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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mens Country Week

Wimmera 2 is sitting in 4th spot after day 1 of the tournament.  Lost their match against Warrnambool 3 and drew their match against Latrobe.

Wimmera 1 is sitting in 3rd spot after day 1 of the tournament.  Won their first match against
East Gippsland 2 but lost to Sunraysia.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Round Three-28/04/2012

Dimboola Men vs. Tigers
Score: Dimboola Men 0 Tigers 7

Goal scorers: Tigers- Josh Cramer 1, Nathan Alexander 1, Bradley Alexander 4, Kim Croot 1

Dimboola Men Votes went to: James Klinge, Brydon Tischler, Caleb Halsall, Craig Schultz
Tigers Votes went to: Alex Wheaton, Bradley Alexander, Luke Reichenbach

First Half: Tigers continuing with their fast paced play.  Dominating the play and controlled most of the game play.  Kim Croot setting up a lot of the goal scoring opportunities

Second Half:  The match continued with the dominating play of the Tigers although Dimboola men came out stronger and managed to create opportunities to score but was denied.

Hurricanes vs. Rangers
Score: Hurricanes3  Rangers 1

Goal Scorers: Hurricanes-Paul Mackereth 1, Luke Brunckhorst, Ben Schwedes
                        Rangers: Aiden Dent

Hurricanes Votes went to: Paul Mackereth, Jarryd Williams, Shaun Westendorf
Rangers Votes went to: Graeme Janetzki, Mont Miller, Talor Dent


Hoops VS. Cobras
Score: Hoops 2  Cobras 6

Goal scorers: Hoops- Darius Cosgrave 1, Ethan Schilling 1
Cobras-Braden Clark 1, Brett Jewell 3, Jordan Clark 1, Malcolm             Eastwood 1

Hoops Votes went to: Paul Slater, Shane Langman, Darius Cosgrave
Cobras Votes went to: Adam Wallis, Clint Beattie, Braden Clark, Jordan Clark


Dimboola Women vs. Yanac Women
Score: Dimboola Women 2  Yanac Women 1

Goal Scorers:  Dimboola Women: Meaghan Pohlner 1, Adina King 1
                        Yanac Women-Susan Hedt 1

Dimboola Women Votes went to: Meaghan Pohlner, Elizabeth Klinge, Jess Ross
Yanac Votes went to: Anne Blackwood, Erin Blackwood, Mandy Faulting

First Half: Scores were level at half time 0-0. Play was very scrappy with Dimboola having more scoring shots

Second Half: Even second half, cannot split the teams.  The end result was Dimboola managed to penetrate and score twice.

Highlanders vs. Thunderbierds
Score: Highlanders 4  Thunderbirds 1

Goal Scorers: Highlanders-Robyn Creek 2, Lisa Kenedy 1, Mikayla Turvey 1
                         Thunderbirds-Steph Daly 1

Highlanders Votes went to: Robyn Creek, Claire Barnett, Ange McTaggart-Morgan
Thunderbirds Votes went to: Jeanette McLeod, Mollie Webb, Grace McLeod

First Half: Highlanders controlled the majority of the play with Robyn Creek starting the goals off from a short corner.  Thunderbirds with a break catching Highlanders off guard and Steph Daly capitalized with a goal.

Second Half: Highlanders strong, out running Thunderbirds for most of the half.  Thunderbirds continued with breakaways, resulting in several near misses.  Highlanders finishing strongly-much fitter team.

Warrack Women vs. Kaniva Women
Score: Warrack Women 6  Kaniva Women 0

Goal scorers: Warrack-Nakita Langman 1, Aisha Dennes 1, Jesse Furey 3,                                                   Suzanne Puls 1

Warrack Votes went to: Nakita Langman, Jess Furey, Bronwyn Russell
Kaniva Votes went to: Sam Wallis, Kayla Saunderson, Kiralee Wilde

First Half: Good forward line for Warrack which resulted in goals.  Warrack defence was too good for Kaniva attack.  Goal was disallowed on half time.

Second Half: Warrack was too strong, although Kaniva did have a few good runs.

