Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ladder to Round 13

Men: Tigers, 40, 475%; Hoops, 34, 125%; Hurricanes, 24, 100%; Kaniva, 16, 50%; Dimboola, 6, 24%.
Women: Warracknabeal, 24, 218%; Yanac, 30, 133%; Thunderbirds, 28, 89%; Kaniva, 22, 81%; Highlanders, 16, 29%; Dimboola, 14, 58%.
Junior: Leopards, 46, 611%; Kangaroos, 42, 465%; Bandits, 32, 189%; Raiders, 32, 157%; Revengers, 30, 200%; Warriors, 14, 54%; Kookaburras, 14, 17%; Bombers, 12, 15%; Black Hawks, 12, 10%.

Round 14 preview

This weekend’s Wimmera Hockey will be split between the grounds of Dimboola and Kaniva. The day starts with a showdown between the two Nhill teams, Bandits and Leopards. History shows that Leopards should win, as they are unbeaten this year, but if anyone could beat them, it is the Bandits. Bandits have many skilled players such as John Schwartz, Morgan Heenan and Tim Braendler who will be fired up to play their Nhill counterparts. However, Leopards have a formidable line up of players this year with threats in the forward line such as Oscar Stephan, Tom Cook, Natalie Jones, Sarah Wallis and Jayden Newcombe, who have all scored over five goals this season. This is sure to be a tough game and although it looks to be going the Leopard’s way, it will be all action until the last whistle.
Other junior games see the Horsham Black Hawks take on the Yanac Warriors. When these teams played earlier in the season, it was a break through win for the Black Hawks, but with both teams having improved, it will be interesting to see who’s on top this time. Black Hawks have some improving players including Elly O’Connor and Will Lehman, who are showing more capability as the year moves on. However, Warriors have really lifted their game, keeping top side Leopards to only four goals last week. Erin Blackwood and Alex and Jess Wheaton are consistent every week for Yanac and with their help, Warriors could secure an encouraging win.
In the men’s competition, movers Kaniva men are playing Warracknabeal Hoops. Kaniva come off a hard fought draw with Hurricanes last week, whilst Hoops are off a five-nil thrashing from Tigers. Kaniva will be hoping to keep going their uphill run, whilst Hoops will be regrouping after a disappointing loss last week. Christian Stimpson and Alan King will be putting in their all for Kaniva, whilst Hoops have experience in Cameron Bardell and Steven Laverty.
The women’s games will continue to be close, as bottom teams Horsham and Dimboola fight it out for fifth position. Both these teams could possibly still make the finals, but will need some more consistent, decisive wins if they are to be any chance. The main difference in the scores will be determined by who is the most accurate near goal. Kristen Klinge and Adina King will most likely be firing for Dimboola, whilst Horsham will look to Ellie Morrow and Molly Salter to convert. A win this week would take Dimboola from the bottom of the ladder.
Also in the women’s competition, Yanac will take on Nhill Thunderbirds in a contest sure to be even. Whilst Thunderbirds have a few disappointing losses in the last few weeks, they have a fantastic line up of players such as Ebony Stephan, Bonnie McLeod and Laura Wallis, who, if functioning well together, make up a formidable team. Yanac, however, have players such as Sarah Coughlan, Jill Kube and Anne Blackwood who all are instrumental in their team’s success. This game will be decided on which team wants the win more and it looks to be extremely close, if not drawn.
The other games see Dimboola men tackle the Hurricanes, Warracknabeal and Kaniva women fight it out, Bombers take on the Raiders and the two junior Dimboola teams, Kangaroos and Kookaburras face each other.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Round 13 Results

