Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Round 15 Preview

Time changes for Wimmera hockey matches this weekend for Rules Session
Wimmera Hockey Association’s nine round fifteen matches will be played at Warracknabeal’s Anzac Park this Saturday, with a Rules Session a feature of the day, although with three rounds to go there are some finals positions still available in each of the three divisions which should make for some hot hockey action and plenty of skills will be on show.
In the women’s competition the final four could still change if Kaniva gets back on top of Yanac. The men’s top four could change order dramatically if Hoops were knocked out of second spot and Nhill are still a possibility to jump into the top four. The junior top four are all but set with Kangaroos, Leopards, Warriors and Raiders, although the enviable top two spots are still up for grabs.
The Rules Session this Saturday will be the second for the season, following up on the well-attended session held at Nhill during round four. The times of all round fifteen games have also been altered to accommodate the Rules Session to be held in the middle part of the day.
Regional Umpires Coach for Hockey Victoria Charlie Martin and Mark Frost will be in attendance for the session, as well as during the day for umpire instruction.
The hockey association would like to emphasise the importance of such sessions for the future of country hockey, and have altered the game times so there will again be no matches being played at the time of the session, so that everyone is free to attend.
Everyone including players, umpires, coaches, parents and interested parties are strongly encouraged to attend, especially those who missed the session earlier in the season.
Matches will therefore start from 9am with home junior side Revengers playing Raiders.
At 10.30am Warriors play Kookaburras, and top two junior teams Kangaroos and Leopards will meet at the same time. If Warriors win and Leopards lose then Warriors will jump into second spot on the junior ladder ahead of Leopards. Warriors likely will win their match against the weaker side Kookaburras, but it could be a close match between Kangaroos and Leopards.
The Rules Session will take place from 12 noon till 1pm at the Warracknabeal venue.
At 1pm Yanac Women will have a tough match against Highlanders. At the same time it will be a tight match between Warrack Women and Dimboola Women.
Matches at 2.30pm will be Thunderbirds and Kaniva Women, with a good showdown between Nhill Men and Kaniva Men. Kaniva Women and Nhill Men will both need to win their matches if they want a chance to play finals this season. At the same time Kaniva Men would do well to take the points to help secure their spot in finals.
A slightly late start at 4pm will see Tigers strong against Hurricanes, while Hoops should have the advantage over Dimboola Men. With three rounds to go the results of these two matches could be crucial to the final men’s ladder. An upset result in either match, although not likely, could be the difference for Hoops and Hurricanes in getting a spot in the top two and a second chance come finals time.
Junior team Bombers has the bye.
Note: For this Saturday’s matches players and families are asked to not use the usual carpark off Scott Street (main street). Instead please use the alternate entrances to the park.
- Rachel Clark

Round 14 Review

Hoops take a close win
Kaniva Men and Hoops played a good fast and open game on a heavy field at Kaniva in Wimmera Hockey Association’s round 14. Both teams used long hits to advantage. Good goalkeeping by Matthew Wallis kept Hoops to one goal at half time. Brett Jewell evened the scored for Kaniva.
In a high standard game Hoops had the better of the play early in the second half and scored two goals before Kaniva rallied and scored through Kendal Meyer. Hoops held on for a good 3-2 win. Jarrod Knoop, Tammy Goyne and Barry Schilling scored for Hoops. Stephen Laverty and Paul Slater were best for Hoops, while Clint Beattie and Matthew Wallis excelled for Kaniva.
Saturday’s win gives Hoops an outright hold on second spot on the men’s ladder ahead of Hurricanes with three rounds to go. Kaniva Men are fourth.
At Dimboola, Nhill Men scored their fourth win of the season which puts them only four points and goal percentage outside a chance to play in finals with three rounds to go – a not impossible task. Horsham scored in the first five minutes through Ashley Clark to put Nhill under pressure but Nhill fought back and scored in the following five minutes and continued to apply pressure for the rest of the first half, eventually winning the game 2-1. Adrian Creek and young Jack Janetzki scored Nhill’s goals, while Allan King and Jarryd Bendall were best. Will Hewitt and Stuart Hoffman were Hurricanes’ best.
Tigers beat Dimboola Men by five goals. Dimboola was able to score through Basil Jorgensen who was also best for the team on Saturday. Kim Croot was best for Yanac. Tigers shared the goals around five players. The 6-1 win all but cements Tigers’ top spot on the ladder for the season.
Top women’s team Highlanders began strongly but failed to score against Thunderbirds until late in the half through left wing Sarah O’Connor. Nhill was unlucky not to even the score late in the half. Sarah O’Connor scored again in the second half for the 2-0 win. Robyn Creek was best for Highlanders. Anna Rowe was best for Thunderbirds. This gives Highlanders their 13th win out of 14 matches.
Second-placed Dimboola Women had a close 1-0 win over fourth-placed Yanac Women who are improving as the season wears on. Dimboola had the majority of early attack and scored through Adina King. The second half saw good fast hockey with Yanac lifting. It was desperate hockey in the end with both teams having countless chances, but to no avail. Centre halves Elizabeth Klinge for Dimboola and Sarah Coughlan for Yanac were best.
It was a good even match between Kaniva and third-placed Warrack Women, finishing in Warrack’s favour 3-2. Linley Arnold-Wardle with one goal was best for Warrack. Donna Meyer was best for Kaniva.
The two Dimboola junior teams Kangaroos and Kookaburras played with good passing and teamwork in good sportsmanship despite an apparent domination by top team Kangaroos, who won 9-0. Nathan Jorgensen shone for the victors while goalie Kobi Villis worked hard for Kookaburras.
Second and third-placed Leopards and Raiders were evenly matched and consistent scoring a goal each in both halves. Raiders came out firing in the second half but Leopards matched the pace finishing 2-2. Kendal Meyer was top for Raiders while goalie Alex Welsh was best for Leopards.
Revengers were quick off the mark against Bombers scoring four goals in the first half. Bombers scored one and were the only team to score in the second half. Revengers won 4-2. Marc Hewitt scored a goal and was best for Revengers. Defenders Jahan Randall-Demllo and Claire Barnett were best for Bombers.
- Rachel Clark

