Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Round 13


Raiders defeated Revengers in a two goal win. Goals were scored by both teams during a free running game. Revengers trying hard, but Raiders forcing the ball forward and scoring 3 goals. The Raiders had most of the play and the Revengers full backs had to work hard. Goal scorers were Braden Clark (3) and Lachlan Clark and Brandon Rick (1 goal each) of Raiders and for Revengers goal scorers were Hamish Wagenknecht (2) and Brodie Denes (1). Votes went to Lewis Bothe, Braden Clark and Brandon Rich of Raiders and for Revengers votes went to Michael Clark, Hamish Wagenknecht and Darius Cosgrave.

Leopards defeated Bombers by tweleve goals. Leopards scored 2 quick goals in the first 10 minutes, then the game evened out with both teams getting runs at goal. Leopards scored another 2 goals late in the half. Second half saw Leopards dominating the half by played a fair gam, interchanging well. Bombers tried hard to defend but Leopards proved too strong. Goal scorers were Jacob Kingwell, Duncan Koop and Brady Newcombe (3), Emma Janetzki, Amy Schultz and Vicki Janetzki (1 goal each). Votes went to Brady Newcombe, Jacob Kingwell and Tim Braendler of Leopards and for Bombers votes went to Jo Ellis, Mikaela Turvey, Claire Barnett and Ethan Mellor.

Warriors defeated Kookaburras in a 4 goal win. Cold foggy start to thje day with both teams sluggish. Kookaburras scored the first goal by Jemma Schultz before Warriors got their act together and began to dominate. Second half saw Warriors still dominating, keeping the ball in their D, firing up and scoring well. Kookaburras were unable to hold off all the attack. Goal scorers for Warriors were Sam Bone, Louise Bone, Sam Dorrington, Todd Alexander and Seth Croot. Votes went to Caitlyn Smith, Sam Bone and Louise Bone of Warriors and for Kookaburras votes went to Nick Crowhurst, Maydelen Occenola and Jayrell Guzarem.


Dimboola defeated Warracknabeal in a 4 goal win. Dimboola had good team work, the first 2 goals were scored very quickly. Meaghan Pohlner and Rebecca Lovett were good in defence. Jenny Gaulke made some good playing opportunities. Jess Ross played strong but Jess Furey creating headaches for Dimboola. Second half saw Ellie woods playing brilliant in goals saving a truck load of goals. It was a day for all backs to shine. Strong defence by all. Rebecca Lovett was all over many attacks from Warracknabeal. Goal scorers were Vicki Smithyman (2), Jess Ross and Michelle Searle (1 goal each). Votes went to Rebecca Lovett, Meaghan Pohlner, Jess Ross and Vicki Smithyman of Dimboola. Warracknabeals votes went to Ellie Woods, Nikita Langman and Jenny Gaulke.

Yanac defeated Thunderbirds in a 1 goal win. Even game but Yanac had more of the attack, converting 1 goal. Thunderbirds strong in defence. The second half continued on in the same way. The only difference is that both teams were able to convert. Goal scorers for yanac were Sheree Shurdington and Catherine Wagg and for Thunderbird goal scorer was Emma Janetzki. Votes went to Emma Janetzki, Pam Cramer and Leah Bailey of Thunderbirds and for Yanac votes went toSheree Shurdington, Erin Blackwood and Carmel Beattie.

Highlanders defeated Kaniva by 7 goals. Highlanders working hard to move the ball towards their goals. Kaniva defenders strong, but could not prevent 3 goals. Second half saw Highlanders managed to score 4 more goals in this half. Kaniva had a short corner but were unable to convert. Goal scorers were Robyn Creek (2), Launa Schilling, Andrae Loughman, Elly O’connor, Carmel McFarland and Claire Barnett (1 goal each) Votes went to Claire Riches, Rachel Clark, Lisa Stimson and Kirralee Wilde of Kaniva and for Highlanders votes went to Andrea Loughman, Elly O’Connor, Carmel McFarlance and Kaitlyn Opie.


