Friday, May 30, 2008

Round 8 Preview

First matches at Warracknabeal for hockey season
Warracknabeal will host its first matches this season with all nine games to be played at Anzac Park in this Saturday’s round eight of Wimmera hockey.
Dry conditions have forced changes of venues for recent rounds but this week the Warracknabeal fields have been cleared for play.
Bright and early from 9.30am home side Revengers will have a tough match against Kangaroos.
Kookaburras goalie Kobi Villis is proving to be a valuable player limiting goal numbers against the inexperienced team. Villis scored best in the team’s defeat last week and will make Raiders goal scorers Braden Clark and Kendal Meyer think about their attack. At the other end, Raiders full back Tim Eastwood has been in top form the last two weeks and will help slow any Kookaburras advance.
Leopards have capable players spanning the length of the field, scoring through different players each week and several players featuring in the best. Warriors have several talented youngsters but this week will rely on the experience of Erin Blackwood and will look to Nathan and Bradley Alexander and Sam Bone to come up with some goals if they are to combat Leopards.
Highlanders are in top form this season, winning all their games so far and considering Thunderbirds’ recent lagging form should be able to keep the run going.
Dimboola Women will be kept busy but should come out in front of Yanac Women, although Sheree May and Sarah Coughlan will work hard against that outcome.
Linley Arnold-Wardle and Jenny Gaulke have been consistent for Warrack pushing into attack and will make life difficult for the Kaniva Women. Kaniva’s Claire McDonald and Claire Riches have been strong in defence and this should be a good game to watch.
Men’s results should be intriguing following last week’s upset losses to the two top teams and it will be interesting to see how the teams rebound. Nhill Men enjoyed a close win over Hoops last week and will face an even matchup with Hurricanes this week.
Kaniva Men will face Hoops this week, who will give them another tough match.
Tigers will be looking to make up for last week’s loss to Kaniva when they play Dimboola Men. The Dimboola side is young and fast, if not as experienced as Tigers.
Junior side Bombers has a bye.
- Rachel Clark

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Round 7 Review

Junior players score for the men in Wimmera hockey
Junior players made the difference when Nhill Men played Hoops, scoring five out of the seven goals in the Wimmera hockey round seven match.
Nhill Men scored their first win this season 4-3 with three out of four of their goals being scored by juniors Jack Janetzki and Ben Smith. Janetzki’s father Graeme Janetzki shone for Nhill, also Mont Miller who scored the other goal. Lyndsey Marchment was strong for Hoops, while junior Ethan Schilling scored twice and Jarrod Knoop scored the other. The win all the more satisfying for Nhill against a top two team.
Kaniva Men were also the benefactors of an upset game, with a 1-0 win over top team Tigers. The even game was marred by many dangerous balls that were penalised by several cards. Yanac had failed to capitalise on many short corners, while Kaniva was awarded a penalty stroke which Ryan Wallis converted for the win.
In the other men’s match, Dimboola had a close game with Hurricanes, but the latter stood firm 1-0. A junior player, Sean Creek, scored the winning goal in this match also.
Following losses by the top two men’s sides on Saturday the ladder is much more open, with only four points separating the top four teams.
Highlanders continued their dominance in the women’s competition with a 2-0 win over their nearest competitors. Dimboola started well and good defence prevented more goals, but Horsham passed well to create scoring chances to win the game. Kate Ferrier and Launa Schilling directed play and scored one each, while Elizabeth Klinge was solid for Dimboola.
After repeated short corners Yanac Women failed to convert and Kaniva had a chance to move forward, scoring through a deflection by Samantha Wallis. Natalie Farmers scored early for Yanac in the second half and good play followed by both teams to finish a draw, 1-1.
Sue Puls and Karen Triffitt were on target scoring three and two goals respectively to take Warracknabeal Women to a 5-1 win over Thunderbirds.
In junior matches, Leopards defeated Raiders 3-1. Raiders passed well between backs and forwards but were unable to finish off in goal. Leopards won with more direct passing and ball control.
Revengers enjoyed a win against Bombers, 1-0.
Kangaroos shared the goals around five players to beat club counterparts Kookaburras 8-0.
- Rachel Clark