Round 14 Results and Ladders

Juniors: Kangaroos 9 d Kookaburras 0. Goals: Kangaroos, J. Klinge 4, Brett Tischler 2, N. Jorgensen 2, R. Lovett. Best: Kangaroos, N. Jorgensen, J. Lehmann, J. Klinge; Kookaburras, K. Villis, J. Meehan, J. Keating.
Revengers 4 d Bombers 2. Goals: Revengers, N. Langman, M. Hewitt, B. Crafter, M. Moloney; Bombers, K. Trounce, M. Schwedes. Best: Revengers, M. Hewitt, M. Moloney, M. Williamson; Bombers, J. Randall-Demllo, C. Barnett, L. O’Connor.
Raiders 2 drew with Leopards 2. Goals: Raiders, J. Clark, B. Clark; Leopards, B. Newcombe, S. Wallis. Best: Raiders, K. Meyer, B. Dixon, R. Sanders, T. Eastwood; Leopards, A. Welsh, A. Creek, G. Janetzki, S. Wallis.
Ladder: Kangaroos 48 points, Leopards 42, Warriors 38, Raiders 34, Revengers 22, Kookaburras 8, Bombers 4.

Women: Highlanders 2 d Thunderbirds 0. Goals: Highlanders, Sarah O’Connor 2. Best: Highlanders, R. Creek, E. Morrow, C. Hucker; Thunderbirds, A. Rowe, B. McLeod, R. Wallis, G. McLeod.
Dimboola Women 1 d Yanac Women 0. Goals: Dimboola Women, A. King. Best: Dimboola Women, E. Klinge, V. Smithyman, C. Elsom, J. Ross; Yanac Women, S. Coughlan, E. Blackwood, A. Blackwood.
Warrack Women 3 d Kaniva Women 2. Goals: Warrack Women, S. Puls 2, L. Arnold-Wardle; Kaniva Women, K. Saunderson, J. Silinger. Best: Warrack Women, L. Arnold-Wardle, T. Holland, S. Puls; Kaniva Women, D. Meyer, M. Kedwell, K. Saunderson.
Ladder: Highlanders 54 points, Dimboola Women 40, Warrack Women 34, Yanac Women 16 (goal difference minus-11), Kaniva Women 16 (minus-18), Thunderbirds 8.

Men: Nhill Men 2 d Hurricanes 1. Goals: Nhill Men, A. Creek, J. Janetzki; Hurricanes, A. Clark. Best: Nhill Men, A. King, J. Bendall, A. Creek; Hurricanes, W. Hewitt, S. Hoffman, R. Kemp.
Tigers 6 d Dimboola Men 1. Goals: Tigers, M. Croot 2, L. Reichenbach, M. Dart, M. Kube, J. Cramer; Dimboola Men, B. Jorgensen. Best: Tigers, K. Croot, L. Reichenbach, M. Kube; Dimboola Men, B. Jorgensen, B. Lovett, J. Klinge.
Hoops 3 d Kaniva Men 2. Goals: Hoops, T. Goyne, J. Knoop, B. Schilling; Kaniva Men, K. Meyer, B. Jewell. Best: Hoops, S. Laverty, P. Slater, S. King; Kaniva Men, C. Beattie, M. Wallis, C. Stimson.
Ladder: Tigers 46 points, Hoops 36, Hurricanes 32, Kaniva Men 26, Nhill Men 22, Dimboola Men 6.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Round 14 Preview