Leopards vs. Raiders
Score: Leopards 0  Raiders 21

Goal scorers: Raiders-Braden Clark 6, Brandon Rich 2, Lachlan Clark 2, Britney Keam 1, Kylan Hendy 2, Duncan Shalders 1, Lewis Bothe 4, Braden Clark 6, Luke Shalders 2

Leopards Votes went to: Grady Dent, Victoria Janetzki, Dekari Delani
Raiders Votes went to:, Lachlan Clark, Braden Clark, Kylan Hendy

First Half: Raiders dominating the first half with strong runs down the field.  Leopard’s goalie Grady Dent working hard in goals showing great goalie skills but it did not reflect in the score line 11-0.

Second Half: Raiders still dominating half scoring 10 goals, but the Leopards goalie played extremely well stopping a lot of the shots from the Raiders.  Braden Clark scoring right on the whistle.

Revengers vs. Bombers
Score: Revengers 1 Bombers 0

Goal scorers-Revengers-Robert Joy

Revengers Votes went to: Kimberly Edwards, Hamish Wagenknecht, Brodie Dennes
Bombers Votes went to: Ange McTaggart-Morgan, Jayehne Leffler, Traiyth Leffler

First Half: 1-0 to Revengers.  Strong plays from both teams but the bombers were unable to score.

Second Half: NO COMMENTS

Warriors vs. Kangaroos
Score: Warriors 10  Kangaroos 0

Goal scorers: Warriors-Todd Alexander 3, Sam Dorrington 3, Seth Croot 2,                                        
  Alex Pipkorn 1, Zac Dorrington 1
Warriors Votes went to: Greta Morphett, Louise Bone, Alex Pipkorn
Kangaroos Votes went to:  Lachlan Lehmann, Shane Florimell, Lachlan Schultz

First Half: Warriors dominant.  Sharing well around team mates.  Kangaroo full back playing well.  They need confidence in their own abilities.

Second Half: Warriors continuing to dominate but the Kangaroos lifted and fought well during second half, keeping the Warriors out.

Round Two-21/04/2012

Rangers vs. Tigers
Score: Rangers 0 Tigers 8

Goal scorers: Tigers- Brad Alexander 2, Kim Croot 2, Jamie Harding 1, Adam Clohsey 1, Nathan Alexander 1

Rangers Votes went to: Darren Welsh, Graeme Janetzki, Aiden Dent
Tigers Votes went to: Simon Farmers, Brad Alexander, Nathan Alexander

First Half: Tigers continuing with their fast paced play.  Dominating the line, although The Rangers defence managed to keep 90% of attacks away from the "D". When Rangers seemed to go forward they were unable to penetrate into their scoring "D".

Second Half:  The match continued with the dominating play of the Tigers.

Cobras vs. Hurricanes
Score: Cobras1  Hurricanes1 

Goal Scorers: Hurricanes-Paul Mackereth 1
                         Cobras: Kendal Meyer 1

Cobras Votes went to: Matthew Wallis, Adam Wallis, Clint Beattie
Hurricanes Votes went to: James Terry, Luke Brunckhorst, Paul Mackereth

First Half: Fast plays from both teams with a lot of big hitting.  There were no goals scored in the first half due to many saves by both goal keepers.

Second Half: It was a match where both goal keepers did an excellent job, but within the last 5 minutes of the match saw both Hurricanes score and the Cobras with a fast reply.

Dimboola Men vs. Hoops
Score: Dimboola 3 Hoops 2

Goal scorers: Dimboola- Nathan Jorgensen 1, Jamie Guerin 2
                         Hoops- Barry Schilling 1, Hamish Wagenknecht 1

Dimboola Votes went to: Jamie Guerin, Craig Schultz, James Klinge
Hoops Votes went to: Steven Laverty, Will Hewitt, Paul Slater

First Half: Dimboola started well with 2 goals, but the Hoops regrouped and with better teamwork later in the half scored a great team goal.

Second Half: This half was fast with a lot of quick turnovers but both teams had chances to score. Dimboola men scored again, but the Hoops came back with a goal. Dimboola managed to keep the Hoops from scoring holding on to a tight win.

Thunderbirds vs. Yanac Women
Score: Thunderbirds 1 Yanac Women 2

Goal Scorers: Yanac Women-Jenny Smith 1, Jill Kube 1
                          Thunderbirds: Lauren Bendall

Thunderbirds Votes went to: Janelle Reichelt, Pam Cramer, Grace McLeod
Yanac Votes went to: Jo Wheaton, Erin Blackwood, Jill Kube


Second Half: Both teams had good attacking tactics and held good pressure in the "D".  Both teams had very good skills and tackling was one of the standouts.  Both teams displayed a very team orientated game.

