Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Round 4 Review


The first game of the day was the powerful and unbeaten Yanac Warriors verses the young Nhill Leopards team. As expected the Warriors won the game, but the Leopards did a fantastic job to limit the Warriors to only 3 goals in the first half. Leopards came out after half time to attack ferociously, but their small forwards didn't have much of a chance scoring against the Warriors more experienced defense. Alex Welsh did a wonderful job in the Leopards goals to limit the Warriors to a total of 6 goals for the game. Goal scorers for Warriors were Nathan Alexander (1 goal), Bradley Alexander (2 goals) and Sam Bone (3 goals).

The Dimboola Kangaroos continued their winning form against the Warracknabeal Revengers. The first half of the game included plenty of fast play and turnarounds with both teams attacking quite well. The Kangaroos capitalised up forward scoring with Gianna Haines, Kelly Smithyman and Michael Pohlner scoring a goal each. The Kangaroos defense did a great job leaving the Revengers remained scoreless in the first half. The second half pace slowed considerably, with both teams resorting to big hitting to move the ball into the forward line. The Revengers managed to score late in the half with a goal from Crystal Edwards, making the score 3 – 1 at full time.

Kaniva Raiders started off with a bang against the Dimboola Kookaburras, and kept on going to win with 6 goals over Kookaburras 1 goal. The Raiders dominated the play in the first half with Braden Clark scoring two quick goals early on, although the Kookaburras rallied and fought back to limit the success of the Raiders attacks. In the second half the Kookaburras managed to score 1 goal through Louis Haines but couldn't stop the Raiders from bringing their scoring up to 6 goals. Raiders goal scorers were Duncan Shalders (1 goal), Jordan Clark (2 goals) and Braden Clark (3 goals).


The Warracknabeal Women verses Dimboola Women match was not at all as expected, Dimboola scored a total of 8 unanswered goals. Dimboola dominated the whole game with many more scoring chances than the scoreboard shows. Warracknabeal did try to stop the Dimboola onslaught with great skills from goalie Kate Perkins, full back Karen Triffit and wing Jess Furey, but it was without success. Goals scorers for Dimboola were Elizabeth and Jennifer Klinge (1 goal each), Zoe Harberger (1 goal), Megan Hannell (2 goals) and Michelle Searle (3 goals).

Another one sided game was Yanac Women verses Kaniva Women. Even though the Kaniva defense was playing quite well, the Yanac forwards still managed to score 4 goals in the first half. Despite the final score being 7 – 0 in Yanac's favour, the game was still a good tussle.

Unfortunately there was another forfeit this week by Horsham Highlanders who were drawn against Nhill Thunderbirds.


The Horsham Hurricanes played a close game against the Nhill Rangers despite being one player short, resulting in a 1 all draw. The Hurricanes were missing 5 players, but were bolstered by having 4 Yanac junior players – Bradley Alexander, Sam Bone, Ryan Smith and Alex Pipkorn. The Rangers defense stood up exceptionally against the Hurricanes relentless attempts to score. The Rangers made the most of their infrequent penetrations into their attacking circle and scored the only goal of the first half through Ross Thurlow. Although the Hurricanes had many attempts at scoring, they remained scoreless in the first half. In the second half the Rangers made more pushes into their forward circle without scoring. The Hurricanes managed to score an early goal through Alex Pipkorn, who is actually the goalie for the Yanac juniors.

The Yanac Tigers are still undefeated after defeating the Kaniva Men 6 – 0. Both teams played 2 halves of excellent hockey with clean passing and skillful plays, but Yanac was able to make their surges into their forward circle count. Kaniva wasn't without their chances to score with a few of their own good attacks but had trouble converting. The goalscorers for Yanac were Kim Croot, Josh Cramer, Nathan Alexander (1 goal each) and Jamie Harding with a magnificent performance smashing in 3 goals.

The last men's game of the day saw Warracknabeal Hoops losing in a very close match to Dimboola Men. The first half was full of highly competitive and sometimes rough play, with opportunities to score from both teams. Dimboola managed to break the deadlock in the first half with a field goal through Nathan Jorgensen. Hoops were unable to convert in the first half and came out aggressively in the second half, holding on to the ball very well while making numerous attacking plays. Unfortunately the Hoops attacks didn't yield any goals, and Dimboola held onto their 1 – 0 win.