Split round for hockey round 14
Kaniva and Dimboola clubs will host Wimmera Hockey Association’s round 14 matches in a split round on Saturday.
At Kaniva from 11am home junior side Raiders will have a tough match against Leopards. Brady Dixon has been quite strong for Raiders and will need to push up where goal scorers Braden Clark and Kendal Meyer will need to be on target in the circle, taking advantage of opportunities. Taylor Dent will work hard for Leopards to stop them and allow his own scorers Ben Smith and Michelle Fahrina to capitalise.
Bombers and Revengers will be evenly matched. The ball will pass between Bombers defenders Jahan Randall-Demllo and Sean Creek and Revengers defender Mark Hewitt, giving plenty of youngsters in the centre opportunity to shine.
Kaniva Women will fight hard for the points against Warrack Women. Kaniva needs the points to get ahead of Yanac Women and into the top four with only four rounds to go. Even a draw would help Kaniva at this stage. Warrack are still strengthening and this match could have an interesting result.
Hoops will want to regroup after being defeated by Tigers last week 6-2 and if they have a full play list will give Kaniva Men a hard time. Hoops may need the win to hold onto their second spot on the ladder, currently sitting on equal points with Hurricanes. If Mathew McDonald works hard and scores for Kaniva the team could do well.
At Dimboola from 9.30am the two junior Dimboola teams will meet again. The weaker side Kookaburras have gained valuable experience during the season, even scoring against second-placed Leopards last week, and will keep top junior side Kangaroos busy.
Yanac Women will be fighting to hold on to their finals berth when they play Dimboola Women. Second-placed Dimboola are strong and may not give away any points this week.
Highlanders have capable players all over the field and will work the ball around Thunderbirds. Anna Rowe, Rosie Wallis and the McLeods have worked hard for Thunderbirds in recent games and will need to dig deep again this week. They would benefit from keeping tabs on Kate Ferrier midfield and Ellie Morrow up forward.
Dimboola Men will have a tough match against top team Tigers who have been dominating all season. A return of Tim and Basil Jorgensen could help boost the Dimboola side.
Hurricanes narrowly defeated Kaniva Men last week and may have a similar result this week against Nhill. Nhill could dig deep however, and are fully capable of scoring especially when Mont Miller has his eye in. Hurricanes defenders Will Hewitt and Richard Kemp will need to be mindful of loose players.
Junior team Warriors has the bye.
- Rachel Clark

Round 13 Review

Tigers take an emphatic win
Top men’s team Tigers sealed an emphatic win over second-placed Hoops which could be a show of what is to come in finals. Tigers won 6-2 in Wimmera Hockey Association’s round 13 at the weekend.
It was a fast and furious start with Tigers having the better of the play. Jarrod Knoop gave Hoops good drive all first half. Kim Croot played well with two goals giving Tigers a 2-0 lead at the break.
Hoops held Tigers early in the second half and scored from a penalty stroke. Tigers settled and scored two goals through good work from Josh Cramer. Hoops scored again before Tigers finished off with two goals. Jamie Harding and Simon Farmers were the other scorers for Tigers. Tammy Goyne and Paul Slater scored for Hoops. Josh Cramer and Kim Croot were best for Tigers. Craig Bowler and Simon King defended well for Hoops.
Dimboola Men and Nhill Men played an even contest. Dimboola had good midfield play but not much attack. Nhill had good all-round play and made good use of chances, either scoring or gaining short corners, winning 2-1. Beau Lovett and James Klinge with one goal were best for Dimboola, while Ross Thurlow and Mont Miller with two goals shone for the victors.
Hurricanes and Kaniva Men also enjoyed an even contest. Hurricanes scored early but then play was mostly midfield. Both teams scored one goal in the second half, with Hurricanes winning 2-1. Mathew McDonald with one goal, and Clint Beattie were best for Kaniva. Will Hewitt and Stuart Hoffman were best for Hurricanes. Andrew Dorman and Paul Mackereth scored for Hurricanes.
Highlanders had a lot of play in the first half but Kaniva’s defence worked hard. Ellie Morrow scored off a short corner before half time. Kaniva put some pressure on Highlanders in the second half but Highlanders were stronger. Launa Schilling scored to seal the win for Highlanders 2-0. Hannah Bedford and Kelsey Webb shone for Kaniva, while Ellie Morrow and Kate Ferrier were best for Horsham.
Yanac and Warrack women both moved the ball fast down the field. Yanac Women had a fair amount of play in the first half but Warrack only need one chance and they eventually scored to take a 1-0 win. Alana Argent who scored the winning goal and Linley Arnold-Wardle were best for Warrack. Jill Kube and Anne Blackwood were best for Yanac.
Dimboola Women scored a solid win 4-1 over Thunderbirds, despite good early attack by Nhill. Anna Rowe and Rosie Wallis were best for Nhill, while Sarah Wallis scored their goal. Vicki Smithyman and Adina King with two goals were best for Dimboola. Lisa Robson and Taanya Aitken scored the other goals.
Warriors defeated Revengers after a close contest. Warriors attacked strongly but came up against a tough defence in Revengers. Warriors slipped one through in the second half for the 1-0 win. Nathan Alexander was best for Warriors, while defender Mark Hewitt was best for Revengers.
Raiders scored three goals each half and defeated Bombers 6-0. Bombers tried hard to restrict Kaniva’s advances. Brady Dixon and Braden Clark with three goals were best for Raiders. Kendal Meyer, Jordan Clark and Brandon Rich scored the other goals. Defenders Jahan Randall-Demllo and Sean Creek were best for Bombers.
Leopards and Kookaburras both had scoring chances, with Kookaburra’s Zoe Aitken scoring early in the first half. Leopards’ Ben Smith converted a penalty stroke to even the half. The second half was also even except for a five-minute blitz by Leopards, with Ben Smith and Michelle Fahrina each scoring a field goal for a 3-1 win. Taylor Dent and Michelle Fahrina shone for the victors while Jay Meehan and Ashlee Crowhurst were best for Kookaburras.
- Rachel Clark