Round 7 Results and Ladders

Juniors: Kangaroos 8 d Kookaburras 0. Goals: Kangaroos, J. Klinge 2, Brett Tischler 2, N. Jorgensen 2, Meaghan Pohlner, K. Smithyman. Best: Kangaroos, J. Klinge, Michael Pohlner, J. Lehmann; Kookaburras, K. Villis, J. Keating, J. Guerin.
Revengers 1 d Bombers 0. Goals: Revengers, M. Moloney. Best: Revengers, N. Langman, E. Schilling, M. Williamson; Bombers, M. Schwedes, S. Creek, W. Lehman, E. O’Connor.
Leopards 3 d Raiders 1. Goals: Leopards, B. Smith 3; Raiders, K. Meyer. Best: Leopards, S. Wallis, T. Dent, B. Smith; Raiders, T. Eastwood, K. Meyer, R. Sanders.
Ladder: Kangaroos 26 points, Leopards 22, Warriors 16 (goal difference plus 15), Raiders 16 (plus 2), Revengers 10, Kookaburras 6, Bombers 2.

Women: Warracknabeal Women 5 d Thunderbirds 1. Goals: Warrack Women, S. Puls 3, K. Triffitt 2; Thunderbirds, S. Wallis. Best: Warrack Women, L. Arnold-Wardle, J. Goad, J. Gaulke; Thunderbirds, P. Cramer, L. Wallis, R. Wallis.
Highlanders 2 d Dimboola Women 0. Goals: Highlanders, K. Ferrier, L. Schilling. Best: Highlanders, K. Ferrier, L. Schilling, A. Salter, R. Creek; Dimboola Women, E. Klinge, J. Ross, L. Robson, M. Searle.
Kaniva Women 1 drew with Yanac Women 1. Goals: Kaniva Women, S. Wallis; Yanac Women, N. Farmers. Best: Kaniva Women, C. McDonald, C. Riches, D. Meyer, K. Webb; Yanac Women, S. May, S. Coughlan, A. Blackwood, M. Jago.
Ladder: Highlanders 28 points, Dimboola Women 18, Warracknabeal Women 12 (goal difference minus 6), Kaniva Women 12 (minus 7), Yanac Women 8, Thunderbirds 6.

Men: Nhill Men 4 d Hoops 3. Goals: Nhill Men, J. Janetzki 2, B. Smith, M. Miller; Hoops, E. Schilling 2, J. Knoop. Best: Nhill Men, G. Janetzki, M. Miller, R. Thurlow; Hoops, L. Marchment, J. Knoop, E. Schilling.
Hurricanes 1 d Dimboola Men 0. Goals: Hurricanes, S. Creek. Best: Hurricanes, W. Hewitt, R. Robson, S. Grose; Dimboola Men, C. Nuske, T. Jorgensen, R. Booth.
Kaniva Men 1 d Tigers 0. Goals: Kaniva Men, R. Wallis. Best: Kaniva Men, M. McDonald, C. Beattie, F. Meyer; Tigers, A. Clohesy, J. Harding, M. Kube.
Ladder: Tigers 20 points (goal difference plus 15), Hoops 20 (plus 10), Kaniva Men 18, Hurricanes 16, Nhill Men 8, Dimboola Men 2.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Round 7 Preview

Dimboola club host hockey at Nhill
Wimmera hockey’s round seven sees another change of venue with all nine matches to be played at Nhill College. Dimboola club will host the day.
Sitting a close second and third on the junior ladder Leopards and Raiders should give the 9.30am early bird crowd a game worth getting out of bed to see. Leopards are fresh from a bye while Raiders have come from making an exciting comeback scoring three second half goals to draw last week.
Next on field one Kaniva Women will be evenly matched with Yanac Women.
Neither Thunderbirds nor Warrack Women are at their usual force and this should be a good even match. Warrack are strengthening again however and if goal scorers Sue Puls and Karen Triffitt are on target they might just have the upper hand.
Hoops will be full of confidence after a six-goal victory last week, but if Allan King is at his usual strength in defence and Jarryd Bendall pushes into attack then Nhill could make life difficult for them.
In the late match on field one Kaniva Men will have another tough match against Tigers. This was a fast match last meet and could be again if the field holds up after four other matches and recent welcome rains.
When the two Dimboola junior teams meet at 11am on field two it will be the first time this season any club will have had teams compete in the same division. Kangaroos at the top of their ladder are generally more experienced than their club counterparts, Kookaburras, and will have the advantage.
Revengers and Bombers will enjoy an even match, giving two teams on the lower side of the junior ladder a chance to shine.
Highlanders are six points clear on top of the women’s ladder and it looks at this stage of the season that if anyone is going to give the Horsham team a run for their money it might just be the Dimboola side with skilful big hitter Elizabeth Klinge and Jess Ross directing plays, while Kate Ferrier and Ellie Morrow give the tactical playing Highlanders an edge.
In the last men’s match Dimboola play Hurricanes.
Warriors have the bye.
- Rachel Clark