Men: Kaniva 0 drew with Hurricanes 0. Best, Kaniva, M. Wallis, A. King, C. Stimpson; Hurricanes, S. Grose, D. Barnett, P. Mackereth.
Tigers 5 d Hoops 0. Goals, Tigers, K. Croot, 3, M. Miller, C. Barber. Best, Tigers, K. Croot, M. Dart, M. Kube, M. Miller.
Women: Dimboola 1 drew with Thunderbirds 1. Goals, Dimboola, K. Klinge; Thunderbirds, H. Cannell. Best, Dimboola, M. Searle, N. Kuhnell, J. Ross; Thunderbirds, B. McLeod, R. Wallis, L. Wallis.
Warracknabeal 4 d Yanac 1. Goals, Warracknabeal, A. Argent, 2, J. Ford, S. Puls; Yanac, M. Jago. Best, Warracknabeal, C. Cheesman, A. Argent, J. Gaulke; Yanac, M. Falting, S. Coughlan, S. May.
Kaniva 1 drew with Highlanders 1. Goals, Kaniva, C. McDonald; Highlanders, E. Morrow. Best, Kaniva, R. Clark, N. Wilson, H. Bedford, C. Riches; Highlanders, E. Morrow, K. Ferrier, R. Creek, S. O’Connor.
Junior: Revengers 2 drew with Kangaroos 2. Goals, Revengers, B. McPherson, T. Noone; Kangaroos, C. Nuske, N. Jorgensen. Best, Revengers, E. Aitken, J. McPherson, M. Hewitt, B. McPherson; Kangaroos, J. Klinge, J. Lehmann, B. Tischler, E. Klinge.
Raiders 6 d Bandits 1. Goals, Raiders, J. Clark, 3, K. Meyer, 2, B. Clark; Bandits, L. Bendall. Best, Raiders, C. McDonald, J. Clark, K. Webb; Bandits, J. Schwartz, L. Bendall, J. Bendall.
Bombers 1 d Kookaburras 0. Goals, Bombers, K. Trounce. Best, Bombers, K. Trounce, M. Schwedes, M. Tepper; Kookaburras, J. Keating, S. Villis, M. Pohlner.
Leopards 4 d Warriors 0. Goals, Leopards, B. Newcomb, 2, T. Cook, L. Stephen. Best, Leopards, T. Cook, N. Jones, S. Wallis, B. Newcomb; Warriors, E. Blackwood, A. Wheaton, S. Bone, M. Croot.

Round 13 Review

Nhill put on a great show on the weekend for the Super Saturday round of hockey. It was not only the usual players, but some rather small stars, which got into the action. However, the presence of these Minkey hockey players didn’t spoil the usual hockey excitement and fierce competition that characterises the hockey in the Wimmera.
The Horsham Bombers broke through this week to record their first win of the season. Kim Trounce was best afield for Bombers, scoring the winning goal and attacking well throughout the game, and will be a dangerous player into the future. Bombers scored early and it was great defence from goalie Matt Tepper and half backs Monique Schwedes and Jordyn Pizzoni that kept the determined Kookaburras away. Luke Searle and Michael Pohlner were instrumental in the Kookaburras defence, whilst Shayman Villis helped to create attack for the Kookaburras. In the end it was the Bombers on top, with finally something to smile about this year.
In a surprise win, Kaniva Raiders trounced the Bandits 6-1. Raiders looked to be weaker this year after their premiership last year, but have grown together throughout the season. After a pretty even first half, Kaniva came out firing in the second to score 4 goals, which sealed the match for them. Both Jordan Clark and Kendall Meyer scored multiple goals for the Raiders and Claire McDonald showed once again that she is a real force in the half back line. It was the finishing skills of the Raiders that won them the match in the end, with only Lauren Bendall being able to score for the Bandits. John Schwartz was excellent in the Bandit’s defence.
Warracknabeal Revengers played superbly on the weekend to draw with second top team Kangaroos. Despite plenty of early pressure by the Kangaroos, which put them 2-0 up half way through the second half, Revengers dug deep to score two late goals. Eddie Aitken played a great game at half back for the Revengers, whilst forwards Josh and Rebecca McPherson pushed the ball determinedly into their attack. Kangaroos James Klinge and Josh Lehmann created some great plays, but it was Nathan Jorgensen and Clay Nuske who finished brilliantly, scoring for the Kangaroos.
Kaniva men and Horsham Hurricanes played an excruciatingly close match, with countless chances at goal being unable to be converted. It was a game played with hard hits from end to end, rather than midfield play, and it was the goalies, Kaniva’s Matt Wallis and Hurricane’s Steve Grose, who were the standout players for their teams. Kaniva seem to be improving this year, whilst Hurricanes will need a more solid, reliable line up if they are to be successful for the remainder of the season.
The women’s competition yet again saw some terribly close matches. The match of the round between ladder leaders ended with Warrack defeating Yanac by three goals. It was Yanac who started the match in style, with Mikaela Jago scoring early. However, Warracknabeal were determined, and with Alana Argent and Claire Cheesman at their best, were able to win fairly comfortably. Yanac’s half backs Sarah Coughlan and Mandy Falting were great in keeping the Warracknabeal score to a minimum. Warracknabeal seem once again to be coming good at the right part of the season.
The other women’s matches saw draws between Dimboola and Thunderbirds, and Horsham and Kaniva, showing the competition is still wide open in the rest of the year.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Round 12 Results and Ladder