Round 13 Results and Ladders

Juniors: Warriors 1 d Revengers 0. Goals: Warriors, M. Croot. Best: Warriors, N. Alexander, S. Bone, E. Blackwood, A. Wheaton; Revengers, M. Hewitt, C. Lewis, M. Maloney, N. Langman.
Raiders 6 d Bombers 0. Goals: Raiders, B. Clark 3, K. Meyer, J. Clark, B. Rich. Best: Raiders, B. Dixon, B. Clark, T. Eastwood; Bombers, J. Randall-Demllo, S. Creek, J. Ellis, W. Gulline.
Leopards 3 d Kookaburras 1. Goals: Leopards, B. Smith 2, M. Fahrina; Kookaburras, Z. Aitken. Best: Leopards, T. Dent, M. Fahrina, J. Schwartz, J. Janetzki; Kookaburras, J. Meehan, A. Crowhurst, O. Elsom, S. Villis.
Ladder: Kangaroos 44 points, Leopards 40, Warriors 36, Raiders 32, Revengers 18, Kookaburras 8, Bombers 4.

Women: Dimboola Women 4 d Thunderbirds 1. Goals: Dimboola Women, A. King 2, L. Robson, T. Aitken; Thunderbirds, S. Wallis. Best: Dimboola Women, V. Smithyman, A. King, E. Klinge; Thunderbirds, A. Rowe, R. Wallis, K. Wallis.
Warrack Women 1 d Yanac Women 0. Goals: Warrack Women, A. Argent. Best: Warrack Women, A. Argent, L. Arnold-Wardle, K. Perkins; Yanac Women, J. Kube, A. Blackwood, S. Coughlan.
Highlanders 2 d Kaniva Women 0. Goals: Highlanders, L. Schilling, E. Morrow. Best: Highlanders, E. Morrow, K. Ferrier, R. Creek; Kaniva Women, H. Bedford, K. Webb, C. Riches.
Ladder: Highlanders 50 points, Dimboola Women 36, Warrack Women 30, Yanac Women 16 (goal difference minus-10), Kaniva Women 16 (minus-17), Thunderbirds 8.

Men: Hurricanes 2 d Kaniva Men 1. Goals: Hurricanes, A. Dorman, P. Mackereth; Kaniva Men, M. McDonald. Best: Hurricanes, W. Hewitt, S. Hoffman, R. Kemp; Kaniva Men, M. McDonald, C. Beattie, J. Bedford.
Nhill Men 2 d Dimboola Men 1. Goals: Nhill Men, M. Miller 2; Dimboola Men, J. Klinge. Best: Nhill Men, R. Thurlow, M. Miller, J. Bendall; Dimboola Men, B. Lovett, J. Klinge, R. Booth.
Tigers 6 d Hoops 2. Goals: Tigers, J. Cramer 2, K. Croot 2, J. Harding, S. Farmers; Hoops, T. Goyne, P. Slater. Best: Tigers, J. Cramer, K. Croot, J. Harding, T. Cook; Hoops, C. Bowler, S. King, M. Hewitt.
Ladder: Tigers 42 points, Hoops 32 (goal difference plus-6), Hurricanes 32 (minus-4), Kaniva Men 26, Nhill Men 18, Dimboola Men 6.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Round 13 Preview

