Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Round 8 Review


The young Nhill Leopards played well as a team and held onto a win against the Dimboola Kangaroos. Vic Janetzki scored the Leopards winning goal, earning him a vote from the umpires. The other votes for the Leopards went to Brady Newcombe, 3 votes, Taylor Dent, 2 votes and Emma Janetzki, 1 vote. Kanagroos votes went to Melaie Webb, 3 votes, Kelly Smithyman, 2 votes and Brydon Tishler, 1 vote and a green card.

The Warriors continue their unbeaten form after defeating the Kookaburras. The Warriors started the half extremely well by scoring 2 early goals, putting the Kookaburras on the back foot. The Kookaburras then defended the Warriors attacks successfully for the rest of the first half. The second half saw the Warriors continue their attacks, wearing down the Kookaburras defense until scoring again twice late in the half. Final score was Warriors 4, Kookaburras 0. Votes and goals for Warriors went to Loiuse Bone, 3 votes and 1 goal, Nathan Alexander, 2 votes, Bradly Alexander, 1 vote and 1 goal, Alex Wheaton and Sam Dorrington, 1 goal each. Kookaburras votes went to Maydelen Occenola, 3 votes, Jamie Guerin, 2 votes and Louis Haines with 1 vote.

The Warracknabeal Revengers went down to the Kaniva Raiders in an exciting match. Both teams made some strong attacks in the first half, but it was the Raiders that capitalised by scoring 2 goals. The second half saw the Revengers winger Krystal Edwards score a goal keeping them in the game, but the Raiders answered back quickly with another goal of their own. The final score was Raiders 3, Revengers 1. Votes for Raiders went to Branden Rich, 3 votes, Joe McDonald, 2 votes and Lachie Mills and Duncan Shalders, 1 vote each. Revengers vote earners were Nakita Langman, 3 votes, Adam Furey, 2 votes, Jessie Furey and goalie Ellie Woods, 1 vote each. Darius Cosgrave spent time off the field after receiving a yellow card, leaving a gap in the Revengers back line.


The Horsham Highlanders played some excellent team hockey to win against the Yanac Women. Highlanders were able to penetrate their attacking circle with some accurate passing, and took advantage by scoring 4 goals for the game. Erin Blackwood stood out for Yanac's defense, earning 3votes, Jessica Wheaton, 2 votes and Jo Wheaton, 1 vote. Highlanders votes and goals went to Launa Schilling, 3 votes and 1 goal, Robyn creek, 2 votes and one goal, Elfie O'Conner, 1 vote and Ellie Morrow with 2 goals.

In a one sided game, Dimboola Women scored 10 goals and kept Kaniva Women scoreless. Kaniva's inexperienced new players were no match for the in form Dimboola forwards. Simone Mitchell's first game for Kaniva as goalie was as tough as it could get and was commended on her effort. At half time Dimboola had scored a haul of 5 goals. The second half saw Meaghan Pohlner control Dimboola's whole defensive left side of the field with fantastic passing, earning 3 votes. Rachael Clark had a tough and busy game in Kaniva's half back line, but fought well earning herself 3 votes. Kaniva's 2 and 1 votes went to goalie Simone Mitchell and Claire Riches respectively. Dimboola's long list of goal scorers – Michelle Searle, 4 goals and 2 votes, Meaghan Pohlner, Marllie Sallmann, Kelsey Webb, Jessica Ross, Zoe Harberger and Judith Albrecht with 1 goal each. Kelsey Webb also received Dimboola's minor vote.

Nhill Thunderbirds stepped up this week to avoid losing to the Warracknabeal Women. The first half saw some slow and rough play due to the wet weather. Warracknabeal dominated the first half scoring a goal through Nakita Langman while allowing the Thunderbirds only a few attacking chances. The second half saw the Thunderbirds improve their attacking play to allow Leah Bailey a conversion. Votes for Warracknabeal went to Alan Argent at half back, 3 votes, Linley Arnold-Wardle at centre forward, 2 votes, Jess Furey and Nakita Langman earned 1 vote each. Votes for Thunderbirds went to Jeanette McLeod at half back, 3 votes, Michelle Farina at half back, 2 votes and Leah Bailey at centre forward.


Kaniva and Dimboola Men played a rushed and furious game, with Kaniva coming out victorious. The slow and wet conditions hampered both teams and took some adjusting to. Kaniva used a long hitting game to take the lead in the first half by scoring 2 goals to Dimboola's single goal. Desperate play from both teams in the second half saw more goal scoring from both teams. Dimboola was fighting to catch up to Kaniva's lead, creating frustration and affecting their game. The final score was Kaniva 4, Dimboola 2. Votes and goals for Kaniva went to Christian Stimson, 3 votes, Brett Jewel, 2 votes, Adam Wallis, 1 vote, Jordan Clark, 1 goal and Braden Clark, 3 goals. Dimboola's votes and goals went to James Klinge, 3 votes and 1 goal, Ryan Booth, 2 votes, Carl Nuske, 1 vote, Sam Wunderzitz, 1 vote, and Nathan Jorgensen with 1 goal.

The Warracknabeal Hoops started with aggressive attacking play against the Nhill rangers, resulting in 3 goals in the first few minutes of the game. The rest of the first half remained scoreless. The second half saw Warracknabeal add 1 more goal to their total, with Nhill unable to execute any successful attacking plays. Votes and goals for Hoops went to Darren Brown, 3 votes,Paul Slater, 2 goals 2 votes, Ethan Schilling, 1 goal and Markus Williamson with 1 goal and 1 vote. Rangers goal went to Rodney Reichelt, votes went to David Reichelt, 3 votes, Mont Miller, 2 votes and Grady Janetzki with 1 vote.

The Horsham Hurricanes were lucky that the Yanac Tigers couldn't score from their many chances and were able to come out on top. In an exciting close game both teams had several short corners and attacking plays in the first half, but couldn't convert. Despite the slow and wet ground, both teams showed great stick skills with their many attacking plays. Hurricanes forward Ben Schwedes scored a goal from a short corner, bouncing over defenders sticks and goalies pads. Yanac came back after the goal to step up their attack , but couldn't convert. Votes for Hurricanes went to backs Paul Mackereth, 3 votes, Stuart Hoffman, 2 votes and Richard Kemp, 1 vote. Yanac's votes went to forwards Simon Farmers, 3 votes, Kim Croot, 2 votes and Adam Clohesy, 1 vote.

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