Round 6 Review

Kookaburras score first win in difficult conditions
Kookaburras scored their first win with a handy 2-0 score against Bombers in Wimmera hockey’s round six. In difficult conditions at Kaniva the junior teams were evenly matched although the Kookaburras scored early through Shaymin Villas. The rain eased in the second half and the game improved with Bombers going into attack more often through Sean Creek. With direction from Jamie Guerin Kookaburras’ pressure paid off with a good goal to Ashlee Crowhurst. Monique Schwedes played well in defence for Bombers.
Kaniva and Dimboola women were both affected by the mud and rain and started an even game. Dimboola dominated in the second, and although missing some good opportunities, still scored 4-0.
An undermanned Hurricanes suffered a 6-0 defeat at the hands of Hoops.
Dimboola Men had some forward play but Kaniva Men used good plays to take the ball out of their defensive D. Home side Kaniva had the majority of the play in the second half and took the game 3-0.
At Yanac, Warriors dominated the first half and were up 3-0, but Raiders came back fighting to score four times to Warriors’ once in the second, resulting in a 4-4 draw.
Kangaroos scored another solid win this time over Revengers 6-1. They scored four goals in the first half using their experience and the down hill run, despite cold and damp conditions. Revengers worked hard in defence in the second half keeping the strong Dimboola side to two goals. They had a few good attacking runs of their own but the Kangaroos full backs repelled them.
Other junior side Leopards had the bye.
Yanac Women benefited from a forfeit by Thunderbirds and claimed the four points.
Highlanders continue their winning run this time with a close match against Warrack Women, 3-2.
By the last of five games at Yanac, Tigers and Nhill played in heavy conditions. Tigers got the jump on Nhill in the first half, 3-1. An even second half saw both teams scored a goal each, with Tigers victors 4-2.
- Rachel Clark

Round 6 Results and Ladders

Juniors: Warriors 4 drew with Raiders 4. Goals: Warriors, N. Alexander 2, B. Alexander, S. Bone; Raiders, B. Clark 2, B. Dixon, K. Meyer. Best: Warriors, E. Blackwood, A. Wheaton, N. Alexander; Raiders, T. Eastwood, L. Wallis, B. Dixon.
Kangaroos 6 d Revengers 1. Goals: Kangaroos, J. Klinge 2, B. Tischler 2, N. Jorgensen, J. Lehmann; Revengers, B. Caafter. Best: Kangaroos, Meaghan Pohlner, B. Tischler, Michael Pohlner, R. Lovett; Revengers, M. Hewitt, E. Schilling, M. Williamson.
Kookaburras 2 d Bombers 0. Goals: Kookaburras, S. Villis, A. Crowhurst. Best: Kookaburras, J. Guerin, S. Villis, A. Crowhurst; Bombers, S. Creek, M. Schwedes, J. Randall Demllo.
Ladder: Kangaroos 22 points, Leopards 18, Raiders 16, Warriors 14, Revengers 6, Kookaburras 6, Bombers 2.

Women: Highlanders 3 d Warracknabeal Women 2. Goals: Highlanders, L. Schneider, G. Forrest, E. Morrow; Warrack Women, K. Triffitt, S. Puls. Best: Highlanders, K. Ferrier, E. Morrow, R. Creek; Warrack Women, J. Langman, J. Gaulke, T. Holland.
Dimboola Women 4 d Kaniva Women 0. Goals: Dimboola Women, J. Ross, A. King, M. Searle, Z. Aitken. Best: Dimboola Women, E. Klinge, J. Ross, A. Crowhurst; Kaniva Women, R. Sanders, C. McDonald, K. Rich.
Thunderbirds forfeited to Yanac Women.
Ladder: Highlanders 24 points, Dimboola Women 18, Kaniva Women 10, Warracknabeal Women 8, Thunderbirds 6, Yanac Women 6.