Finals spot still up for grabs
Yanac will host all nine round thirteen Wimmera hockey matches on lush green fields this Saturday.
With five home and away rounds to go teams will be starting to think about finals.
The women’s final four could come down to the last couple of rounds with Kaniva and Yanac competing for the fourth spot. They are only separated by goal difference at the moment with Yanac slightly ahead after they beat Kaniva when they played last week. Women’s teams will play each team once more in the final five rounds giving Yanac and Kaniva equal chance to get ahead on points, although Yanac has a six-goal advantage at this point.
The top four are currently Highlanders, Dimboola Women, Warrack Women and Yanac Women.
The men’s and junior ladders are not yet set but neither is likely to change. The top four men’s teams are currently Tigers, Hoops, Hurricanes and Kaniva Men, while the top four on the junior ladder are Kangaroos, Leopards, Warriors and Raiders.
Kaniva Women will have a tough time on Saturday against Highlanders, who will be disappointed to have had their winning streak ended last week. The side remains unbeaten, having won the first eleven matches this season before a draw with Dimboola Women in the last round.
Dimboola Women will be strengthened after that draw and will be starting to eye a spot in the final. They will be too strong for Thunderbirds, who have been struggling somewhat this season.
Yanac Women have won their last two games but will need to score early this week against Warrack Women if they want another win.
Tigers and Hoops will have a tough match, although Tigers usually have the edge, creating more scoring opportunities.
Dimboola Men will be spurred on after their first win last week and if they keep up their enthusiasm and level of skill they may be a hard match for Nhill Men.
The only possible change on the men’s ladder this week will be if Kaniva Men beat Hurricanes. This would mean a swap over for Kaniva to third and Hurricanes to fourth. Hurricanes suffered a loss to Dimboola last week, giving Dimboola their first win of the season, and might be looking to regain some form they showed the previous week when they beat second-placed Hoops.
Revengers would have to win at least three matches to get ahead of Raiders on the junior ladder for a spot in the finals and this is perhaps unlikely. They did well to claim a draw with second-placed Leopards last week, however, and would do well to keep up the form against Warriors this week.
Bombers play Raiders and although Raiders should have an edge, Bombers have been playing well, last week scoring three goals against Warriors despite ultimately losing the game.
Leopards should have a comfortable game against Kookaburras.
Kangaroos have the bye.
- Rachel Clark

Round 12 Review

Dimboola Men take first win
Dimboola Men have broken the drought with a good 2-1 win over Hurricanes at the weekend in Wimmera hockey’s round twelve. The round at Nhill’s Davis Park had several surprise scorelines, perhaps with the very cool conditions a contributing factor.
A predominantly young Dimboola side’s best result so far this season had been one draw. Each week they work hard and use good pace from young and fast players while building on their strengths and teamwork. They are always a hard match for any opposition, just lacking in some experience resulting in a shortage of goals.
On Saturday both Dimboola and Horsham played good open hockey, with each side propped up by several juniors. Dimboola made the most of their chances with Basil Jorgensen pushing the ball passed the goalie. Tim Jorgensen played well all half. In a very even second half both sides continued to play hard fast hockey. Nathan Jorgensen scored for Dimboola off a good short corner while John Heenan scored a field goal for Hurricanes. Tim Jorgensen, Beau Lovett and James Klinge were best for Dimboola, and Lochlan Zordan, Ryan Robson and John Heenan for Hurricanes.
Tigers had a close win over Kaniva Men. Yanac had more attacking options in the first half although the ball spent a lot of time midfield. Kim Croot scored in the second half to give Tigers the 1-0 win. Defenders were best - Luke Reichenbach for Tigers and Damien McKeown for Kaniva.
Hoops and Nhill Men scored a goal each in the first minute and a half which made for an exciting start. Nhill dominated for the next 20 minutes scoring again. Hoops equalised three minutes before the break. Hoops made the only score in the second half to take the game 3-2. Jarrod Knoop scored one goal and was best for Hoops, while David Reichelt was strong in defence for Nhill.
Dimboola Women have ended Highlanders’ winning streak although the Horsham side remains unbeaten after a 0-0 draw. This quality match could be a preview of a final match. On Saturday both teams started fast and hard running the ball well. Highlanders had a lot of play in their half but Dimboola defenders fought hard. Kate Ferrier was strong in the centre for Highlanders. The second half was much the same as the first but Dimboola had some good chances at goal, narrowly missing. The Klinge sisters Jennifer and Elizabeth ran hard all game for Dimboola.
Yanac Women have sneaked into the top four on the women’s ladder after a well-fought 2-1 win over Kaniva, putting Kaniva out of the top four on goal difference. The game was nil-all in the first half with slow play on both sides. Sharon Croot scored early in the second half which lifted both sides to run more and play better hockey. Yanac used good team play which saw Sheree May score another for Yanac before Kaniva’s Kayla Saunderson slammed in a goal from a short corner. Kaniva fought hard and had a few chances but Yanac had answers for everything and the score remained 2-1.
Warrack Women had a solid 4-0 win over Thunderbirds.
Revengers did well claiming a 2-2 draw with top two junior side Leopards.
Kangaroos took until the second half to get ahead of Raiders with two excellent running goals from Nathan Jorgensen. Raiders did not cease trying but the final score of 3-1 to Kangaroos was a just result.
A good fair game saw Warriors score five goals but Bombers found the back of the net in the second half and before long had three goals to their credit. Bradley Alexander, who scored four goals, and Erin Blackwood were best for Warriors, while Monique Schwedes controlled the ball well for Bombers. Warriors won 5-3.
Minkey Competition
The Minkey Competition played on the junior field at Davis Park was heralded a success, with about 68 competitors taking part. A great number of these came from Dimboola although all six clubs were represented. These young players are the future of our association and it is great to see so much support for them.
Eight minkey teams played 12 games over two junior fields, with no finals being played. Organisers said it was an even competition with positive attitude from the minkeys in freezing conditions. The focus was on participation and the kids having fun.
It was also good to see that junior players contributed to and gained experience from umpiring the minkey games.
Each player received a participation pack and the Wimmera association would like to thank several businesses for donating towards the packs: ANZ, Subway, Just Hockey, Magnatts, Hockey Victoria, and Go For Your Life.
- Rachel Clark