Men: Tigers 3 d Kaniva 0. Goals, Tigers, M. Kube, K. Croot, A. Clohesy. Best, Tigers, M. Dart, L. Reichenbach, A. Clohesy; Kaniva, A. King, R. Sanders, M. Wallis.

Hoops 2 d Dimboola 1. Goals, Hoops, S. Bardell, C. Sutton; Dimboola, J. Tischler. Best, Hoops, N. Kent, S. Laverty, S. Bardell; Dimboola, T. Jorgensen, D. Johincke, S. Wundersitz

Women: Highlanders 5 d Thunderbirds 0. Goals, Highlanders, V. Forrest 2, E. Morrow, C. McFarlane, J. Zordan; Best, Highlanders, K. Ferrier, E. Morrow, R. Creek; Dimboola, J. McLeod, R. Wallis, G. McLeod

Yanac 2 d Kaniva 1. Goals, Yanac, S. Croot, N. Brick; Dimboola, R. Clark; Best, Yanac, S. Coughlin, S. May, S. Croot; Kaniva, R. Clark, S. Williams, L. McDonald; Goals

Warracknabeal 2 d Dimboola 1. Goals, Warracknabeal, K. Scarlett, K. Triffit; Dimboola, K. Klinge; Best, Warracknabeal, A. Argent, J. Langman, C. Cheesman;
Dimboola, M. Searle, N. Kuhnell, J. Ross; Goal:

Juniors: Raiders 2 d Warriors 1. Goals, Raiders, K. Meyer 2; Warriors, S. Bone; Best, Raiders, K. Meyer, L. Wallis, B. Dixon; Warriors, E. Blackwood, A. Wheaton, S. Bone

Revengers 10 d Bombers 0. Goals, Revengers, P. Aitken 3, R. McPherson 2, C. Schilling 2, E. Aitken, E. Schilling, J. Williamson; Best, M. Moloney, R. McPherson, P. Aitken; Best, Bombers, J. Randel-Demlo, B. Sykes, M. Schwedes

Bandits 5 d Kookaburras 1. Goals, Bandits, G. Janetski 2, B. Smith 2, J. Bendall; Kookaburras, K Florinell; Best, Bandits, J. Bendall, B. Smith, G. Janetski; Kookaburras, K. Florinell, L. Searle, C. Elsom

Kanagroos 13 d Black Hawks 0. Goals, Kangaroos, J. Klinge 4, N. Jorgensen 3, B. Tischler 2, B. Lovett, E. Klinge, C. Nuske, A. Hose; Best: E. Klinge, J. Klinge, B. Tischler; Black Hawks, S. Creek, A. Slater, Q. Barrett

Men’s: Tigers 36, Hoops 34, Hurricanes 22, Kaniva 14, Dimboola 4.
Women’s: Warracknabeal 30 (217%), Yanac 30 (120%), Thunderbirds 26, Kaniva 20, Highlanders 14, Dimboola 12
Juniors: Leopards: 42, Kangaroos 40, Bandits 32, Revengers 28 (212%), Raiders 28 (135%), Warriors 14 (61%), Kookaburras 14 (17%), Black Hawks 10, Bombers 8

Round 13 Preview - Super Saturday

Super Saturday a.k.a. round 13 of Wimmera hockey promises a lot of nail biting matches. In the women’s and men’s competitions top place on ladder is up for grabs, and final four positions could rest on the outcome of most other matches.