Round 3 Review


The Nhill Leopards will come back from a bye to have a tough game against Dimboola Kookaburras. Leopards backs Shaun Greenburger and Oscar Stephen will have tough time stopping Kookaburras forwards Craig Schultz, Jemma Schultz and Jamie Guerin.

Kaniva Raiders come from a tough win to an expected easier game against the Dimboola Kangaroos. Can Raiders Braden Clark back up his 3 goals from last week?

Yanac Warriors are expected to have an easy game against the Horsham Bombers. Bombers goalie Jo Ellis and full backs Claire Bennett and Adam Schwedes will be worked hard. Warriors forwards Sam Bone and Nathan Alexander will be trying to recreate their 4 goals each from last week.


Dimboola Women will have to come out hard to beat the Nhill Thunderbirds on their home turf. Thunderbirds forwards Grace McCleod, Emily Kinsella and Leah Bailey will be going head to head with Dimboola's in form backs Meagan Pohlner, Michelle Searle and Jess Ross.

W'Beal Women and Yanac Women both have a win and a loss each – who will come out on top is any ones guess! Alana Argent has played consistently in the back and forward line for W'Beal, maybe Alana can help push W'Beal over the line?

Horsham Highlanders will be trying to redeem their loss last week by winning against Kaniva Women. Highlanders forwards Monique Schwedes, Ellie Morrow and Denise Vallance will have to work hard to bypass Kaniva's backs Hannah Beford, Claire Riches and goalie Lisa Hicks.


The Nhill Rangers will be fighting for their first win of the season against Dimboola Men. Although Dimboola have the skill and determination to come out on top with a large goal haul.

Kaniva Men will be contending against the Horsham Hurricanes for their first win of the season. Both teams are strong in defense, so it will be up to their respective forwards to use all their skills to generate a win.

Hoops win last week puts them in a good frame of mind to tackle the in form Yanac Tigers. Forward Simon Farmers and goal scorers Kim Croot and Michael Croot will be pushing hard for the Tigers; Can Hoops full backs Stephen Laverty and Simon King fend of the Tigers attacks?

Round 3 Review


Nhill Leopards were defeated 4 – nil by the Dimboola Kookaburras. Best on ground for Dimboola were Madeline Occenda, Jamie Guerin and Craig Schultz. Jamie Guerin stood out with 3 goals and Madeline Occenda with 1 goal. Best for Leopards were Taylor Dent at centre half back, Oscar Stephen at full back and Emma Janetzki at right half back.

The Kanva Raiders won their match against Dimboola Kangaroos, but it wasn't without Kangaroos fighting back. Raiders came out strong in the first half scoring 3 goals. Kangaroos managed to come back with 1 goal just before the half time whistle. Raiders controlled the game well in the second half, adding 2 more goals to their score. Kangaroos didn't give up and scored 1 final goal. The final score for the game was Raiders 5 – Kangaroos 2. Best on ground for Raiders were Tim Eastwood, Jordan Clark, Lewis Both (1 vote) and Brandon Rich (1 vote). Kangaroos best were Melaie Webb, Brydon Tischler, Michael Pohlner (1 vote) and goalie Kobi Villis (1 vote).

The Yanac Warriors vs Horsham Bombers game went as expected with Warriors scoring 15 goals. Bombers tried hard, but only had a few advances into their forward line. After a good half time talk from the coach, the Bombers came out and defended strongly, but couldn't stop Warriors forwards. Goal scorers and best on ground for Warriors were Alex Wheaton (3 goals and 3 votes), Sam Bone (6 goals and 2 votes), Louise Bone (1 vote), Ryan Smith (1 goal), Peter Hedt (1 goal), Matthew Hedt (3 goals), Sam Dorrington (1 goal). Best for Bombers were Adam Schwedes, first time goalie Isabella Gulline, Allie O'Conner (1 vote) and Billy Gray (1 vote).


The inexperienced Kaniva Women lost by 10 goals to the Horsham Highlanders. The first half saw Highlanders attacking relentlessly, giving the Kaniva backs plenty of play. The second half was a repeat of the first half with Kaniva unable to stop the Highlanders fast forward line. Best on ground for Highlanders were Robyn Creek (3 votes and 3 goals), Carmel McFarlane (2 votes), Ellie Morrow (1 vote and 2 goals) and Kellie Price (1 vote). Best for Kaniva were backs Roey Sanders, Claire Riches, Kayla Sanderson (1 vote) and goalie Lisa Hicks (1 vote).

