Thursday, June 28, 2007

Round 10 Results

Juniors: Warriors 4 (Goals: M. Croot 2, E. Blackwood, A. Reichenbach; Best: S. Bone, E. Blackwood, M. Webb) d Kookaburras 1 (Goals: J. Guenin; Best: C. Elsom, J. Guenin, M. Pohlner). Bandits 4 (Goals: J. Schwarz, G. Janetski, L. Bendall, T. Braendler; Best: J. Bendall, J. Janetski, L. Bendall) d Bombers 1 (Goals: B. Sykes; Best: K. Tronna, M. Schwedes, M. Tepper). Revengers 5 (Goals: E. Aitken, N. Langman, R. McPherson, J. Williamson, T. Hewitt; Best: E. Aitken, L. Noone, R. McPherson) d Black Hawks 0 (Best: A. Slater, S. Creek, W. Lehman). Leopards 4 (Goals: O. Stephen 3, S. Wallis; Best: T. Cook, O. Stephen, A. Creek, N. Jones) d Kangaroos 3 (Goals: J. Klinge 2, C. Nuske; Best: J. Klinge, N. Jorgensen, E. Klinge, B. Gebert)

Women: Yanac 1 (Goals: E. Blackwood; Best: S. May, S. Couglin, M. Falting, A. Blackwood) d Dimboola 0 (Best: M. Searle, J. Ross, N. Kuhnell, E. Klinge). Kaniva 2 (Goals: D. Meyer, H. Meyer; Best: H. Bedford, D. Meyer, R. Clarke) drew with Thunderbirds 2 (Goals: S. Borgelt, L. Wallis; Best: L. Wallis, H. Cannel, K. Wallis). Warracknabeal 2 (Goals: K. Triffit, K. Nicholson; Best: J. Langman, L. Dart, J. Ford) d Highlanders 0 (Best: E. Morrow, R. Creek, M. Salter).

Men: Tigers 7 (Goals: K. Croot 2, L. Riechenbach, J. Cramer, M. Miller, A. Clohesy, J. Harding; Best: A Clohesy, K. Croot, S. Farmers) d Dimboola 0 (Best: J. Terry, T. Jorgensen, B. Jorgensen). Hoops 3 (Goals: P. Slater 2, C. Sutton; Best: C. Bardell, S. Bardell, S. Laverty) d Hurricanes 1 (Goals: S. Hoffman; Best: S. Gross, S. Hoffman, T. Barrett)

Round 10 Rewiew

The much anticipated clash of the undefeated Leopards and Kangaroos did not disappoint. Both teams have dominated opponents this year and look set to meet each other in the grand final.

From the start it was hard and very fast hockey with the Leopards scoring the first goal and going into the break with the advantage. Again early in the second half it was the Leopards firing on all cylinders, and with a 4 – 1 lead late into the game looked like they were going to crush the Kangaroos as they had done to all other comers to date. Oscar Stephen had three goals while Sarah Wallis scored the other. Tom Cook, Adrian Creek, and Natalie Jones were also great for the Leopards, and Chris Jones again excellent as goalie.

Then with 15 minutes remaining the Kangaroos fought back with 2 goals to James Klinge, but it was too late and the Leopards held on to just win 4- 3. Nathan Jorgensen, Ben Gebert, and Elizabeth Klinge played well for the Kangaroos, and Clay Nuske scored their other goal. It was a highly skilled match and maybe some home ground advantage helped the Leopards over the line. We look forward to their next clash.

In the women, Warracknabeal and Horsham had a very close match, with Warracknabeal making the most of their opportunities to win 2 – 0, and consolidate their position in the four. Best for Warracknabeal were Julie Langman and Lauren Dart. Ellie Morrow and Robyn Creek played well for the Highlanders.

The Nhill Thunderbirds struck back from their shock defeat last week, scoring two early goals, and having most of the play in the first half against Kaniva. The second half, however, was a different story with Donna Meyer and Hannah Meyer scoring a goal a piece to draw the match 2 – 2. Best for the Thunderbirds were Laura Wallis and Helen Cannell. Hannah Bedford and Donna Meyer were best for Kaniva.