Round 12 Results and Ladders

Juniors: Kangaroos 3 d Raiders 1. Goals: Kangaroos, N. Jorgensen 2, J. Klinge; Raiders, J. Clark. Best: Kangaroos, J. Lehmann, N. Jorgensen, Meaghan Pohlner, K. Smithyman; Raiders, T. Eastwood, J. Clark, K. Meyer, L. Wallis.
Warriors 5 d Bombers 3. Goals: Warriors, B. Alexander 4, S. Bone; Bombers: K. Trounce, I. Gulline, A. Valentine. Best: Warriors, B. Alexander, E. Blackwood, S. Bone; Bombers, M. Schwedes, K. Trounce, E. O’Connor.
Leopards 2 drew with Revengers 2. Goals: Leopards, M. Fahrina, B. Smith; Revengers, N. Langman, E. Aitken. Best: Leopards, J. Schwartz, A. Welsh, M. Fahrina, E. Janetzki; Revengers, E. Schilling, N. Langman, M. Hewitt, M. Williams.
Ladder: Kangaroos 42 points, Leopards 36, Warriors 32, Raiders 28, Revengers 18, Kookaburras 8, Bombers 4.

Women: Yanac Women 2 d Kaniva Women 1. Goals: Yanac Women, S. May, S. Croot; Kaniva Women, K. Saunderson. Best: Yanac Women, S. May, S. Coughlan, S. Croot; Kaniva Women, K. Webb, S. Williams, H. Bedford.
Warrack Women 4 d Thunderbirds 0. Goals: Warrack Women, S. Puls 2, K. Triffitt, A. Argent. Best: Warrack Women, A. Argent, J. Lawson, L. Arnold-Wardle; Thunderbirds, R. Wallis, J. McLeod, B. McLeod.
Dimboola Women 0 drew with Highlanders 0. Best: Dimboola Women, J. Klinge, E. Klinge, C. Elsom; Highlanders, K. Ferrier, A. Salter, M. Schwedes.
Ladder: Highlanders 46 points, Dimboola Women 32, Warrack Women 26, Yanac Women 16 (goal difference minus-9), Kaniva Women 16 (minus-15), Thunderbirds 8.

Men: Dimboola Men 2 d Hurricanes 1. Goals: Dimboola Men, N. Jorgensen, B. Jorgensen; Hurricanes, J. Heenan. Best: Dimboola Men, T. Jorgensen, B. Lovett, J. Klinge; Hurricanes, L. Zordan, R. Robson, J. Heenan.
Hoops 3 d Nhill Men 2. Goals: Hoops, J. Knoop, P. Slater, B. Peters; Nhill Men, R. Thurlow, A. Welsh. Best: Hoops, J. Knoop, P. Aitken, P. Slater; Nhill Men, D. Reichelt, U. Munawar, R. Thurlow.
Tigers 1 d Kaniva Men 0. Goals: Tigers, K. Croot. Best: Tigers, L. Reichenbach, J. Harding, A. Clohesy, K. Croot; Kaniva Men, D. McKeown, K. Meyer, C. Beattie, M. Eastwood.
Ladder: Tigers 38 points, Hoops 32, Hurricanes 28, Kaniva Men 26, Nhill Men 14, Dimboola Men 6.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Round 12 Preview