W'beal Women won a hard fought game against Yanac Women. The first half of the game was even with good attacks by both teams. The second half started off even, but W'beal came out the better team with Donna Robinson and Nakita Langman both scoring a goal each. Yanac didn't remain scoreless – Centre Forward Sharon Croot avoided W'beal goalie Kate Perkins defense to score a single goal for Yanac. Final score was W'beal 2 goals – Yanac 1 goal.

Dimboola Women and Nhill Thunderbird's had an exciting game, resulting in a draw. Best for Dimboola were Michelle Searle, Meaghan Pohlner and Elizabeth Klinge. Michelle Searle also scored 2 goals, and Kiristin Klinge scored 1 goal for Dimboola. Thunderbird's best were Leah Bailey, Pam Cramer and Sarah Wallis. Thunderbird's had 3 separate goal scorers – Michelle Farina, Leah Bailey and Emma Janetzki.


Nhill Rangers looked like they had Dimboola Men under control with two unanswered goals until the middle of the second half when Dimboola came back fiercely. Unfortunately for Dimboola they left their run a little late and only managed to even the score against the rangers. The play for the whole game was very determined, although the rangers midfield was slightly stronger than Dimboola's. The final score was Rangers 2 goals – Dimboola 2 goals. The goal scorers were Carl Nuske and Sam Wunderzitz for Dimboola, Grady Janetzki and David Murden for the Rangers.

W'beal Hoops couldn't hold out the unbeaten Yanac Tigers, final score was Hoops 1 goal – Tigers 5 goals. Best for Hoops were Steven Laverty at full back, Markus Keam at half back and Shane Langman with a single goal in the forward line. Tigers standouts were Matt Kube, Simon Farmers, Sam Bone and goalie Stephen Allen. Goal scorers for Tigers were Brad Alexander (2 goals), Josh Cramer (1 goal), Kim Croot (1 goal) and Luke Reichenbach (1 goal).

Kaniva Men fought hard against the Horsham Hurricanes, but Hurricanes fought back to come out on top. Kaniva hit the Hurricanes hard with an early goal in the first half by Bret Sewel. Hurricanes half time talk managed to lift them, and centre forward Paul Mackereth shined by scoring two unanswered goals in the second half. Best for Kaniva were Clint Beaty at half back, Ralph Elema in full back and Bret Sewel in centre forward. Hurricanes umpires votes went to Richard Kemp at full back, Stuart Hoffman in the forward line and Paul Mackereth.

Round 2 Review


As expected the Revengers were too experienced for the Bombers, winning 8 goals to 0. The Bombers Claire Bennett, Adam Schwedes and goalie Jo Ellis had a hard time on the Bombers backline with Revengers forwards Aisha Dennes, Cass Schilling, Jordon Williamson, Darius Cosgrave, Jess Fury all scoring a goal each. Nakita Langman held off the Bombers attacks in Half Back, and also scored two goals.

Kaniva Raiders fought a hard game against the Dimboola Kookaburras, with the Raiders eventually coming out on top with 5 goals to Kookaburras 4 goals. Brandon Rich, Jordan Clark, Lachlan Clark and Lachie Mills all receiving umpires votes for the Raiders. Jayrell Guzarem, Louis Haines, Jamie Guerin and James Keahng received umpires votes for their efforts in the Kookaburras backline.

The Dimboola Kangaroos were no match for the Yanac Warriors, losing to the Warriors 13 goals while remaining scoreless. The Warriors dominated the first half, scoring 8 goals. The Kangaroos defence stepped up in the second half, but were unable to stop the Warriors onslaught. The Warriors passing, team spirit and shared ball possession was understandably exceptional throughout the whole game.

The junior players are still looking for a Co-ordinator so that Country Week can go ahead, contact you club for more information.


Nhill Thunderbirds nudged out the W'Beal Women in an even match with 2 goals to W'Beals 1 goal. Thunderbirds Christy Marias, Sarah Wallis and W'Beals Suzanne Puls were the goal scorers. W'Beal's umpires votes went to goalie Kate Perkins, Alana Argent and Jenny Gaulke. Thunderbirds best players were Grace McCleod, Leah Bailey and Bonnie McCleod.