Kaniva Women vs. Highlanders
Score: Kaniva Women 0  Highlanders 10

Goal Scorers: Highlanders-Molly Salter 1, Ange McTaggart 1, Hannah Fredrick 1, Claire Barnett 1, Launa Schilling 1,  Elly O'Connor 5

Kaniva Votes went to: Clarie Riches, Rachael Clark, Sam Wallis
Highlanders Votes went to: Allie Salter, Launa Schilling, Elly O'Connor

First Half: Highlanders have been pushing forward with most of the play scoring 4 goals, but the Kaniva defence continually fighting hard to keep the Highlanders from scoring many more.

Second Half: NO COMMENTS

Dimboola Women vs. Warrack Women
Score: Dimboola 5 Warrack 0

Goal scorers: Dimboola-Vicki Smithyman 2, Jemma Schultz 1, Ashlee Crowhurst 1, Jude Albrecht 1

Dimboola Votes went to: Meaghan Pohlner, Jess Ross, Nyree Hutchins
Warrack Votes went to: Nakita Langman, Jess Furey, Bronwyn Russell

First Half: Dimboola had most of the play and all of their goals were well set up passages of play.  Dimboola has a very strong half back line. Scoring 4-0

Second Half: This saw the pace slow and the play became scrappy, but all players were feeling the effects of the hot weather.  Dimboola was still the better team

Revengers vs. Raiders
Score: Revengers 0 Raiders 12

Goal scorers: Raiders-Braden Clark 4, Lochie Mills 3, Brandon Rich 3, Lachlan Clark 2

Revengers Votes went to: Kyle Johnstone, Hamish Wagenknecht, Brodie Dennes, Adam Furey
Raiders Votes went to: Brandon Rich, Lachlan Clark, Braden Clark, Lewis Bothe

First Half: Raiders dominating with the Revengers making a few quick runs but were unable to score. Raiders scoring 7-0

Second Half: Saw the Raiders quick of the mark with most of the play.  Revengers managed a few quick runs but were unable to score.

Kookaburras vs. Leopards
Score: Kookaburras 1 Leopards 0

Goal scorers-Kookaburras: Hayden Withers

Kookaburra Votes went to: Maydelen Occenola, *Lachlan Lehmann*, Georgina Moore, Nick Crowhurst
Leopards Votes went to: Victoria Janetzki, Blake Miller, Emma Janetzki

First Half: Kookaburras had most of the play but the Leopards strong defence kept them from scoring.

Second Half: Dimboola still had a lot of the play and plenty of short corners but were only able to score once.  The Leopards showed great teamwork when they took possession of the ball.

Bombers vs. Kangaroos
Score: Bombers 3 Kangaroos 4

Goal scorers: Bombers-Lucy O"Connor 3
                         Kangaroos-Zack Slater-Collard 2, Shania Slater- Collard 1,                                                                       Lachlan Lehmann 1

Bombers Votes went to: Jayehne Leffler, Ange Morgan-McTaggart, Lucy O'Connor
Kangaroos Votes went to:  Tom Elsom, Gianna Haines, Zack Slater-Collard, Shania Slater-Collard


Round One-14/04/2012

Tigers vs. Cobra’s
Score: Tigers 9 Cobras 1

Goal scorers: Tigers-Daniel Kennedy 1, Shaun Alexander 1, Brad Alexander 2, Michael Dart 1, Nathan Alexander 1, Jamie Harding 1, Sam Bone 1
Cobras-Jordan Clark 1
Tigers Votes went to: Adam Clohsey,nBrad Alexander, Jamie aharding
Cobra’s Votes went to:  Jordan Clark, Kendal Meyer, Braden Clark, Tim Eastwood

First Half: Fast start to the season with the Tigers firing on all cylinders with 6 goals and everything going right.  Some good team play from Cobras saw then with a few chances to score but no luck.

Second Half: More even with both teams presenting well and both teams scoring with Tigers coming out on top.

Hurricanes vs. Hoops
Score: Hurricanes1  Hoops 5

Goal Scorers: Hurricanes-Shaun Westendorf 1
Hoops-Barry Schilling 1, Shane Langman 1, Darius Cosgrove 1, Hamish Wagenknecht 2

Hurricanes Votes went to: Joel Wilkosz, Luke Brunckhorst, Paul Mackereth
Hoops Votes went to: Darius Cosgrove, Mark Furey, Hamish Wagenknecht

First Half: Hot sunny and sweaty day.  Fast plays from both teams but not much compelling action, sloppy skills at times.