Men: Tigers 4 d Nhill Men 2. Goals: Tigers, J. Cramer 2, K. Croot 2; Nhill Men, R. Thurlow, B. Smith. Best: Tigers, S. Farmers, A. Clohesy, L. Reichenbach; Nhill Men, A. King, B. Smith, J. Bendall.
Kaniva Men 3 d Dimboola Men 0. Goals: Kaniva Men, K. Meyer, M. McDonald, D. McKeown. Best: Kaniva Men, R. Wallis, P. White, K. Meyer; Dimboola Men, R. Booth, C. Nuske, L. Jorgensen.
Hoops 6 d Hurricanes 0. Goals: Hoops, E. Schilling 2, S. Langman, S. Bardell, B. Schilling, P. Slater. Best: Hoops, P. Slater, L. Marchment, B. Schilling; Hurricanes, W. Hewitt, R. Kemp, S. Hoffman.
Ladder: Tigers 20 points (goal difference plus 16), Hoops 20 (plus 11), Kaniva Men 14, Hurricanes 12, Nhill Men 4, Dimboola Men 2.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Round 6 Preview

Hockey teams settling into the season
Wimmera Hockey Association’s senior teams have now played each team in their division once and will begin to play each other for a second time starting from this Saturday’s round six.
It will be interesting to see how the results pan out now that players are settling into their teams, and teams are settling into the season. Some teams are beginning to dominate.
There are seven junior teams in the competition so they will have another week of play before they begin ‘reruns’.
Some matches have been moved this week due to one field at Yanac being not quite ready, although all match times will remain the same as scheduled.
Yanac will retain the five matches previously set for play on field 1. The four matches listed for Yanac’s field 2 will be played at Kaniva.
At Yanac, home team Warriors start the day at 9.30am when they play Raiders.
Kangaroos play Revengers.
Yanac Women will have a rematch against Thunderbirds. Thunderbirds came out on top last time but with recent form may have to work hard against the home team.
Warrack Women will be hoping for a closer result than the nine-goal difference when they met Highlanders in round one. They may have some work in front of them when they meet the ladder-leading Horsham team again.
The last match for the day at Yanac will see Tigers play Nhill Men. The home team were four goals too strong for the Nhill side last time and may prove too strong again.
At Kaniva, Bombers will play Kookaburras, starting from 11am.
Kaniva Women will be hoping for a closer result than a seven-goal difference when they met Dimboola last time. Dimboola have been quite strong this season, although it may depend on Kaniva’s line-up on the day how that plays out.
Men’s team Hoops may come out in front again in a close match against Hurricanes.
Dimboola Men have been fast and fit and will make the Kaniva home side run hard.
Leopards have the bye.
* Junior Country Week practice will run from 2pm to 3.30pm at Nhill College on Sunday 18 May.
- Rachel Clark

Round 5 Review

Kaniva move up women’s hockey ladder
Kaniva have snuck up to third spot on the women’s ladder after a 3-0 win over the normally defensively strong Thunderbirds in their Wimmera hockey round five match. A return visit from Mary Kedwell boosted the strengthening Kaniva side.
Men’s, junior and women’s ladders remain otherwise the same after Saturday’s games.
Highlanders strengthened their ladder lead but not without having to work hard. They had the majority of play in the first but only managed one serious shot at goal which narrowly missed. Yanac’s defence in Sarah Coughlan, Anne Blackwood and Jo Wheaton in goals kept the scores at zero each at the break. A more even second half but Highlanders’ Ellie Morrow was able to convert for the 1-0 win.
Dimboola attacked with good team play and Elizabeth Klinge stopped Warrack attacks. Two goals to Adina King set Dimboola up for a well-earned 2-1 win.
Hoops’ Paul Slater scored a text book goal in the first half while Dimboola were boosted by great attacking defence from Beau Lovett. The second half saw lots of clean aggression and great ball skills which made for a great competition and no further goals, Hoops winning a close 1-0.
Mathew McDonald led Kaniva Men to dominate the first half, also scoring one of their three past Nhill’s normally strong defence. Nhill came back hard in the second with half backs and forwards working well together enabling Mont Miller to score two goals quite close together. Kaniva rallied and held the game to win 3-2.
Tigers played fast and defeated Hurricanes 4-1, with breadth in the forward line spreading the goals over four players.
Junior games saw Raiders dominate Bombers 6-0. Bombers’ defence held well under great pressure but Raiders’ confidence built with each goal.
Warriors dominated the scoreline 7-0 over Kookaburras, despite Dimboola controlling some play but being unable to convert. There was some great team play from both sides.
A more even match was held between Leopards and Revengers, with Leopards scoring one goal each half to win 2-0.
* WHA is urgently seeking a junior country week co-ordinator. If interested, speak to Christine Dufty on 53911032 asap.
- Rachel Clark