Warracknabeal’s men’s side the Hoops have the chance to knock the Yanac Tigers off the top of the ladder. A position they have made their own since early last year. Despite some close matches the Hoops have not been beaten since round 2. With the continual improvement of younger players such as the Bardell brothers and the re-emergence of Shane Langman, the Hoops have the ability to cut through any defence. However the Tigers are not on the top for nothing and have strength all over the field. It should be a brilliant match.

Kaniva men meet the Hurricanes in the other men’s match. The Hurricanes have had the wood over Kaniva to date, but the games have been a lot closer than the score lines have suggested. Kaniva’s young brigade in Ben Schwedes, Clint Beattie, and Reilly Sanders will be keen to prove a point before an expected semi-final meeting.

The women’s top of the table clash also sees Warracknabeal play Yanac. Both teams are in good form. For Warracknabeal, Alana Argent and Jenny Ford are having a great year and provide much of the team’s drive. Warracknabeal’s better ability to score goals may be the difference in the end. Yanac also has many good players and will need Sarah Coughlin and Mandy Faulting to continue their terrific form if they are to be in it at the end.

The Highlanders will be pressing to continue their recent good form and keep the hope of playing finals alive. They play Kaniva whose form, on the other hand, has dropped a little in recent times. Kate Ferrier, Ellie Morrow, and Launa Schilling will be key for Horsham, while Hannah Bedford, Donna Meyer, and Rachel Clarke have been playing well for Kaniva. Both teams however have had difficulty in scoring and this is expected a very close match.

The Thunderbirds play Dimboola in what is expected to be another even, tense, and vital match. Much will depend on whether the Thunderbirds can put their best team on the field. The Thunderbirds were without key players last week and really suffered. Dimboola, who have been performing well against the top teams, will be hoping for a little bit of good fortune to go their way for a change.

In the juniors the Raiders and the Bandits meet each other in a vital clash. A win to the Raiders will probably put them in the four, whereas a win to the Bandits will consolidate their position of third on the ladder and make the road to the finals difficult for the Raiders.

In other matches forth placed Revengers have a tough job against the free scoring Kangaroos, but it should be a very entertaining game of hockey. The Warriors take on the undefeated Leopards so will be keen to impress. And the final match sees the Kookaburras play the Bombers, which should also be a close match, with both teams having a chance for a rare win. Cara Elsom and Jaime Guerin are playing good hockey for the Kookaburras and will have to be watched by the defence of the Bombers led by Josh Sykes-Atkins and Matt Tepper.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Round 12 Review

A major upset saw bottom of the table Highlanders beat premiership contenders Nhill Thunderbirds 5 nil. Indicating the evenness of the women’s competition but also surprising considering the two teams played a nil all draw just seven days earlier. An improving Highlanders team dominated play from the outset, keeping the ball in their attacking half for the majority of the game. Ginny Forrest was the multiple goal scorer with two. Ellie Morrow played an excellent game also scoring as did Carmel McFarlane and Jackie Zordan. Kate Ferrier was best for the Highlanders playing another excellent game and controlling things at centre back, and Robyn Creek was good in attack. Despite the score the thunderbirds worked hard in defence but were not able to keep the ball in their attacking half for long enough. Jeanette McLeod and Rosy Wallis were best for Nhill.

In another vital women’s match Yanac women had a good comeback win to defeat Kaniva 2 – 1. Kaniva led 1 nil at half time after a very even first half. Wide open play featured allowing many runs from both teams’ wingers and keeping opposing defences busy. In a tense and even second half it was Yanac who came out on top, with goals from Sharon Croot and Naomi Brick. Best for Yanac were Sarah Coughlin and Sheree May. While Rachel Clarke with a goal and Sharon Williams were Kaniva’s best.

