Friday, September 19, 2008

Grand Finals Review

Hockey premiers 2008: Kangaroos, Highlanders and Tigers
It was a day for Yanac, Horsham and Dimboola on Saturday as the Wimmera Hockey Association grand finals were played out. The three clubs were represented in two each of the three matches and each club claimed one victory each.
Dimboola Kangaroos, Horsham Highlanders and Yanac Tigers are the 2008 premiers.
They defeated Yanac Warriors, Dimboola Women and Horsham Hurricanes in some top quality hockey matches.
The junior, women’s and men’s grand finals were played at Kaniva on Saturday 6 September 2008, with the Kaniva Hockey Club also hosting the association grand final dinner and presentation evening at the Kaniva Shire Hall that evening.
To top it off the grand finalist clubs were also each well represented in the best and fairest counts, amongst other awards, at the presentation dinner that evening.
Matches were all even and free flowing, and none were decided by strokes. The only game requiring extra time was the men’s final.
In the junior final Kangaroos defeated Warriors 4-1. Kangaroos got a good start scoring twice through James Klinge while Nathan Jorgensen and Kelly Smithyman also scored. Warriors scored once through Nathan Alexander although they put the pressure on Kangaroos time and time again. However Kangaroos have been the dominant junior team this season and deserved the win. Warriors were pleased to find themselves in the final and made very worthy opponents.
Highlanders have broken Horsham women’s 25 year drought with their 3-1 win over Dimboola Women. Highlander’s top player and coach Kate Ferrier was overseas on grand final day and there was a split finger during warm up on the day, but this did not deter the team and they showed how their level headed approach and strong ground work have made them the top team this year. Highlanders scored in the first couple of minutes but Dimboola kept with them through the game. A late goal sealed the win. Ellie Morrow scored twice and Robyn Creek scored the other for Highlanders. Young Ashlee Crowhurst scored Dimboola’s goal. Dimboola can hold their heads high for a good game, but it was Highlanders’ turn this year.
Tigers met their match in their final after mixed results with Hurricanes during the season. The game was 0-0 at full time and it could have been anybody’s game. Tigers scored through Tom Cook in the first ten minutes of extra time and they held on to claim the victory 1-0.
Premiership shields were presented at the conclusion of each match by WHA president Simon King. The women’s trophy is a new trophy this year, donated by the Warrack Women since they have kept the previous trophy after winning it three consecutive years. The new trophy is known as the ‘Jenny Ford Trophy’ in honour of Jenny’s dedication to the Wimmera association over many years.
After the final match Umpires Convenor Launa Schilling presented Regional Umpires from Hockey Victoria Charlie Martin and Mark Frost with a bottle of wine each. Mark and Charlie umpired all three finals on the day and have conducted rules sessions and coaching clinics in the association during the season. They have been valuable contributors to the association this year.
- Rachel Clark

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