Second Half: NO COMMENTS

Dimboola Men vs. Rangers

Score: Dimboola 5 Rangers 2

Goal scorers:  James Klinge 1, Jamie Guerin 4

Dimboola Votes went to: Jamie Guerin, Tim Jorgensen, Caleb Halsall, James Klinge
Rangers Votes went to: Graeme Janetzki, Alex Welsh, Talor Dent

First Half: Rangers scoring with only a few minutes on through Alex Welsh.  Dimboola struggle to get the ball in their "D" until the 20th minute with Jamie Guerin scoring a field goal of the goalies pads.  James Klinge scoring again for Dimboola a couple of minutes later.  Sam Bone evening p the score from a field goal in the 28th minute.

Second Half: Dimboola attacking hard with a couple of chances early on.  Rangers pushing hard as well, but unable to score.  Dimboola scoring through Jamie Guerin to put them ahead.  Darren Welsh with a great stick save keep Dimboola to one goal ahead.  Dimboola pushing harder than the Rangers with more "D" penetration-paying off for Jamie Guerin scoring his 3rd goal, then from a short corner Jamie got his 4th.

Yanac Women vs. Kaniva Women
Score: Yanac Women 5  Kaniva Women 0

Goal Scorers: Yanac Women-Jenny Smith 2, Jill Kube 1, Sharon Croot 1, Ellen Wheaton 1

Yanac  Votes went to: Jo Pedie, Alana Colbert, Suz Hedt, Mandy Falting
Kaniva Votes went to: Claire Riches, Jess Eadon, Donna Meyer, Heidi White

First Half: Yanac strong in forward score two quick goals by Jenny Smith.  Kaniva defence playing strong but were struggling ro get the ball down their scoring end.

Second Half: Yanac worked hard to score three quick goals.  Kaniva working well moving the ball towards their scoring "D" and their defence was still strong.

Highlanders vs. Warrack Women
Score: Highlanders 4 Warrack 1

Goal Scorers: Warrack-Kelly O'Brien 1
Highlanders-Molly Salter 1, Ange McTaggart 1, Ellie O'Connor 2
Highlanders Votes went to: Allie Salter, Launa Schilling, Claire Barnett, Ellie O'Connor
Warrack Votes went to: Cassandra Schilling, Nakita Langman, Tiffany Bull, Kelly O'Brien

First Half: Even play by both teams.  Highlanders quick off the mark scoring 3 goals in the last 15 minutes.
Second Half: Warrack strong in the back line keeping Highlanders from scoring.  Ange McTaggart scoring a quick goal for the Highlanders and Kellie O'Brien scoring Warracks only goal.

Dimboola Women vs. Thunderbirds
Score: Dimboola 5 Thunderbirds 0

Goal scorers: Dimboola-Vicki Smithyman 2, Meaghan Pohlner 3

Dimboola Votes went to: Meaghan Pohlner, Jess Ross, Kelsey Webb
Highlander Votes went to: Deb Cook, Emma Janetzki, Pam Cramer

First Half: Strong play by Dimboola, but only able to score once due to a strong Thunderbirds defence.  Thunderbirds has a few runs forward but were unable to score.

Second Half: Dimboola were able to convert more opportunities this half, despite the Thunderbirds good defence. 

Revengers vs. Leopards
Score: Revengers 8 Leopards 0

Goal scorers: Revengers- Hamish Wagenknecht 1, Toni Woods 1, Robert Joy 2, Brodie Dennes 2, Isaac McPherson 2

Revengers Votes went to: Hamish Wagenknecht, Brodie Dennes, Isaac McPherson
Leopards Votes went to: Emma Janetzki, Victoria Janetzki, Blake Miller, Shanera Delainie


Kookaburras vs. Bombers
Score: Kookaburras 4 Bombers 5

Goal scorers-Kookaburras: Lachlan Schultz 1, Zack Slater-Collard 2, Maydelen Occenola 1
Bombers: Joshua Mackley 1, William Gulline 1, Mia Guest 1, Ashlea Tucker 2
Kookaburra Votes went to: Maydelen Occenola, *Zack Slater-Collard*, Georgina Moore
Bombers Votes went to: James Guest, Jayehne Leffler, William Gulline

First Half: The off season has produced a positive for the Bombers.  Playing as a team.  As for the score 2-2, bombers had more attack but when Kookaburras passed the ball they look good.

