Saturday, June 28, 2008

Round 10 Review

Warriors end Kangaroos’ unbeaten run
Warriors have upset top junior side Kangaroos in their Wimmera hockey round ten encounter on Saturday, ending their unbeaten run. Kangaroos had won all their eight matches so far but have finally succumbed to the hard working Yanac side. Warriors, currently in fourth position, scored four goals against the Dimboola side in the win which before this round was as many as Kangaroos had had scored against them in total all season.
Bradley Alexander playing on the wing passed many hard balls across the circle giving Warriors lots of opportunities, scoring once himself. Warriors scored three times in the first half before Kangaroos fought back in the second, but Warriors took the game 4-2. Erin Blackwood and Alex Wheaton also played well for Warriors. Nathan Jorgensen and Josh Lehmann were best for Kangaroos.
Quiet achievers Hurricanes could be a dark horse this season after leveling the score with top team Tigers on Saturday. Hurricanes have been strengthening with each match and if they continue at this rate they could be one to watch come finals time. On Saturday Tigers were out of the blocks early with continued pressure on Horsham. Adam Clohesy was instrumental in Yanac’s attack and scored the first goal. Will Hewitt was busy all day for Horsham, doing his job well at full back. Khyran Demllo leveled the score for Hurricanes in the last two minutes of the half. Play started evenly in the second half but Horsham lifted their game with short succinct passing. Kim Croot picked up his game for more scoring opportunities for Yanac, then Paul Mackereth lifted his Horsham side to make it an exciting second half. Josh Cramer and Matt Kube also shone for Yanac and Richard Kemp for Horsham. The game ended an even 1-1.
Hoops scored in the first half but Dimboola Men came out strong and leveled the score early in the second. Hoops scored two more quick goals for a 3-1 win.
There was even play up and down the field and exceptional teamwork from both Nhill and Kaniva men in their match. Both teams scored in the second half for a 1-1 draw.
Highlanders have continued their unbeaten run winning their tenth game straight, but not without a struggle. Yanac Women’s Sarah Coughlan, goalie Joanne Wheaton and Anne Blackwood defended strongly against Highlanders who had many attacking chances. While Horsham controlled most of the play Yanac did have a couple of chances but were unable to convert. Effective player Ellie Morrow and Ginny Forrest scored for the 2-0 win, while Kate Ferrier was also strong for the team.
Warrack Women have been strengthening all year, ever since their shock 9-0 loss to Highlanders in the first round. On Saturday they proved themselves ever capable with a convincing 4-0 win over top two team Dimboola. With nobody scoring in the first half Warrack came out hard in the second to score four good field goals. Fast reflexes on the pads netted Sue Puls two goals, Alana Argent scored from the top of the circle while Jenny Gaulke claimed the other. Jenna Goad and Joanne Lawson were strong for Warrack while sisters Elizabeth and Jennifer Klinge were strong for Dimboola.
Nhill and Kaniva women played an even game, 0-0. Laura and Rosie Wallis shone for Thunderbirds while youngsters Claire McDonald and Katie Rich shone for Kaniva.
A six-goal haul to Braden Clark and consistent strength from Brady Dixon set junior side Raiders up for a strong win against Bombers. Kendal Meyer also scored. Monique Schwedes was strong for Bombers as was goalie Joanne Ellis, while Andrew Valentine scored two goals back for the team to finish 7-2 to Raiders.
In the other junior match Revengers enjoyed a 3-0 win over Kookaburras.
- Rachel Clark

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