Tigers defeated Rangers in a 3 -0 match. Rangers had a couple of chances but no success. Tigers pressure continued throughout the half. Team play from the tigers resulted in 2 goals, players were struggling with the wet conditions, many slipping over. Second half saw Rangers getting their act together and provided a real defensive setup. Tigers with plenty of chances but unable to convert until late into the half. Goal scorers were Adam Clohsey, Brad Alexander and Kim Croot. Votes went to Alex Welsh, Aiden Dent and Mont Miller of Rangers and for Tigers votes went to Simon Farmers, Shaun Alexander and Brad Alexander.

Cobras defeated Hurricanes in a 4 goal win. 3 goals to the vobras in the first half, the game was played at a fast paced and there were a lot of long passes. Second half saw Goal being scored by Josh Barry through more convincing play, but the cobras were able to convert another 2 goals during the half. Goal scorers for Cobras were Jordan Clark, Chris White, Brett Jewel, Braden Clark and Patrick White. Votes went to Stuart Hoffman, Ash Hannell and Caleb Halsall from Hurricanes and for Cobras votes went to Clint Beattie, Jordan Clark and Adam Wallis.

Dimboola defeated Hoops in a 3-1 match. Quick, hard fought game with both teams struggling to find rhythm. Dimboola scored once for the half. Second half both teams put together some good passages of play. Dimboola put some good team play together to score 2 good field goals. Simon Bardell finished off a good run by the Hoops to score their only goal. Goal scorers for Dimboola were Nathan Jorgensen (2) and Jamie Guerin (1). Votes went to James Klinge, Nathan Jorgensen, Jamie Guerin and Tim Jorgensen of Dimboola and for Hoops votes went to Tom Hewitt, Shane Langman and Marcus Williamson.

Round 14 draw:

9:30am Kookaburras V Revengers Minkey

11:00am Bombers V Leopards Kanagroos V Warriors

12:30pm Tigers V Hurricanes Dimboola W V Kaniva W

2:00pm Dimboola M V Cobras Yanac W V Highlanders

3:30pm Hoops V Rangers Warrack W V Thunderbirds

BYE: Raiders

Monday, July 18, 2011

Round 12


Raiders defeated Leopards in a 3 -1 match. Goal scorers were Lachlan Clark, Braden Clark and Lewis Bothe of Kaniva and Leopards goal scorer was Emma Janetzki. Votes went to Lewis Bothe, Lachlan Clark and Luke Shalders of Raiders and Leopards votes went to Emma Janetzki, Brady Newcombe and Oscar Stephan.

Kangaroos defeated Bombers in an 8 -0 match. Bombers with held Kangaroos for the first 20 minutes, but Kangaroos took off. Second Half Bombers tried hard to fend off the Kangaroos forwards, they never gave up. Goal scorers for Kangaroos were Jamie Guerin (7) and Caleb Halsall (1). Votes went to Jamie Guerin, Caleb Halsall and Zack Slater-Collard of Kangaroos and for Bomber votes went to Jo Ellis, Mikaele Turvey, Claire Barnett and Ellie Woods.

Warrios defeated Kookaburras 21 -0. Warriors dominated the match, fast clean game play and great team work. Kookaburras defence holding out many of the attacking play. Goal Scorers for Warriors were Alex Pipkorn, Josh McGrath (4), Sam Bone and Louise Bone (3), Ryan Smith, Adam Ussing, Todd Alexander (2) and Jaidyn Honeyman (1). Votes went to Caitlyn Smith, Sam Bone and Louise Bone of Warriors and for Kookaburras votes went to Cassie Withers, Georgina Moore and Stevie Lehmann.


Warracknabeal defeated Highlanders by 3 goals. Even first half, with both teams back line very strong. Warracknabeal goals off individual streaks. Warracknabeal continued being very strong in the second half. Highlander finding many short corners, but was unable to convert. Donna Robinson scoring the final goal for Warrack. Goal scorers for Warracknabeal were Nakita Langman, Donna Robinson, Megan Harley and Jenny Gaulke. Highlanders goal scorer was Claire Barnett. Votes went to Donna Robinson, Nakita Langman and Jenny Gaulke of Warrcknabeal and for Highlanders votes went to Robyn Creek, Carmel McFarlane and Ellie O’Connor.