Second Half: Bombers dominated the play through team work.  Individual goals scored by Kookaburras

Raiders vs. Warriors
Score: Raiders 2 Warriors1

Goal scorers: Raiders-Luke Shalders 1, Fraser Bothe 1
Raiders Votes went to: Lachlan Clark, Brandon Rich, Lewis Bothe
Goal scorers:  Warriors- Alex Pipcorn 1
Warriors Votes went to:  Louise Bone, Greta Morphet, Zac Dorrington

First Half: Warriors gad a good defence, but the Raiders came out hard.  Pretty even play with the Warriors 1 goal up.

Second Half: Raiders came out much stronger, scoring very early

*Denotes borrowed players 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WHA start date

The season will start on Saturday the 14th of April and end 15th September, 2012


This year the weekend will be 12th and 13th of May. This falls during term and in order for us to make an accommodation booking we would like an expression of interest.

The available team entries will be as normal under 17, under 15 and under 13 in both boys and girls. It would be wonderful to able to field a team in each category. Would you please be able to email me with names of interested persons as soon as possible so I can book the accommodation.

Persons interested in being a coach or team manager should also let me know so as the planning process can get under way.

Please feel free to contact me at any time

Kaye Bothe

Junior development

Kaniva Hockey Club


Reults of Round Robin Tournament at Dimboola Turf

Time Team 1 Score Team 2 Score
10.00am Warrack M 1 1 Dim M 1 0
10.30am Warrack W 0 Horsham W 1
11.00am Dim Juniors 1 1 Dim Juniors 2 3
11.30am Nhill Warrack M 2 1
12.00pm Dim M 2 1 Warrack M 1 1
12.30pm Warrack W 0 Dim W 1
1.00pm Dim Juniors 1 2 Warrack Juniors 0
1.30 pm Nhill 0 Dim M 1 0
2.00pm Warrack M 2 0 Dim M 2 1
2.30pm Horsham W 0 Dim W 1
3.00pm Dim Juniors 2 2 Warrack Juniors 1
3.30pm Warrack M 1 1 Warrack M 2 1
4.00pm Dim M 1 0 Dim M 2 1
4.30pm Nhill 0 Warrack M 1 2
5.00pm Warrack M 2 2 Dim M 1 1
5.30pm Dim M 2 2 Nhill 0

Around 90 players participated in the Round Robin Tournament. Players from all WHA teams played together in teams, not necessarily playing with their regular team mates. All players enjoyed the day, although it was extremely hot.
Men’s Tally:
Dimboola 2 10
Warrack 1 8
Warrack 2 7
Dimboola 1 6
Nhill 1

Women’s Tally:
Dimboola 6
Horsham 3
Warrack 0

Junior’s Tally:
Dimboola 2 6
Dimboola 1 3
Warrack 0

Just Hockey donated a bag and stick for our raffle. The winner was M.Paris from Watchem.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dimboola Turf

Dimboola Hockey Club is holding a round robin tournament on the 26th of Febuary. This will be a chance for all the clubs from the WHA to come out and try the new turf and get a good look at the facilities. There will an UNDER 16 competition, Womens and Mens. The teams will be consist of 8 players a side with a maximum of 4 subs. If numbers are short in mens or womens, junoirs are permitted to play. Teams are to be made out of players from individual clubs.We will need to have umpires so each club if possible should bring two umpires.

Each teams' fee is $15, which is roughly $1.50 a player. We will be running a canteen on the day, the funds from the canteen will go towards the player fees for the use of pitch during the year. Since the canteen will be run for the WHA, I am asking if clubs could please bring people who would be willing to help out in the canteen throughout the day.

Annie Anderson will be there for the day. She will have all the new 2012 season stock in her van.

So if you could please spread this around your clubs and enter teams by the 20th Feb at the latest and send me names of helpers for canteen and also how many umpires your clubs are able to bring.

Contact :James Klinge on 0457894254 or just send me an email thanks .

Monday, September 5, 2011


Wimmera Hockey Association Inc.

Presentation Dinner 2011

Saturday 17th Sept. at 6.30pm

Horsham Sports & Community Club

Wimmera Hockey Semi Finals


Warriors defeated Raiders in a 4-2 match for grand final spot. Great fast paced match, very competitive. Warriors taking advantage of attacking play with 2 early goals. Goal scorers were Sam Bone, Alex Pipcorn, Louise Bone and Todd Alexander of Warriors and Raiders goal scorer was Braden Clark with 2 goals. Votes went to Ryan Smith, Alex Magrath, Sam Bone and Louise Bone of Warriors and Raiders votes went to Lewis Bothe, Braden Clark and Lachie Mills.

