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Summary of Round 9 - 18th June 2011

Tigers v Hurricanes

Score: Tigers 4 Hurricanes 1

Goal scorers: Tigers-Brad Alexander 1, Nathan Alexander 1, Josh Crammer 1 and Shaun Alexander 1

Hurricanes-James Terry 1

Tigers Votes went to: Nathan Alexander, Brad Alexander and Simon Farmers

Hurricanes Votes went to: Ash Hannell, Will Hewitt and Adam Schwedes

Umpires comments:

First Half: Tigers unable to convert plenty of chances, talking well. Hurricanes took advantage of one of their few chances. Hurricanes 1 Tigers 0

Second Half: Tigers dominated and put goals in off their chances. Slow congested play.

Dimboola Men v Cobras

Score: Dimboola 0 Cobras 1

Goal Scorers: Brett Jewel 1

Dimboola Men Votes went to: Jamie Guerin, Time Jorgensen and James Klinge

Cobras Votes went to: Joshua Bedford, Clint Beatie, Matthew McDonald and Travis Carter

Umpires comments:

First Half: Brett Jewel broke the deadlock 17 minutes into the half, fairly even game until then. Kaniva with more attacking play but Dimboola with better passing.

Second Half: Back and forward game-Kaniva with more entries into the circle, almost scoring several times. Brett Jewel missed quite a few shots on goal.

Hoops v Rangers

Score: Hoops 0 Rangers 0

Goal scorers

Hoops Votes went to: Scott Morrow, Darius Cosgrove and William Hewitt

Rangers Votes went to: Graeme Janetzki, Talor Dent and David Reichelt

Umpires comments:

First Half: Quiet, slow, boring first half-long passages of uneventful play.

Second Half: Much the same as the first half although the pace of play had increased.

Warrack Women vs. Thunderbirds

Score: Warrack Women 2 Thunderbirds 1

Goal Scorers: Warrack-Nakita Langman 1 and Donna Robinson 1

Thunderbirds-Emma Janetzki 1

Warrack Votes went to: Ellie Woods, Julie Langman, Nakita Langman and Jesse Furey

Thunderbirds Votes went to: Emma Janetzki, Melane Albrecht, Bonnie McLeod

Umpires comments:

First Half: Very even game, both teams had chances but both defences stood firm.

Second Half: Thunderbirds replied early with a long field run by Emma Janetzki. Play was tight until Warrack scored the winner with under 5 minutes to go

Yanac Women vs. Highlanders

Score: Yanac 0 Highlanders 3

Goal Scorers: Highlanders-Lorna Schilling 2, Carmel McFarlane 1

Yanac Votes went to: Alana Colbert, Erin Blackwood, Sheree Shurdington

Highlanders Votes went to: Allie Salter, Lorna Schilling and Carmel McFarlane

Umpires comments:

First Half: Even play with Highlanders scoring the first goal.

Second Half: Even half with both team working hard. Highlanders scoring two more goals, Yanac were working hard but unable to score.

Dimboola Women vs. Kaniva

Score: Dimboola 5 Kaniva 0

Goal scorers: Dimboola-Vicki Smithyman 1 and Michelle Searle 1, Kristy OConnor 1, Adina King 1 and Meaghan Pohlner 1

Dimboola Votes went to: Meaghan Pohlner, Elizabeth Klinge and Jess Ross

Kaniva Votes went to: Claire Riches, Rachel Clark, Lisa Stimson and Pan VanKempen

Umpires comments:

First Half: Both teams playing well with the Kaniva defence holding well. Dimboola scored in the first fifteen minutes but were unable to score again. Kaniva got i shot at goal which unfortunately hit the post!

Second Half: Dimboola had to fight for the 54 goals but didn’t get them easily. Congratulations to Kaniva defence on a good game.

Raiders vs. Kookaburras

Score: Raiders 12 Kookaburras 0

Goal scorers: Raiders- Braden Clark 4, Lachlan Clark 4, Brandon Rich 2, Duncan Shalders 1 and Jake OConnor 1

Raiders Votes went to: Braden Clark, Lachlan Clark and Lewis Bother

Kookaburras Votes went to: Cassie Withers, Georgina Moore, Maydelen Occenola and Jayrell Guzarem

Umpires comments:

First half: Strong play from Raiders causing many short corners. Kookaburras back were working overtime. Jayrell pushing Dimboola forward.

Second Half: Raiders continued to attack with several players scoring of running play up field. Clark brothers were playing good hockey. Dimboola managed to force a couple of short corners but were unable to convert.

Warriors vs. Revengers

Score: Warriors 1 Revengers 0

Goal scorers: Zac Dorington 1

Warriors Votes went to: Sam Bone, Greta Morphett and Louise Bone

Revengers Votes went to: Darius Cosgrove, Isaac NcPherson and Cass Schilling

Umpires comments:

First Half: Warriors controlling the game. Warrack having quick runs but the Warriors had most of the scoring chances.

Second Half: Warriors dominated the play, but were only able to score a goal from the wing Zac Dorrington. Warrack, having plenty of chances to score but unable to convert.

Kangaroos vs. Leopards

Score: Kangaroos 4 Leopards 4

Goal scorers: Kangaroos-Jamie Guerin 3 and Lachlan Lehmann 1

Leopards-Jacob Kingwell 2, Duncan Koop 1 and Vicki Janetzki 1

Kangaroos Votes went to: Caleb Halsall, Zack Slater-Collard and Jamie Guerin

Leopards Votes went to: Brady Newcombe, Duncan Koop and Emma Janetzki

Umpires comments:

First Half: Kangaroos took the field with 10 players and led 2-1, not a lot of fire from either teams. Dimboola having more shots at goal but unable to convert, missed opportunities.

Second Half: Kangaroos scoring first goal, Leopards fought back. Even play between both teams with scoring opportunities for both teams. Leopards fought back in the dying minutes to salvage a good draw.

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