Dimboola defeated Thunderbirds by 2 goals. Both teams came out hard with Thunderbirds scoring the first 2 goals. Dimboola soon answered back with two quick goals. Dimboola was awarded a penalty stroke which Elizabeth Klinge was able to convert from. Goal scores for Dimboola were Vicki Smithyman (3), Elizabeth Klinge (2), and Judith Albrecht (1). Thunderbirds goal scorers were Bonnie McLeod and Lauren Bendall (2 goals each). Votes went to Elizabeth Klinge, Vicki Smithyman and Kelly Smithyman of Dimboola and for Thunderbirds votes went to Helen Cannell, Pam Cramer and Ange McCartney.

Yanac defeated Kaniva in a 4 goal win. Yanac had quite freely roamed the field by Kaniva has had a couple of runs with the ball, however Yanac managed to score 3 quick goals at the start of the play. Kaniva held Yanac off very well only allowing 1 goal in the second half. Kaniva had a few short corners but were unable to convert. Goal scorers for Yanac were Carmel Beattie (2), Jenny Smith and Jill Kube 1 goal each. Votes went to Claire Riches, Rachel Clark and Claire McDonald of Kaniva and for Yanac votes went to Jess Wheaton, Erin Blackwood, Jenny Smith and Jill Kube.


Hoops defeated Hurricanes by 2 goals. Hoops dominated the second half but could only managed to convert once. Stroke was awarded to Hoops but the Hurricanes goalie Joel Wilkcosz saved the goal. Goal scorers were Mark Furey and Marcus Williamson. Votes went to Barry Clark, Ethan Schilling and Will Hewitt of Hoops and Hurricanes votes went to Joel Wilkcosz, Lachlan Zoroan and Adam Furey.

Tigers defeated Cobras by 2 goals. Tigers dominated the first ten minutes but were unlucky to score. Cobras with a lucky touch in the D for the first goal by Kendel Meyer. Second half saw Tigers pick up to score 3 goals. Goal scorers for Tigers were Michael Dart, Bradley Alexander and Kim Croot. Votes went to Daniel Kennedy, Adam Clohsey and Michael Dart of Tigers and for Cobras votes went to Clint Beatie, Matthew Wallis and Adam Wallis.

Dimboola defeated Rangers by 4 goals. Free running open play saw both teams working hard for the ball. Dimboola managed to score 2 goals in the first half. Second half saw most of the play down Dimboola’s attacking end with a few quick runs by Rangers. Goal scorers for Dimboola were Jarryd Tischler (2) and Nathan Jorgensen (2). Votes went to James Klinge, Nathan Jorgensen, James Keating and Louis Haines of Dimboola and for Rangers votes went to Mont Miller, Talor Dent, Aiden Dent and Rodney Reichelt.

Charlie and Frosty are back to do a Rule Session at 12:00pm. Please take note of the changes in game times for this coming weekend matches in Nhill.

9:00am Warriors V Kookaburras
10:30am Leopards V Bombers Revengers V Raiders
12:00pm - 1:00 pm RULES SESSON
1:00pm Thunderbirds V Yanac W Hoops V Dimboola M
2:30pm Warrack W V Dimboola W Hurricanes V Cobras
4:00pm Highlanders V Kaniva W Rangers V Tigers

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wimmera Hockey Association Encouragement Award Criteria

Two Junior and two Senior recipients will earn recognition and receive an encouragement award based on the number of and degree to which they meet some or all of the following criteria:

1. Involved in representing the WHA at a regional and/or state level. Eg Country Week, Vic Stix players, officials and supporters.

2. Involved in supporting hockey activities at a club or association level over a number of years. Eg committee member, delegate, coach, umpire, player, grounds, canteen, press reports.

3. Involved in supporting a range of hockey activities at a club or association level. Eg committee member, delegate, coach, umpire, player, grounds, canteen, press reports.

4. Provides an excellent role model for others involved with the sport of hockey. Eg positive attitude, good sportsmanship, team work, encouragement.

This award is to encourage people who would not normally be recognised for their efforts

Perhaps item 1 should not be weighted as heavily as the other criteria?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mens Ladder as at 9th July 2011