Round 5 Results and Ladders

Juniors: Leopards 2 d Revengers 0. Goals: Leopards, G. Janetzki, B. Newcombe. Best: Leopards, L. Bendall, B. Newcombe, A. Creek; Revengers, M. Williamson, M. Hewitt, E. Schilling.
Raiders 6 d Bombers 0. Goals: Raiders, B. Clark 3, K. Meyer 2, J. Clark. Best: Raiders, K. Meyer, L. Wallis, J. Clark, B. Clark; Bombers, S. Creek, M. Schwedes, J. Ellis, E. O’Connor.
Warriors 7 d Kookaburras 0. Goals: Warriors, S. Bone 3, N. Alexander 2, E. Blackwood, B. Dickinson. Best: Warriors, N. Alexander, B. Alexander, S. Bone; Kookaburras, K. Villis, J. Keating, A. Crowhurst.
Ladder: Kangaroos 18, Leopards 16, Raiders 14, Warriors 12, Revengers 6, Kookaburras 2, Bombers 2.

Women: Dimboola Women 2 d Warracknabeal Women 1. Goals: Dimboola Women, A. King 2; Warrack Women, S. Puls. Best: Dimboola Women, E. Klinge, J. Klinge, J. Ross; Warrack Women, A. Argent, J. Goad, L. Arnold-Wardle.
Highlanders 1 d Yanac Women 0. Goals: Highlanders, E. Morrow. Best: Highlanders, E. Morrow, K. Ferrier, R. Creek; Yanac Women, S. Coughlan, A. Blackwood, Jo Wheaton.
Kaniva Women 3 d Thunderbirds 0. Goals: Kaniva Women, S. Wallis, J. Silinger, A. Wallis. Best: Kaniva Women, M. Kedwell, C. McDonald, K. Webb; Thunderbirds, R. Wallis, P. Cramer, H. Kennedy.
Ladder: Highlanders 20, Dimboola Women 14, Kaniva Women 10, Warracknabeal Women 8, Thunderbirds 6, Yanac Women 2.

Men: Tigers 4 d Hurricanes 1. Goals: Tigers, K. Croot, S. Farmers, T. Cook, J. Cramer; Hurricanes, P. Mackereth. Best: Tigers, J. Cramer, L. Reichenbach, M. Dart; Hurricanes, S. Grose, P. Mackereth, R. Kemp.
Hoops 1 d Dimboola Men 0. Goals: Hoops, P. Slater. Best: Hoops, P. Slater, G. Starrick, L. Marchment; Dimboola Men, B. Lovett, R. Boothe, T. Jorgensen.
Kaniva Men 3 d Nhill Men 2. Goals: Kaniva Men, M. McDonald, B. Crouch, C. Norton; Nhill Men, M. Miller 2. Best: Kaniva Men, M. McDonald, C. Stimson, C. Beattie; Nhill Men, A. King, D. Reichelt, M. Miller.
Ladder: Tigers 16 (goal difference plus 14), Hoops 16 (plus 5), Hurricanes 12, Kaniva Men 10, Nhill Men 4, Dimboola Men 2.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Round 5 Preview

Highlanders keen to keep winning
Highlanders will look to continue their winning streak when they play Yanac Women this Saturday at Nhill College. The venue has changed for another week, although Horsham will ‘host’ the day for this week’s round five of Wimmera hockey.
It will be a case of the top team playing bottom team, but still not necessarily an easy match. Yanac uses good set plays and Sheree May and Anne Blackwood are always hard to pass. Highlanders’ Ellie Morrow is a good director of play with Kate Ferrier and Launa Schilling working the ball hard also. Carmel McFarlane has scored at least once in each match this season and will need to be watched.
Other women’s matches will see Thunderbirds play Kaniva Women and Dimboola Women play Warrack Women. Dimboola will be keen for another win after drawing last week with Nhill, and especially to keep their second spot on the ladder and edge away from Warrack who are only two points behind, if they can.
Tigers will have a fast match against Hurricanes in the men’s competition. Two of the top three teams should provide some good match viewing and it will be interesting to see how Hurricanes, who have been quietly moving up the ladder, perform. This game will be a test for Hurricanes, sitting in third spot on the ladder after three close wins.
Nhill and Kaniva men’s teams are gaining strength and are both proving they are no easy competition, giving the ladder leading teams hard matches each week. This should be an even match with plenty of chances at goal each way.
Hoops may dominate Dimboola Men but will be aware of the young team’s speed and skill. Tim Jorgensen and Beau Lovett will show Hoops the team will not go down without a fight.
Junior matches may be close this week, but with Ben Smith in form Leopards should be able to combat Revengers. Raiders should be able to score against Bombers, and Warriors may have the edge on Kookaburras.
Kangaroos have won their first four matches but will rest with a bye this week.
- Rachel Clark

