some surprise wins and close matches.
In an upset, up and coming Warracknabeal Revengers scored a win over top side Nhill Leopards. Leopards had been undefeated all year, and it took the determined Revengers to show them up. Ethan and Cassie Schilling were the scorers for the Revengers, whilst the Leopard’s sole goal came from best afield Adrian Creek. The Revengers defence of Simon Bardell and Nakita Langman were the stars of the day, keeping Leopards forwards such as Natalie Jones, Oscar Stephan and Tom Cook away from the action. However, the Leopards defenders Alannah Creek and goalie Chris Jones also played well to stop the fierce Revengers. This was a very even match, with close shots coming from both sides, but in the end it was the Revenger’s day, scoring a much deserved win.
Kaniva Raiders got to work straight away in their match against Dimboola Kookaburras, scoring early. However, Dimboola defence of Luke Searle and James Keating held off the attack, until near half time, when Raiders scored again through Jordan Clark. Kaniva continued to dominate for the second half, with Dimboola goalie Coby Villis getting lots of work and making some spectacular saves. Kaniva used the ball very creatively around goal, with a fantastic goal coming from teamwork between brothers Brayden and Jordan Clark. Jordan ended with three goals for the match. Dimboola were very gutsy in defeat, but Kaniva had the match from the outset.
In the men’s competition, a close match between Tigers and Hurricanes saw the Tigers steal the match through accurate shots and making the most of their opportunities, to win 4-1. The goals were evenly spread within the Tigers team, with the best players being half backs Luke Reichenbach and Mick Dart. Paul Mackereth was the best for the Hurricanes, scoring their goal, whilst defender Richard Kemp was the best at keeping the Tigers hunger at bay. Tigers sit quite comfortably at the top of the men’s table this year and don’t look to be really challenged in the finals.
In the women’s competition, Dimboola women scored a surprise but well deserved win against Kaniva. Jess Ross scored the only goal for Dimboola and was also instrumental throughout the game in setting up many attacking runs. Kaniva had a majority of the play throughout the match, with forwards Claire and Lauren McDonald attacking well, but were unlucky not to score. Hannah Bedford once again played an outstanding game for Kaniva. Dimboola’s backs Michelle Searle and Naomi Kuhnell combined well in the half back line, whilst goalie Cassie Curtis was solid against a threatening Kaniva attack. This win should motivate Dimboola, who are unfortunate to be on the bottom of the ladder.
In another women’s match, Horsham Highlanders were determined in their win over Yanac. The match was played evenly with great passing and teamwork on both sides. Highlander’s Kate Ferrier was a key player and her goal in the early part of the second half boosted the Highlanders. However, Yanac’s Sheree May had a comeback of her own and the teams were once again even. With some encouragement from Robyn Creek and Lorna Schilling, Highlanders continued to fight and Lorna scored to put Highlanders in front. Sarah Coughlan and Anne Blackwood played a fantastic game for Yanac. This is a confidence boosting win for the Highlanders, who could be very dangerous if they make this year’s finals.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Round 15 Preview - Warracknabeal

All matches are at Warracknabeal this Saturday. The pick of the matches is the Leopards Revengers clash in the junior competition. The Revengers will be looking to make an impact on the powerful Leopards outfit and consolidate a final four position. Tom Cooke and Oscar Stephen are in terrific form and should make things very difficult for the Revengers.

In other junior matches Nathan Jorgensen of the Kangaroos and Kendal Meyer of the Raiders will be keen to add to their already impressive goal tallies.

The Dimboola women probably lost their chance to play finals this year when they lost to the Highlanders, and tomorrow’s game against Kaniva being their absolute last chance. The Highlanders will be hoping for an upset however, and for themselves to beat a strong Yanac team.

The Thunderbirds play an important game against Warracknabeal in the other match which will also have a bearing on the finals.

Maybe it will come down to the last home away match as it did last year to sort out which teams make the finals.

Kaniva men play Dimboola in what should be a good match. Dimboola were impressive against the Hurricanes last week. Both teams have reasonable defences but struggle to score going forward. Kaniva perhaps have more to play for with the finals just around the corner.

And the mighty Yanac Tigers play a Hurricanes team that has been in patchy form in the final match of the day.

Round 14 Results

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Raiders v Bombers Rd 14 in Kaniva

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Bombers v Raiders

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