In a free flowing game Warracknabeal women just held out Dimboola 2 – 1 in the other women’s match. Best were Alana Argent and Julie Langman for Warracknabeal, and Michelle Searle and Naomi Kuhnell for Dimboola.

In the men, the Hoops and Dimboola had the same score line as their women counterparts, a 2 – 1 win to the Hoops, in a very open and even game. In the first half Dimboola employed a strategy of short passes, while the Hoops long direct game provided many scoring chances, but at half time it was still nil all. The Hoops renown for strong second halves didn’t disappoint with goals to Simon Bardell and Corey Sutton in the first 15 minutes of the half. Dimboola replied late in the half through a great carry down the length of the field effort by Tim Jorgensen. He crossed the ball to Jarryd Tischler who scored a great goal. Nathan Kent and Stephen Laverty were best for the Hoops while Tim Jorgenson and David Johincke were Dimboola’s best.

Yanac Tigers defeated Kaniva 3 – 0 in the other men’s match. A lot of midfield play with the Tigers experience allowing them to make the most of their opportunities. Adam Clohesy scored the only goal of the half following a scrimmage in the D. Kaniva were unlucky not to capitalise on some good play in their attacking half. Despite fantastic play by Kaniva in the second half it was Yanac who made the most of their opportunities. Luke Reichenbach and Mick Dart were best for Yanac, and Alan King and Reilly Sanders were Kaniva’s best.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Round 11 Results

Men: Hoops d Dimboola 4-1. Goals, Hoops, A. Bardell, 2, S. Langman, E. Schilling; Dimboola, J. Tischler. Best, Hoops, P. Slater, N. Kent, S. Langman; Dimboola, T. Jorgensen, C. Searle, B. Jorgensen.
Hurricanes d Kaniva 4-1. Goals, Hurricanes, P. Mackereth, 2, L. Dunn, 2; Kaniva, R. Sanders. Best, Hurricanes, S. Hoffman, R. Kemp, M. McKay.
Women: Thunderbirds drew with Highlanders 0-0. Best, Thunderbirds, P. Cramer, E. Stephens, K. Wallis; Highlanders, K. Ferrier, L. Schilling, E. Morrow.
Yanac drew with Kaniva 1-1. Goals, Yanac, S. May; Kaniva, N. Wilson. Best, Yanac, S. May, M. Falting, A. Blackwood, M. Jago; Kaniva, H. Bedford, D. Meyer, S. Williams.
Warracknabeal d Dimboola 4-2. Goals, Warrack, K. Triffit, 2, J. Ford, S. Puls; Dimboola, M. Searle, K. Klinge. Best, Warrack, L. Dart, K. Perkins, C. Cheesman; Dimboola, L. Robson, J. Ross, C. Curtis.
Junior: Kookaburras d Warriors 2-1. Goals, Kookaburras, J. Guerin, 2; Warriors, B. Dickinson. Best, Kookaburras, C. Elsom, L. Searle, L. Terry, J. Guerin; Warriors, A. Wheaton, M. Webb, J. Wheaton, A. Webb.
Revengers d Black Hawks 5-0. Goals, Revengers, M. Molony, T. Hewitt, R. McPherson, N. Langman, J. Williamson. Best, Revengers, N. Langman, E. Schilling, T. Hewitt; Black Hawks, A. Salter, E. O’Connor, A. Valentine.
Bandits drew with Bombers 1-1. Goals, Bandits, J. Bendall, Bombers, J. Sykes-Atkins. Best, Bandits, J. Bendall, L. Bendall, J. Janetzki; Bombers, J. Pizzoni, M. Schwedes, K. Trounce.
Leopards drew with Kangaroos 3-3. Goals, Leopards, T. Cook, A. Pipkorn, O. Stephan; Kangaroos, J. Klinge, 3. Best, Leopards, T. Cook, A. Creek, N. Jones; Kangaroos, B. Lovett, E. Klinge, J. Klinge.