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Round 4 Review

Highlanders remain undefeated in Wimmera hockey
Highlanders remain undefeated following a 2-0 victory over Kaniva Women in Wimmera hockey’s round four of competition on Saturday. Matches were all moved to Nhill’s Davis Park due to dry conditions at Horsham fields. Kaniva put up a good fight despite barely fielding a team, with Donna Meyer in goals slowing the flow of Highlander attacks. Ellie Morrow shone for Highlanders, with goals to the talents of Kate Ferrier and Carmel McFarlane.
Yanac Women went goal for goal in the first 10 minutes but then with great short passing Warracknabeal managed their fourth goal by half time. A more even and desperate second half saw Yanac score another, with Warrack still victors 4-2.
Thunderbirds and Dimboola Women played an even contest, finishing 1-1. Nhill’s Holly Kennedy at centre was a good match for Dimboola’s centre half Elizabeth Klinge.
Dimboola Men have points on the board after their match with Nhill Men. Dimboola scored first through Ryan Booth, but Nhill’s Adrian Creek equalised late in the first half with a well-constructed goal, and the game finished a draw, 1-1.
Kaniva Men attacked from the start directed by captain Mathew McDonald and created many opportunities but were kept out by good defence by Hurricanes’ Richard Kemp and goalie Steve Grose. Ryan Robson scored against the run of play in the second to take the Horsham side to victory 1-0.
Paul Slater captained Hoops to a solid 4-2 win, ending Tigers’ unbeaten run. Simon Farmers was strong for Tigers.
Kangaroos continued their winning streak by defeating Leopards in a close contest. Both sides displayed good skills. Nathan Jorgensen scored twice for Kangaroos late in the first half following good forward play. Ben Smith scored one back for Leopards after some excellent work in the second, finishing 2-1.
Alexander brothers Bradley and Nathan scored four and three goals respectively to help Warriors to an 8-0 win over Bombers.
Revengers had their first win this season with a 2-0 win over Kookaburras.The Rules Session held midday at the Nhill Sporting Club was hailed a success by association executive. A time change of games allowed good numbers to attend.
- Rachel Clark

Round 4 Results and Ladders

Juniors: Warriors 8 d Bombers 0. Goals: Warriors, B. Alexander 4, N. Alexander 3, S. Bone 1. Best: Warriors, B. Alexander, N. Alexander, E. Blackwood; Bombers, M. Schwedes, S. Creek, E. Hayden.
Kangaroos 2 d Leopards 1. Goals: Kangaroos, N. Jorgensen 2; Leopards, B. Smith. Best: Kangaroos, Michael Pohlner, Meaghan Pohlner, N. Jorgensen; Leopards, B. Smith, A. Creek, T. Dent.
Revengers 2 d Kookaburras 0. Goals: Revengers, M. Williamson, M. Hewitt. Best: Revengers, A. Wheaton, E. Schilling, M. Williamson, R. Smith; Kookaburras, J. Guerin, K. Villis, J. Keating.
Ladder: Kangaroos 16 points, Leopards 12, Raiders 10, Warriors 8, Revengers 6, Kookaburras 2, Bombers 2.

Women: Warracknabeal Women 4 d Yanac Women 2. Goals: Warrack Women, A. Sleep, S. Puls, A. Argent, J. Gaulke; Yanac Women, A. Blackwood, S. Croot. Best: Warrack Women, L. Arnold-Wardle, A. Argent, J. Gaulke; Yanac Women, S. May, A. Blackwood, E. Blackwood.
Highlanders 2 d Kaniva Women 0. Goals: Highlanders, K. Ferrier, C. McFarlane. Best: Highlanders, E. Morrow, K. Ferrier, J. Zordan; Kaniva Women, D. Meyer, C. McDonald, C. Riches.
Thunderbirds 1 drew with Dimboola Women 1. Goals, Thunderbirds, G. McLeod; Dimboola Women, A. King. Best: Thunderbirds, H. Kennedy, P. Cramer, J. McLeod; Dimboola Women, E. Klinge, J. Ross, V. Smithyman, L. Robson.
Ladder: Highlanders 16 points, Dimboola Women 10, Warracknabeal Women 8, Thunderbirds 6, Kaniva Women 6, Yanac Women 2.

