Saturday, June 14, 2008

Round 9 Preview

Wimmera hockey resumes with split round
Wimmera hockey resumes this Saturday with round nine after a week off last weekend due to Senior Country Week hockey.
Players from all teams will be fresh and keen to get back into the season. Four games will be played at Kaniva, while Dimboola Hockey Club will host their first matches at their home field this season, hosting five matches.
At Kaniva, from 11am Raiders will take on Warriors.
Yanac Women will take on Warracknabeal Women who are starting to make an impression on the competition again. Yanac put up a fight each week and it should be a good viewing match.
Kaniva Women will have a tough match against Highlanders. The home side will face an uphill battle against the unbeaten side but with a good line up have the capacity to make them work for the points.
Kaniva Men will be evenly matched with Hurricanes. Quiet achievers Hurricanes have a chance to match the points of the top two teams if they win.
At Dimboola, home side and unbeaten juniors Kangaroos have the early 9.30am start against Bombers.
Kookaburras take on Leopards.
Dimboola Women will be strong against Thunderbirds.
Top two men’s sides Hoops and Tigers are on equal points and will play hard and fast. Each will work hard for the points to help cement their spot in the top two which come finals time would give them the double chance. At the half way mark in the season it could be anybody with the double chance in the men’s competition. There is not much separating Hurricanes at third spot from a place in the top two and Kaniva not far behind.
Dimboola and Nhill men will be evenly matched and it should be an enjoyable game.
Revengers have the bye.
*Congratulations to our players in the men’s team and two women’s teams for participating in the Senior Country Week hockey in Melbourne and Geelong last weekend. It is great to see the Wimmera represented in hockey in this way.
- Rachel Clark

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