Minkey players to take the field
Wimmera Hockey Association’s littlest stars will take to the field this weekend when they play the annual Minkey Competition.
Minkey games will be played on the junior field at Davis Park in Nhill on Saturday while the association’s nine round twelve matches will be played on the main oval.
Over 60 ‘mini-hockey’ players will represent all six clubs in the association including Yanac, Nhill, Kaniva, Warracknabeal, Dimboola and Horsham. Eight teams will compete in two pools, playing 12 round-robin games, each consisting of two nine-minute halves. There will be six players from each team on the field at a time.
Matches will be played starting from 12pm and finishing at approximately 2.30pm.
All participants will receive a ‘goody bag’ including some vouchers from businesses.
Each club will supply umpires giving some junior umpires a chance to develop their skills.
The theme is fun and participation with umpiring not too strict so as to allow the games to flow and the kids to move freely and enjoy, although still gaining some knowledge of rules and experience of match-play.
There will be no finals played at this level, with the focus on participation. This year’s organiser Joanne Wheaton said ‘everyone’s a winner for having a go’.
Not only are these youngsters quite cute and entertaining to watch on the field, they are also the future of this association.
The average age of players is nine with the competition mostly primary school based. The Wimmera association is encouraging young players to join in and have fun. Joanne believes you have to have lots of juniors in order to sustain senior teams in years to come.
Minkey training and playing helps youngsters build confidence, learn some positioning and make friends, as well as have fun.
Most clubs are trying to build on their junior bases by developing minkey programs within their clubs. This annual competition is a good way to come together and practice what they have learned.
In the main arena at Davis Park, on field one from 11am, Warriors will play Bombers.
Thunderbirds play Warrack Women, who will be determined after last week’s loss.
Yanac and Kaniva women will enjoy an even match.
If Hoops are still suffering a shortage of players due to injuries then their match against Nhill Men could be very even.
On field two from 9.30am junior teams Leopards and Revengers have the early start.
Kangaroos and Raiders will do battle.
Top two women’s teams Dimboola Women and Highlanders could have a very interesting match.
Tigers and Kaniva Men will play fast and hard.
Hurricanes have come off a good win last week and will be tough against Dimboola Men.
- Rachel Clark

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Round 11 Review

Highlanders win eleventh straight
Horsham Highlanders have won their eleventh straight game comfortably disposing of Warracknabeal Women in their Wimmera hockey round eleven encounter at Yanac.
On lush green fields Highlanders outran their opponents with good pace and fitness, although they missed many scoring opportunities. Goals to Kate Ferrier, Carmel McFarlane and Johanna Tuomisto in the first half set the team up for the win. The reigning premiers fought back in the second and kept Horsham scoreless. But the damage was already done and Highlanders won 3-0. Ferrier, Robyn Creek and Ellie Morrow were instrumental in the win, while Joanne Lawson, goalie Kate Perkins and Julia Hausler were strong for Warrack.
Yanac Women secured their first win of the season in a close game against Thunderbirds. The Yanac side claimed the four points the last time the two teams were set to meet after Thunderbirds forfeited. On Saturday the first half saw equal chances for both sides and play was mostly midfield. Thunderbirds scored the early goal through Christy Marais but Yanac leveled the score soon after. Yanac played a more structured game and used more teamwork as the game continued. Yanac scored in the second half to earn the win 2-1. Sheree May and Sharon Croot scored Yanac’s goals. Best for Yanac were Anne Blackwood, Sarah Coughlan and May. Bridie Kennedy, Grace McLeod and Anna Rowe were top for Thunderbirds.
Kaniva Women frustrated many of Dimboola’s efforts at goal holding the strong side to one goal each half. Elizabeth Klinge scored early with a solid hit from the top of the circle. Jennifer Klinge worked the ball into Dimboola’s attacking circle on many occasions setting up many opportunities. Young Meaghan Pohlner was in the right place to convert from a scramble on the line. Cara Elsom was strong in defence for the victors, who won 2-0. Hannah Bedford was strong for Kaniva.
Hurricanes took advantage of a depleted Hoops side to take a win and equal points on the ladder with them, although just behind on percentage. The Warrack side was missing many players due to injuries and the team could not hold Horsham out. Horsham dominated and deserved the 2-0 victory. Ryan Robson and Richard Kemp were stars for Hurricanes while experienced Simon King and junior Mark Hewitt did their best for Hoops.
Kaniva Men worked hard for a 3-1 win over Dimboola Men. Defender Fergus Meyer scored two goals and was instrumental in the win, and Brett Jewell scored the other for Kaniva, while Dimboola’s Basil Jorgensen scored one back.
Tigers and Nhill Men had good even back and forth play in their match with the difference being Tigers were able to convert off some attacking chances. Jarryd Bendall at centre half and goalie Graeme Jago did well for Nhill. Yanac halfbacks Luke Reichenbach and Matt Kube pushed forward for the 3-0 win.
Warriors have sneaked up to third spot on the junior ladder ahead of Raiders on percentage. Warriors had a strong win 7-3 over Kookaburras.
Jack Janetzki scored three times to give Leopards a solid 3-0 win over Bombers.
Kangaroos beat Revengers 4-0.
Four points to the canteen crew – Yanac is renowned in the association for its five star feasts and homemade treats and held up its reputation for the crowd as they watched and played nine matches on Saturday!
- Rachel Clark

Round 11 Results and Ladders

Juniors: Leopards 3 d Bombers 0. Goals: Leopards, J. Janetzki 3. Best: Leopards, T. Dent, J. Janetzki, M. Heenan; Bombers, S. Creek, M. Schwedes, E. Hayden, J. Randall-Demllo.
Kangaroos 4 d Revengers 0. Goals: Kangaroos, N. Jorgensen 2, Brett Tischler, B. Gebert. Best: Kangaroos, N. Jorgensen, Michael Pohlner, Brett Tischler, J. Klinge; Revengers, E. Schilling, M. Hewitt, C. Lewis, N. Langman.
Warriors 7 d Kookaburras 3. Goals: Warriors, B. Alexander 2, N. Alexander 2, M. Croot 2, A. Wheaton; Kookaburras, J. Guerin, N. Crowhurst, Z. Aitken. Best: Warriors, N. Alexander, E. Blackwood, B. Alexander, M. Croot; Kookaburras, J. Keating, A. Crowhurst, J. Guerin, K. Villis.
Ladder: Kangaroos 38 points, Leopards 34, Warriors 28 (goal difference plus-21), Raiders 28 (plus 16), Revengers 16, Kookaburras 6, Bombers 4.

