Friday, June 6, 2008

Round 8 Review

Close games in Wimmera hockey
Wimmera hockey’s round eight saw many close games with two draws and several one-goal defeats when players took to the fields at Warracknabeal’s Anzac Park for the first time this season. The two exceptions were convincing wins to Highlanders and Raiders.
Highlanders continued their winning streak with a 4-1 win over Thunderbirds. The McLeods did their best to hold them back with Grace and Jeanette playing best and Bonnie scoring Thunderbirds’ loan goal. Goals spread around four Highlander players did the damage, as well as good passing between Kate Ferrier, Ellie Morrow and Launa Schilling.
Warracknabeal Women scored first blood after working well as a team but Kaniva came back and scored right before the half time whistle. Warrack came out strong and scored first again but Kaniva moved quickly and evened the score 2-2.
Dimboola and Yanac women played a very fast paced and skilful game with both sides finishing off well in the circle. Full backs on both sides lifted in the second half stopping all scoring chances. Michelle Searle continued to work hard and set up many attacks for Dimboola who finished ahead 3-2. Sarah Coughlan shone for Yanac.
Dimboola Men took the game up to the more favoured Yanac Tigers. Ryan Booth and Tim Jorgensen defended well for Dimboola and Beau Lovett pushed the ball forward regularly. Tigers’ Hugh Finlay scored a good goal near half time. Good defence from Tigers’ Matt Kube and Dimboola’s Booth ensured the game remained as at half time, 1-0 to Tigers.
Junior player Ethan Schilling scored to give Hoops a 1-0 win over Kaniva Men.
Hurricanes move up to third spot on the ladder after a narrow 1-0 win over Nhill Men. Nhill had slightly more of the play with Mont Miller playing solidly in the centre but Will Hewitt played strongly in defence repelling many of Nhill’s attempts in the circle. Ryan Robson scored the goal very late in an entertaining match.
Revengers gave Kangaroos a run for their money despite Kangaroos dominating the first half. Revengers displayed good defence led by captain Nakita Langman and held the strong Dimboola side to one goal in the half. Revengers picked up in the second half and inners Marcus Williamson and Ethan Schilling helped the side to plenty of chances to score but with no success. The unbeaten Kangaroos took the game a close 1-0.
Raiders have sneaked up to third spot on the junior ladder following their 10-1 win over Kookaburras. Raiders had a good attacking game, scoring five goals each half, while Kookaburra’s Jamie Guerin capitalised on a break scoring their loan goal in the first half. Kookaburras were defensively very good during short corners.
Many chances were wasted despite good play by both Leopards and Warriors. The Alexander brothers Bradley and Nathan stepped up for Warriors with Bradley scoring one of their goals while Sam Bone scored the other in the 2-2 draw. Sarah Wallis and Ben Smith were skilful and scored for Leopards.
- Rachel Clark

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