Revengers defeated Kangaroos in a 2-1 match for preliminary spot. Revengers jumped out of the blocks to score within a minute. Kangaroos regrouped and scored midway through the half to equal the score. Even Game, Revengers playing the better team game. Revengers continued steadily using good team play to score midway through the second half. Goal scorers were Darius Cosgrave and Isaac McPherson of Revengers and Kangaroos goal scorer was Jamie Guerin. Votes went to Michael Clark, Darius Cosgrave and Isaac McPherson of Revengers and Kangaroos votes went to Caleb Halsall, Andrew King and Zack Slater-Collard.


Dimboola Women’s defeated Horsham Highlanders in a 3-0 match for Grand Final spot. First half saw both teams working hard with no goals being scored. Second half Dimboola picked up and scored 3 quick goals towards the end of the second half. Goal scorers were Vicki Smithyman, Michelle Searle and Jessica Ross of Dimboola. Votes went to Meaghan Pohlner, Michelle Searle and Jessica Ross of Dimboola and Highlanders votes went to Ange McTaggert, Elly O’Connor and Kellie Price.

Yanac defeated Nhill Thunderbirds in a 4 -3 match for Preliminary spot. Thunderbirds having trouble getting into the ‘D’. Slightly more play to Yanac in the first half, with bursts of attack from Thunderbirds. Yanac with more team play. Whenever Thunderbirds attacks, Yanac has a good counterattack. Victoria Janetski getting a goal from short corner with 1 minute left in the first half to even the score. Second half saw Leah Bailey scoring from a short after a great run from Lauren Bendall in the 4 minute mark. Yanac retaliating with a goal from a 2nd consecutive short corner by Erin Blackwood to even the score 2 all. Jasmine Wilksch putting Yanac in the lead with a field goal. Goal scorers were Erin Blackwood, Jasmine Wilksch, Marny Croot and Sharon Croot of Yanac and Thunderbirds goal scorers were Pam Cramer, Leah Bailey and Victoria Janetski. Votes went to Sheree Shurdington, Alana Colbert, Erin Blackwood and Carmel Beattie of Yanac and Thunderbirds votes went to Emma Janetski, Lauren Bendall and Leah Bailey.


Yanac Tigers defeated Kaniva Cobras in a 4-2 match for grand final spot. 1st half – 4 mins in, Yanac scoring through Nathan Alexander through a field goal. 10 mins in and Yanac with all the play. 15 minutes in Josh Cramer with a goal off a short, putting Yanac 2 in front. 20 mins in Matt McDonald scoring from a “bubbly” ball in a short corner. Half time score: Yanac 2 – Kaniva 1

2nd half – 10 mins in, Josh Cramer with a goal from a cross across goal, putting Yanac 2 goals in front. Kaniva stepping up in the 2nd half to attack and put pressure on Yanac. 3 mins left, Yanac scores, then Kaniva scored through Brett Jewell. Goal scorers were Josh Cramer (2), Michael Dart and Nathan Alexander of Tigers. Cobras goal scorers were Brett Jewell and Matthew McDonald. Votes went to Adam Clohesy, Nathan Alexander and Brad Alexander of Tigers and Cobras votes went to Clint Beattie, Jordan Clark and Adam Wallis.

Dimboola defeated Warracknabeal Hoops in a 3-0 match for the preliminary spot. Dimboola much better in forward line after a slow start. Hoops struggling with having shots, but getting in the ‘D’ nonetheless. James Klinge stand-out for Dimboola. Half-time: Dim 2, Hoops 0. Hoops stepped up in the second half with much more attacking play, but still couldn’t convert. Dimboola made the most of their attack with a great field goal by Jamie Guerin. Goal scorers were Jamie Guerin (2) and James Klinge. Votes went to Tim Jorgensen, James Klinge and Jamie Guerin of Dimboola and Hoops votes went to Ethan Schilling, Darius Cosgrave and Jarrod Koop.

Next week the Preliminary finals will be held in Kaniva.

Kaniva Raiders V Warracknabeal Revengers

Horsham Highlanders V Yanac Women

Kaniva Cobras V Dimboola Men