Women: Dimboola Women 2 d Kaniva Women 0. Goals: Dimboola Women, E. Klinge, M. Pohlner. Best: Dimboola Women, J. Klinge, C. Elsom, E. Klinge; Kaniva Women, H. Bedford, H. Meyer, J. Silinger.
Highlanders 3 d Warracknabeal Women 0. Goals: Highlanders, K. Ferrier, C. McFarlane, J. Tuomisto. Best: Highlanders, K. Ferrier, R. Creek, E. Morrow; Warracknabeal Women, J. Lawson, K. Perkins, J. Hausler.
Yanac Women 2 d Thunderbirds 1. Goals: Yanac Women, S. May, S. Croot; Thunderbirds, C. Marais. Best: Yanac Women, A. Blackwood, S. Coughlan, S. May; Thunderbirds, B. Kennedy, G. McLeod, A. Rowe.
Ladder: Highlanders 44 points, Dimboola Women 30, Warracknabeal Women 22, Kaniva Women 16, Yanac Women 12, Thunderbirds 8.

Men: Kaniva Men 3 d Dimboola Men 1. Goals: Kaniva Men, F. Meyer 2, B. Jewell; Dimboola Men, B. Jorgensen. Best: Kaniva Men, F. Meyer, D. McKeown, B. Jewell; Dimboola Men, R. Booth, J. Klinge, L. Terry.
Tigers 3 d Nhill Men 0. Goals: Tigers, J. Harding, A. Clohesy, K. Croot. Best: Tigers, L. Reichenbach, M. Kube, A. Clohesy, K. Croot; Nhill Men, J. Bendall, G. Jago, G. Janetzki.
Hurricanes 2 d Hoops 0. Goals: Hurricanes, A. Dorman, M. Tepper. Best: Hurricanes, R. Robson, R. Kemp, W. Hewitt; Hoops, S. King, M. Hewitt, P. Slater.
Ladder: Tigers 34 points, Hoops 28 (goal difference plus-9), Hurricanes 28 (minus-4), Kaniva Men 26, Nhill Men 14, Dimboola Men 2.

Round 11 Preview

Yanac hosts nine matches for first time this season
Yanac Hockey Club will host all nine Wimmera hockey matches for the first time this season. They have hosted matches this season but up until now only on the one field due to lack of rain and field condition. Recent rains will boost the fields and it should be a good playing surface, if not soft under-foot.
Many junior players will be full of confidence and use experience they have gained from their weekend of hockey in Melbourne at the junior country championships last weekend.
On field one from 11am Revengers will come up against the Kangaroos who had an upset loss last week and will be looking to reclaim their form.
Dimboola Women will be looking for a win to help keep their top two place on the ladder when they play Kaniva. Warrack Women, who beat Dimboola last round, are not far behind them and are building on their form as the season wears on. Kaniva are sitting comfortably in fourth place at the moment.
Yanac Women and Thunderbirds should enjoy an even match. Both can be strong defensive teams and this week’s outcome may depend on each team’s lineup.
Hurricanes could level the points with second-placed Hoops if they beat them this round but would still be behind on goal difference. However this would still be a position worth fighting for at this stage of the season.
On field two Warriors and Kookaburras have the early 9.30am start. Warriors claimed the first win over the top Dimboola junior side Kangaroos last round and will play the other Dimboola side Kookaburras this week, looking for a similar outcome.
Bombers will come up against Nhill Leopards who may want to increase their percentage to retain a firm hold on second spot on the junior ladder.
Warrack Women and Highlanders will meet and this will be a good preview for finals time. Warrack will be looking to redeem themselves after the nine-goal deficit they endured in their round one encounter. Highlanders have been strong all season winning ten straight games. Can they take an eleventh straight game or will a strengthening Warrack side end their run?
Kaniva and Dimboola men will enjoy an even match while Tigers should beat Nhill Men. But this is hockey and sometimes it can take only a lapse in concentration of a team or one good deflection and it can turn a game around.
Positions are still well up for grabs in each of the men’s, women’s and junior ladders with seven home and away rounds to go.
There are only two goals separating Leopards, Raiders and Warriors at the moment and with few points separating the second, third and fourth place on the ladder, if they continue as they are then goal difference may be a factor in deciding the top four junior positions. Kangaroos are still top of the junior ladder.
Raiders have the bye this week.
- Rachel Clark