Yanac defeated Dimboola women 1 – 0 in a battle of the defences. In a match with very few scoring shots, Erin Blackwood snuck a goal in after a scramble on the goal line. Sharee May and Sarah Coughlin played well for Yanac, and Michelle Searle and Jess Ross were Dimboola’s best.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Round 10 Preview

The most anticipated game of the season so far will take place between junior teams Dimboola Kangaroos and Nhill Leopards, who are both undefeated this year. These teams both seem unstoppable and the match on the weekend could be a taste of what to expect in the grand final. Kangaroos have many fierce attackers such as Nathan Jorgensen and James and Elizabeth Klinge and with such a diverse range of talent shooting at goal the Leopards defenders will find it difficult. The Leopards, however, have key attackers such as Tom Cook, Adrian Creek and Oscar Stephan. They also boast Natalie Jones, who is constantly improving and will be on fire after scoring 3 goals last week. With so much talent in both sides, it will be a matter of the best teamwork as to which team prevails.
In the men’s competition, the rivalry between Horsham Hurricanes and Warracknabeal Hoops will be set to continue in Warracknabeal on Saturday. Hurricanes will come off a disappointing win to top side Tigers last week and will be looking for some more points as the finals near. The Hoffman brothers, Stuart and Jordan, will be key attackers for the Hurricanes, along with young gun Lachlan Zordan. However, Hoops are a win ahead of Hurricanes this year and with experienced players such as Paul Slater and Shane Langman, they will be a hard side to beat.
In a game sure to be interesting, Kaniva once again takes on the Nhill Thunderbirds. Nhill started the year strong, winning the first four matches, but it took the young Kaniva side to stop their winning run. Nhill will be determined to win this week, to show that they are still a serious team, after a humiliating 5-0 loss to Warracknabeal last week. Kaniva is also a team that started the year well, but seem to have faded as the year has progressed. Thunderbirds have skilled attackers Grace McLeod and Bridie Kennedy; however Kaniva also has capable attackers in Rachel Clark and Sharon Williams. This game will be a chance for both teams to show that they are real threats in this competition and the final result is sure to be tight.
In another junior match, lower ladder placed teams Warriors and Kookaburras will play a close match. These teams have won the same amount of games this year and will be hoping to advance their position. Warriors have players such as Erin Blackwood and Jess Wheaton in defence that will make it hard for Kookaburras attack, including Cara Elsom and Bethany Terry. The teams will both be eager for an encouraging win this week, with neither team realistically looking to the finals this year.
In other matches, Yanac and Dimboola women face each other, Bandits at home will be looking for an easy win over Bombers, Highlanders will have a hard task to beat the improving Warracknabeal women’s side and Yanac Tigers should overcome the Dimboola men’s team.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Round 9 Results

Men: Tigers d Hurricanes 2-0. Goals, Tigers, M. Dart, J. Harding. Best, Tigers, S. Farmers, D. Kennedy, J. Cramer; Hurricanes, S. Gross, L. Dunn, J. Knoop.
Kaniva d Dimboola 4-0. Goals, Kaniva, P. Whyte, D. McKewan, R. Sanders, A. Douglas. Best, Kaniva, R. Sanders, J. Bedford, A. Douglas, C. Beattie; Dimboola, T. Jorgensen, C. Searle, J. Terry.
Women: Warracknabeal d Thunderbirds 5-0. Goals, Warracknabeal, K. Nicholson, 2, K. Triffit, 2, J. Gaulke. Best, Warracknabeal, A. Argent, K. Nicholson, J. Langman; Thunderbirds, B. Kennedy, J. McLeod, P. Cramer.
Yanac d Highlanders 2-0. Goals, Yanac, S. May, N. Brick. Best, Yanac, S. Coughlan, A. Blackwood, S. May; Highlanders, K. Ferrier, C. McFarlane, R. Creek.
Kaniva drew with Dimboola 2-2. Goals, Kaniva, S. Wallis, R. Clark; Dimboola, E. Klinge, J. Ross. Best, Kaniva, H. Bedford, R. Clark, D. Meyer, S. Williams; Dimboola, M. Searle, E. Klinge, N. Kuhnell, J. Ross.
Junior: Bandits d Revengers 2-0. Goals, Bandits, L. Bendall, J. Bendall. Best, Bandits, J. Bendall, J. Janetzki, B. Smith; Revengers, E. Schilling, T. Hewitt, M. Hewitt.
Warriors d Bombers 1-0. Goal, Warriors, M. Croot. Best, Warriors, M. Croot, A. Wheaton, E. Blackwood, S. Bone; Bombers, M. Schwedes, P. Bush, J Sykes-Atkins.
Leopards d Black Hawks 6-1. Goals, Leopards, N. Jones, 3, T. Cook, 2, O. Stephan; Black Hawks, A. Valentine. Best, Leopards, T. Cook, N. Jones, A. Creek; Black Hawks, A. Salter, E. O’Connor, S. Creek.
Kangaroos d Raiders 3-0. Goals, Kangaroos, N. Jorgensen, 2, J. Lehmann. Best, Kangaroos, E. Klinge, J. Klinge, N. Jorgensen, M. Pohlner; Raiders, T. Eastwood, C. McDonald, K. Meyer.