Men: Dimboola Men 1 drew with Nhill Men 1. Goals: Dimboola Men, R. Booth; Nhill Men, A. Creek. Best: Dimboola Men, C. Nuske, J. Klinge, B. Lovett; Nhill Men, J. Bendall, M. Miller, G. Janetzki.
Hurricanes 1 d Kaniva Men 0. Goals: Hurricanes, R. Robson. Best: Hurricanes, R. Kemp, S. Grose, R. Robson; Kaniva Men, M. McDonald, C. Beattie, K. Meyer.
Hoops 4 d Tigers 2. Goals: Hoops, S. Bardell, E. Schilling, J. Knoop, B. Schilling; Tigers, K. Croot, J. Cramer. Best: Hoops, P. Slater, S. Laverty, S. Bardell; Tigers, S. Farmers, M. Kube, K. Croot.
Ladder: Tigers 12 points, Hoops 12, Hurricanes 12, Kaniva Men 6, Nhill Men 4, Dimboola Men 2.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Round 4 Preview

Venue and time change for Wimmera hockey matches this weekend
Wimmera hockey’s nine matches will be moved to Nhill’s Davis Park this weekend, due to dry conditions still at Horsham fields.
The times of all round four games have also been altered to accommodate a Rules Session to be held in the middle part of the day. Scheduled matches will be altered by half an hour each – some earlier and some later.
Regional Umpires Coach for Hockey Victoria Charlie Martin will be in attendance for the session, as well as during the day for umpire instruction.
The hockey association would like to emphasise the importance of such sessions for the future of country hockey, and have altered the game times so there will be no matches being played at the time of the session, so that everyone is free to attend. Everyone including players, umpires, coaches, parents and interested parties are strongly encouraged to attend.
The session will run for an hour from 12 noon at the Nhill sporting club venue.
Matches previously scheduled to start at 11am or before will begin half an hour early. Matches previously at 12.30pm and after will begin half an hour later.
Matches will therefore start from 9am with Bombers and Warriors. Apologies to these teams and their support for the extra early start! This may be a close match, with perhaps whichever team wakes up first taking the points!
At 10.30am Kangaroos will take on Leopards. These two ladder leaders have both won each of their first three matches this season and will be keen to show some authority on the field as well as on the ladder. Revengers will play Kookaburras at the same time.
The Rules Session will take place from 12 noon till 1pm.
Matches at 1pm will see a tight match between Thunderbirds and Dimboola Women, and Dimboola Men versus Nhill Men.
The 2.30pm matches will be Warrack Women versus Yanac Women, with a good showdown between top men’s teams Hoops and Tigers.
A slightly late start at 4pm will see Highlanders take on Kaniva Women, and Hurricanes meet Kaniva Men.Raiders have the bye.
- Rachel Clark

Round 3 Review

Third round brings cooler day for hockey
Kaniva and Yanac provided the venues for Wimmera hockey’s round three on a cooler Saturday this week.
At Kaniva, Revengers rallied despite a couple of first half injuries which saw two teammates leave the field for the remainder, but Raiders eventually got on top and scored late in the game to win a close 1-0.
Kaniva Women built some good momentum through Hannah Bedford and the team managed their first goals this season. Warrack’s Linley Arnold-Wardle pushed from their centre half and both sides used good passing. Kaniva gained a high percentage of possession for a satisfying 4-1 victory.
Hoops and Kaniva Men played evenly but Kaniva converted their chances better. The second half was fast and rough with two yellow cards issued. Hoops clawed back to finish the match at 2-2.
Hurricanes had enough players to fill spots on the field while Nhill Men used some juniors in what must have been a tiring match, with Hurricanes getting the edge 3-2.
At Yanac, unbeaten Kangaroos got an early jump on Warriors but Erin Blackwood pushed her team forward and they scored. Nathan Jorgensen in his own role at centre half steered his team to a second goal for a close win, 2-1.
Bombers defended strongly but were hindered from missing some chances to score. A strong performance from centre half Ben Smith including two goals sealed the 7-1 win for Leopards.
Kookaburras had the bye.
Highlanders’ Ellie Morrow set up many shots at goal against Thunderbirds, converting twice herself. With good passing and teamwork Horsham had most of the play and should have scored more but for Nhill’s strong defence, finishing an unbeaten 4-1.
A game of end to end fast hockey saw both Dimboola and Yanac women’s teams with chances. Centre halves Elizabeth Klinge and Sheree May directed play respectively, while three goals to Adina King put Dimboola in front to win 4-3.An exciting first half saw Dimboola Men score off a fast break, but another half of speed and skill saw the unbeaten Tigers attack more and with four goals to Adam Clohesy finished 7-1.
- Rachel Clark