Round 11 Review

Drawn games and close contests in tough conditions at Dimboola on the weekend made for some interesting play in the Wimmera Hockey Assciation matches.
Top junior sides Kangaroos and Leopards played a brilliant and exciting match, with Dimboola enjoying a home crowd advantage. Dimboola came out firing and within the early part of the game expert forward player James Klinge scored twice. This forced the Leopards on the back foot, a position that they have not been used to this season. Needless to say, they stepped up the pace and managed not just one, or two, but three reply goals through Alex Pipkorn, Tom Cook and Oscar Stephan to lead the match 3-2 at half time. The second half was fiercely fought out and it was up to James Klinge to score brilliantly again to draw the match, a fitting end to a close rivalry for these teams, which looks set to continue into the finals.
Nhill Bandits and Horsham Bombers also played a tight encounter and it was captains leading the way, with goals to Jarryd Bendall and Josh Sykes-Atkins. Jordyn Pizzoni and Monique Schwedes were solid in the Bombers half back line whilst newcomer Kimberly Trounce showed her stuff in the forward line. Jack Janetzki and Lauren Bendall played brilliantly for the Bandits. This was a confidence boosting draw for the Bombers, who are still fighting for their first win this year.
The women’s competition just gets tighter as the year progresses, with two drawn games at the weekend. The Kaniva women attacked early in their game against Yanac, but it was Yanac who scored first after 10 minutes. Kaniva, however, didn’t give up and a great combination between Nyree Hutchins and Nicol Wilson resulted in a goal in the dying minutes before half time. Yanac had many opportunities in the second half, but couldn’t convert. Kaniva’s Claire McDonald and Chelsea Dahlenburg combined well in Kaniva’s attack. Yanac’s Sheree May and Kaniva’s Hannah Bedford were a constant annoyance to their opposing sides in half back. Junior Jess Wheaton was impressive and will make a skilled future player for Yanac. The game was drawn one all at the final whistle and both these teams now need to fine tune their skills to ensure a place in the finals.
Nhill Thunderbirds and Highlanders also competed in an extremely close encounter. The Highlanders displayed some great teamwork early, passing the ball well and talking, which resulted in many pushes toward goal. Thunderbirds also had some chances, but Highlanders defence through Lorna Schilling and Shannon Jakobi was far too strong. The second half was more even, with Thunderbirds players Ebony Stephan and Pam Cramer shooting the ball toward their end repeatedly, but to no avail. Highlanders had chances through many short corners, but even the accuracy of attackers Ellie Morrow and Kate Ferrier was unable to penetrate a determined Birdies defence, led by goalie Debbie Barber.
The men’s competition was a little less tight with the Horsham Hurricanes winning a comfortable 4-1 match against Kaniva. The Hurricanes’ goals were evenly spread, with Luke Dunn and Paul Mackereth scoring two apiece, whilst Captain Stuart Hoffman played a best-on-ground performance. Kaniva’s goal came off a penalty shot, which was converted by capable shooter Reily Sanders. Christian Stimpson and goalie Brett Jewell were the best for Kaniva, saving many of the Hurricanes advances toward goal.
Warracknabeal Hoops also defeated Dimboola 4-1. Alex Bardell scored twice, with Shane Langman and Ethan Schilling the other scorers. Jarryd Tischler scored for Dimboola and Tim Jorgensen and Craig Searle were stand outs in the back line.

Ladder to Round 11

Tigers 32 375%
Hoops 30 156%
Hurricanes 20 100%
Kaniva 14 62%
Dimboola 8 23%
Warracknabeal 26 200%
Yanac 26 170%
Thunderbirds 26 125%
Kaniva 20 85%
Dimboola 12 57%
Highlanders 10 38%
Leopards 40 638%
Kangaroos 36 427%
Bandits 28 280%
Revengers 24 153%
Raiders 24 126%
Warriors 14 68%
Kookaburras 14 19%
Black Hawks 10 13%
Bombers 8 17%