Round 9 Review

Wimmera Hockey Association matches were played in Kaniva and Horsham on the weekend.
The women’s competition this year is very even, with some upset wins on the weekend. Yanac was able to get over the Horsham Highlanders at home. The first half was evenly played, but Yanac broke away in the second half after Horsham’s Robyn Creek went off injured. Yanac’s captain Sarah Coughlan was best afield, creating lots of chances for scorers Sheree May and Naomi Brick. Anne Blackwood was solid in defence for Yanac. Kate Ferrier and Carmel McFarlane were the best for the Highlanders, who will be disappointed after this loss. Yanac are showing themselves to be a team to beat in the competition this year.
Dimboola women and Kaniva women played a very even contest at Kaniva. Dimboola’s Michelle Searle played a great defensive game, keeping Kaniva’s score to only one in the first half, despite them having most of the attack. Dimboola forwards Elizabeth Klinge and Jess Ross, however, made no mistake, converting one each for the half. Kaniva came out fired up in the second half and put one on the board early, through Rachel Clark. Dimboola had many more chances to score late in the half, but some good defending by Kaniva’s Hannah Bedford, Donna Meyer and goalie Krystal Smith made sure that nothing got through. The game was drawn at the final siren, a fitting end to a spectacular match.
In the men’s competition, top side Tigers were too good for the Horsham Hurricanes. Simon Farmers created lots of opportunities and the Tigers scored through Mick Dart and Jamie Harding. For the Hurricanes, goalie Steve Gross stood out, stopping many shots at goal, whilst at the other end Luke Dunn and Jarred Knoop were dangerous in the circle. The Tigers seem to be unstoppable this season and are best bets for premiers if they can keep up their form.
The junior competition saw a close tussle between bottom sides Warriors and Bombers, with Warriors prevailing for their first win of the season. Marney Croot played an outstanding game for the Warriors, setting up many shots and eventually scoring herself, to give her team the win. Alex Wheaton was also important for the Warriors. Back line player Patrick Bush was solid in defence for the Bombers, whilst half back Monique Schwedes pushed the ball forward in a desperate attempt to allow her team to score. The Yanac players will all be ecstatic to finally have their first win this season.
Nhill Bandits won an important game against Warracknabeal Revengers. The game was played at a fast and furious pace, with both teams having great teamwork. Captain Jarryd Bendall and sister Lauren were the scorers for the Bandits, showing very good skills. Ethan Schilling and Tom Hewitt were the best in the forward line for the Revengers, creating lots of chances, just unable to convert. In the end it was the Bandits who made the most of their chances to come out 2-0 winners.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Round 8 Review

Warriors continued to show improvement. In a good even game against the Bandits, the Warriors took control early and shot 2 good goals. Bandits fought back late in the half scoring a goal and were unlucky not to get another. The Bandits dominated the second half scoring two magnificent goals early and were able to hold on. The Warriors had plenty of chances that were kept out as a result of strong Bandit defence. Bandits won 3-2.

Raiders dominated in the 1st half in the clash with the Black Hawks, scoring 2 goals. The Black Hawks had trouble getting the ball into their half. The Raiders passed the ball well. In the second half the Black Hawks had a new lease of life getting the ball into attack more often and improved teamwork. However, it was the Raiders who scored again. It was only the great work by Black Hawks goalie Quentin Barrett who stopped the Raiders scoring more. Raiders won 3-0.

The Kangaroos were too strong right across the field. The Kookaburras trying hard in defence but couldn't match the strength and skill of the Kangaroos. Half time score was 7-0 to Kangas. In the second half the Kookaburras shoed more fight keeping the Kangaroos scoreless for 15 minutes. The Kangaroos strength though overcame them and in the end it was Kangaroos 10 to Kookaburras 0. Nathan Jorgensen continued his impressive goal scoring with 2.