Round 3 Results and Ladders

Results from Round 3
Juniors: Raiders 1 (goal, J. Clark; best, K. Meyer, J. Clark, L. Wallis) d Revengers 0 (E. Schilling, N. Langman, M. Williamson).
Leopards 7 (B. Smith 2, M. Fahrina, G. Janetzki, J. Janetzki, E. Janetzki, O. Stephan; B. Smith, S. Wallis, J. Janetzki) d Bombers 1 (S. Barber; M. Schwedes, A. Valentine, W. Lehmann).
Kangaroos 2 (N. Jorgensen, J. Klinge; N. Jorgensen, J. Lehmann, Michael Pohlner) d Warriors 1 (M. Croot; E. Blackwood, A. Wheaton, S. Bone, C. Wagg).
Women: Kaniva Women 4 (K. Webb 2, H. Meyer, S. Wallis; H. Bedford, C. McDonald, K. Webb, H. Meyer) d Warracknabeal Women 1 (K. Triffitt; L. Arnold-Wardle, J. Hausler, T. Holland).
Highlanders 4 (E. Morrow 2, C. McFarlane 2; E. Morrow, A. Salter, L. Schilling) d Thunderbirds 1 (B. McLeod; R. Wallis, B. McLeod, D. Barber).
Dimboola Women 4 (A. King 3, J. Ross; E. Klinge, M. Searle, A. King) d Yanac Women 3 (N. Farmers 2, Joanne Wheaton; S. May, M. Jago, N. Farmers).
Men: Hoops 2 (B. Schilling, S. Morrow; P. Slater, J. Knoop, B. Schilling) drew with Kaniva Men 2 (H. Wallis, S. Lawson; C. Beattie, M. Wallis, M. Eastwood).
Hurricanes 3 (J. Hoffman, A. Dorman, W. Ockenden; W. Hewitt, A. Dorman, R. Robson) d Nhill Men 2 (R. Thurlow, M. Miller; M. Miller, R. Thurlow, G. Janetzki).
Tigers 7 (A. Clohesy 4, T. Cook 2, K. Croot; A. Clohesy, K. Croot, M. Dart) d Dimboola Men 1 (J. Halsall; T. Jorgensen, B. Lovett, J. Terry).

WHA Ladders after Round 3
Juniors: Leopards 12 points, Kangaroos 12, Raiders 8, Warriors 4, Revengers 2, Kookaburras 2, Bombers 2.
Women: Highlanders 12, Dimboola Women 8, Kaniva Women 6, Thunderbirds 4, Warracknabeal Women 4, Yanac Women 2.
Men: Tigers 12, Hoops 8, Hurricanes 8, Kaniva Men 6, Nhill Men 2, Dimboola Men 0.

Round 3 Preview

Split venues for hockey matches this weekend
Wimmera hockey will have its first divided venue matches this season with games to be played at Kaniva and Yanac for round three action this Saturday.
The first of four matches at Kaniva will see Raiders working hard to take the points from Revengers.
Good turf conditions allow for fast paced games and could test player fitness levels.
Warrack Women will look to continue their improve when they play Kaniva Women. Claire Riches and Jacci Rabone will be busy in Kaniva’s defence to keep several mid-field movers and capable scorers at bay.
Kaniva Men will need to display the strengths they showed last week against top team Tigers when they take on Hoops. Hoops and Kaniva had a sterling preliminary finals showdown last season with Hoops eventually taking the game out on strokes. They will need to keep a tight reign on Kaniva’s ever-improving line up.
Nhill Men have quickly settled into their returning season and after their sturdy performance against Hoops last week may have the edge on Hurricanes.
Starting from 9.30am at Yanac, Warriors will have a battle on their hands with Kangaroos who are showing early signs of dominance. The home team has handy scorers including Sam Bone who will need to make the most of any opportunities to keep up with Kangaroos.
Leopards will play Bombers who will be fresh from a bye and keen to assert some authority.
Thunderbirds will rely on solid defence in the McLeods in a tight match but Highlanders have plenty of scorers including Carmel McFarlane and Denise Vallance. If Highlanders stick to their game plan like they usually do, they could take the points.
If Yanac Women start how they finished last week they could put on a good show, although Dimboola may have an advantage.
Dimboola Men will have a tough match against Tigers, who were on fire last week earning the points after an intense match. The young Dimboola side will have to use their fitness and Tim Jorgensen will have to direct play well.Kookaburras will earn two points from a bye.
- Rachel Clark