Yanac Women and Horsham Highlanders both played a skilful game with plenty of goal scoring opportunities. At the end of the first half Yanac had scored 2 goals, capitalising on Highlanders slower defence. Highlanders came out strong in the second half, but the Yanac defence also stepped up to defend their 2 goal lead. The end result was Yanac 2 goals to Highlanders 0 goals.

Kaniva Women forfeited their game against Dimboola Women.


The Horsham Hurricanes almost held off the Yanac Tigers, but were defeated at the end of the game with 2 quick Tigers goals. The first half was quite an even match, with the Tigers scoring a goal just before the break and Hurricanes retaliating soon after with their own goal. Although the Hurricanes had more of the ball in the second half, the Tigers defence held up strongly. The final score was Tigers 3 goals, Hurricanes 1 goal. Tigers best players were Simon Farmers, Luke Reichenbach and goalie Steve Allen. Hurricanes best were Stuart Hoffman, Jahan Randall-Demllo and Richard Kemp.

Kaniva Men and Dimboola Men started off with evenly matched back and forth play for almost the entire first half. Kaniva were lucky to score a surprise goal late in the first half from a short corner. Dimboola came back after the break with full force and scored an exciting 5 goals. James Klinge, Nathan Jorgensen and Carl Nuske received the umpires votes and scored Dimboola's goals. Kaniva's best were Elema, Clint Beattie and Patrick White. The young Braden Clark was Kaniva's goal scorer.

In the W'beal Hoops versus Nhill Rangers match, Hoops full back Steven Laverty helped to hold off the Rangers attacks. Forward Shane Langman scored two quick goals for the Hoops, with centre forward Marcus Keam holding the forwards together. Full backs Mont Miller, David Reichelt and goalie Graham Jago received the umpires votes for the Rangers. The end score was Rangers 1 goal, Hoops 2 goals.

Spectators at hockey are reminded to sit well back from the sideline, as a deflection can send the hockey ball flying in almost any direction. One spectator was taken to hospital after being struck in the forehead by a wayward hockey ball.

Round 1 Review

Round one of Wimmera Hockey kicked off at Warracknabeal on Saturday.


Juniors saw last year’s dominant teams continue their form. Kookaburras defeated Revengers 5 nil, with Jamie Guerin scoring two goals for the Kookaburras.

The Raiders defeated the Leopards 4 nil. It was an even first half with the Raiders staging regular attacks through Braden and Jordan Clarke and going into half time 1 nil up. The second half saw a fitter Raiders force home 3 more goals. Best for the Leopards were Oscar Stephen and Emma Janetski.

The Kangaroos defeated the Bombers 10 nil. The Kangaroos Michael Pohlner was best a field scoring a remarkable 5 goals, while Jo Ellis was the Bombers best.


Dimboola women scored some early bragging rights against close rivals Horsham Highlanders. Dimboola had the better of the first half scoring the only 2 goals of the match in quick succession. The second half was closer but the Highlanders could not convert their chances. Best for Dimboola were Jess Ross and Meagan Pohlner. Will Jo Ellis again played well this time for the Highlanders.

In the other women’s matches the Thunderbirds just got over Yanac 1 nil; Warracknabeal women defeated Kaniva 1 nil, with Less Furey steering a Bonnie Crafter pass into the goal very late in the first half. Alana Argent was best for Warracknabeal and Hannah Bedford was best for Kaniva.


In the men, Yanac Tigers showed they are again going to be the team to beat this year. After a close start to their match against the Nhill Rangers, the Tigers ran over the top of their opponents to win 9 to 1. Jamie Harding and Shaun Alexander were best and Muz Miller scored 3 goals for Yanac. Graeme Janetski was the Rangers best.

Last year’s wooden spooners the Horsham Hurricanes posted a 2 to 1 win over the Grand Final runners up Dimboola in close contest. Richard Kemp and Paul Mackereth were best for the Hurricanes and Ben Schwedes scored two goals. Best for Dimboola was Ryan Booth in defence.

In the final match of the day the Warracknabeal Hoops and Kaniva fought out a 2 all draw. Adam Wallis was best for Kaniva and Simon King for the Hoops.

Wimmera Hockey moves to the Horsham Racecourse next week. Come along and see some hockey close up. Also our favourite umpires Charlie and Frostie will be there from Warrnambool to answer questions regarding rules and help out up and coming umpires.

Written by Andy Dorman