In the other game the Revengers defeated an improving Bombers 3-0

Round 8 Results

Juniors, Raiders 3 (Goals: Brady Dixon, Kendall Meyer, Braden Clark; Best: Kendall Meyer, Claire McDonald, Kelsey Webb) d Black Hawks 0 (Allie Slater, Andrew Valentine, Sean Creek)

Bandits 3 (Jarryd Bendall 2, Ben Smith 1; Jarryd Bendall, Ben Smith, Jack Janetski, Lauren Bendall) d Warriors 2 (Marny Croot, Anna Reichenbach; Erin Blackwood, Sam Bone, Alex Wheaton, Marny Croot)

Revengers 3 (Edward Aitken, Tom Hewitt, Ryan King; Peter Aitken, Nakita Langman, Edward Aitken, Marc Hewitt) d Bombers 0 (Monique Schwedes, Patrick Bush, Adam Schwedes)

Kangaroos 10 (Beau Lovett 2, Nathan Jorgensen 2, Ambrose Hose 2, Ben Gerbert, Elizabeth Klinge, Kelly Smithyman, Meaghan Pohlner; Beau Lovett, Nathan Jorgensen, Ambrose Hose) d Kookaburras 0 (Cara Elsom, Luke Terry, Bethany Terry)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ladder after Round 8

Tigers 22, Hoops 20, Hurricanes 16, Kaniva 8, Dimboola 4

Thunderbirds 22, Yanac 16, Warracknabeal 14, Kaniva 14, Dimboola 10, Highlanders 8

Leopards 30, Kangaroos 30, Raiders 20, Bandits 18, Revengers 16, Black Hawks 10, Kookaburras 8, Warriors 6, Bombers 6

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Lost at Horsham Hockey Ground Saturday

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Round 7 Review

Horsham was the place to be last Saturday, when the Wimmera Hockey Association’s matches converged on the racecourse for an exciting action packed day. It was close matches on the menu as spectators were treated to some very exciting and skilful play.
The women’s competition saw the Nhill Thunderbirds and Dimboola fight out it out to the end. Nhill started well in the first half but were unable to convert, despite a close shot just skimming the back line. In the second half, Dimboola attacked really well and had many close shots through inners Jess Ross and Naomi Kuhnell. However, the Nhill defence of Alannah Creek and Pam Cramer were solid and Dimboola were unable to penetrate. The game ended in a fitting nil-all draw, showing that the women’s competition is really wide open this year and no teams are safe for the finals yet.
The Warracknabeal Hoops won an important match to overcome the previously undefeated Yanac Tigers side in the men’s competition. Yanac missed shots early but the Warracknabeal defence, through Steven Laverty, held strong and they were rewarded with a goal before half time. The game was even in the second half, with forwards Paul Slater and Shane Langman attacking well for Warracknabeal and Luke Reichenbach and Josh Cramer scoring for the Tigers.
In the junior competition, young side Yanac Warriors put on a great performance to draw with Warracknabeal Revengers. Yanac have not won a game yet, but were firing on Saturday. Erin Blackwood and Jess Wheaton were standout defenders for the Warriors, whilst on the other side, Nakita Langman and Edward Aitken stood strong for Warracknabeal. Alex Wheaton set up many shots for the Warriors and Ethan Schilling attacked well for the Revengers. Warracknabeal will be disappointed not to beat the Warriors and will now have to start improving for any hope of making the finals.
Top side and undefeated Leopards were challenged by Kaniva Raiders in the junior competition, with Kaniva showing that they are a real finals chance this year. After a slow start to the game, Nhill’s half back line started to fire through Tom Cook. Oscar Stephan scored two quick opportunistic goals to put Nhill on the front foot. Strong work by Kaniva’s half backs Claire McDonald and Liam Wallis kept the scoring to a minimum. Kaniva came out firing in the second half to upset the flow of Nhill’s game. Kendall Meyer scored a well hit goal, but at the end of the game, Leopards had once again prevailed, to keep their winning streak going.
In a best on ground performance, Kayjay Florinell scored twice in the Kookaburras 4-2 defeat of Horsham’s Black Hawks. Black Hawks defenders Sean Creek and Elly O’Connor were solid in defence and Andrew Valentine and youngster Claire Barnett were the scorers for the Black Hawks. Cara Elsom and Bethaney Terry were key defenders for the Kookaburras.
In an upset, Horsham Highlanders scored only their second win for the season, over the talented Kaniva women’s side. Ellie Morrow was the sole scorer for the Highlanders and teammate Kate Ferrier put on a best on ground performance. Nicol Wilson was the best for Kaniva, whilst junior Roey Sanders played a mature game. Kaniva will be disappointed not to win this game and will be looking to regroup after two losses in a row.
Other matches saw the Horsham Hurricanes defeat the Kaniva men 2-0, Yanac women just prevail over Warracknabeal and the Kangaroos trounce the Bombers 8-0.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Round 7 Results

Men: Hurricanes 2 (A Dorman, J Knoop; D Barnett, L Dunn, J Knoop) d Kaniva 0 (M McDonald, A King, B Schwedes), Hoops 3 (S Langman 2, P Slater; P Slater, S Langman, C Bardell) d Tigers 2 (L Reichenbach, J Cramer; M Dart, L Reichenbach, D Kennedy)
Women: Yanac 1 (A Blackwood, M Falting, S May) d Warracknabeal 0 (C Cheeseman, J Gaulke, J Ford, A Argent), Highlanders 2 (E Morrow 2; K Ferrier, E Morrow, D Vallance) d Kaniva 0 (N Wilson, R Sanders, R Clark), Dimboola 0 (J Ross, M Searle, N Kuhnell) drew with Thunderbirds 0 (A Creek, P Cramer, G McLeod)
Junior: Kangaroos 8 (K Smithyman 3, C Nuske 2, B Lovett, N Jorgensen, M Pohlner; K Smithyman, C Nuske, B Gebert) d Bombers 0 (M Tepper, B Sykes, M Schwedes), Kookaburras 4 (K Florinell 2, J Keating, A Crowhurst; K Florinell, C Elsom, B Terry, J Guerin) d Black Hawks 2 (C Barnett, A Valentine; S Creek, A Valentine, E O’Connor), Revengers 1 (M Moloney; N Langman, E Schilling, E Aitken) drew with Warriors 1 (C Dyer; A Wheaton, E Blackwood, J Wheaton), Leopards 3 (O Stephan 2, T Cook; T Cook, A Creek, O Stephan) d Raiders 1 (K Meyer; C McDonald, L Wallis, A Wallis)

Friday, June 1, 2007

Round 6 Review

Wimmera hockey games moved east this week to Horsham and Dimboola following welcome recent rains. Even games were the theme of the week as the season gets into full swing and top four positions are at stake.

At Dimboola on a very fast low cut surface, Dimboola Men showed much improvement in a narrow defeat 4 – 3 against Warracknabeal in the game of the day. The first half was very even, but it was Josh Halsall on the end of a good pass giving Dimboola a one nil lead into the break. It seems to be the case each week, Warracknabeal’s direct style allows them to dominate the second half as opposition teams tire. The Hoops hit three quick goals to put themselves in a very strong position. However this time Dimboola struck back with Shane Schwarz hitting two goals to even things up. In the tense final few minutes the Hoops won a short corner and skilfully converted. Shane Langman and Craig Searle were standouts for their respective defences. In the other game Yanac Tigers were once again too strong for an improving Kaniva winning 2 – 0.

Nhill Bandits and Dimboola Kangaroos played a top game. The Bandits were first to with a goal in the opening minutes to Duncan Koop. But the Kangaroos fought back into the game and began to dominate with goals to Kelly Smithyman and Nathan Jorgensen. The second half again saw the Kangaroos have most of the possession and a goal by Brydon Tischler put the result beyond doubt giving the Kangaroos a 3 – 1 victory.

At Horsham and in a battle of the Horsham junior teams Blackhawks defeated the Bombers 1 – 0. Both defences were strong with Monique Schwedes and Josh Sykes-Atkins forming a brick wall in defence for the Bombers, while Sean Creek and Allie Salter held things together at the other end for the Blackhawks. A highlight of the game was some good play by up and coming players such as Will Lehmann and Rupert Lang for the Blackhawks, and Blakes Sykes and Jack Vauge for the Bombers. Tristan Barret was the hero scoring the only goal.

In another high standard junior match the Raiders defeated the Revengers in a battle for the coveted fourth position on the ladder. The Revengers got off to a flying start with a top goal to Rebecca McPherson. Raiders defended well with Roey Sanders and Tim Eastwood the standouts. Revengers piled on the pressure early in the second half through Ethan Schilling, Nakita Langman, and Eddie Aitken. But it was the Raiders who dug deepest scoring two second half goals to take the game 2 – 1.

The ladder leaders Leopards beat the Kookaburras 14 – 0 in the other junior game.

In an upset Dimboola Women pulled themselves off the bottom of the ladder with a 3 – 0 win over Warracknabeal. An even first half saw all the field being used. Dimboola had many chances but were stopped by Warracknabeal’s strong defence led by Jenny Ford. Trailing one nil into the second half Dimboola, in particular Marly Sallman came out firing scoring three goals. Sue Puls got one back but it was not enough and Dimboola was victorious. Jess Ross and Jennifer Klinge were best for Dimboola.
Yanac Women surprised with a 3 – 0 win over second place win over Kaniva. Naomi Brick scored twice in the first half. What a difference a week makes as Kaniva beat top of the ladder Thunderbirds. The women’s competition is unfolding as the most even of the three competitions. In the other match the Thunderbirds got over the Highlanders 2 – 0.