Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Round 7 Review


Both the Dimboola the Kangaroos and the Kookaburras teams played against each other in an exciting close fought match. The flat surface at Dimboola allowed for a skillful high scoring game. Jamie Guerin backed up his form from last game and scored the Kookaburras 4 goals, helping them to another win. Votes for Kookaburras went to Jamie Guerin (3 votes), James Keating (2 votes), Ashlee Crowhurst and Jayrell Guzarem (1 vote each). Votes and goals for Kangaroos were earned by Brydon Tischler (3 votes), Michael Pohlner (2 votes, 2 goals), Caleb Halsall (1 vote), Melaie Webb (1 vote) and Lachlan Lehmann (1 goal).

The Kaniva Raiders had a very easy game in bad weather against the Horsham Bombers, scoring 14 unanswered goals. The Bombers were short a number of players, but were fortunate enough that the Radiers had too many, and could lend some players. The Raiders struck very early with some good passing by Lachie Mills and Brandon Rich. Adam Feder and Bobby Rabowe scored their first ever goals for the Raiders. Jo Ellis (3 votes) in goals and Adam Schwedes (2 votes) in full back played a good game for the Bombers, but couldn't hold back the Raiders onslaught. William Gulline (1 vote) has improved over the last season for the Bombers, and played well at half back. Votes and goals for the Raiders went to Lachie Mills (3 votes, 2 goals), Lachlan Clark (2 votes, 2 goals), Branden Rich (1 vote, 3 goals), Jordan Clark (2 goals), Braden Clark (3 goals), Bobby Rabowe and Adam Feder (1 goal each).

The Yanac Warriors played another great game against the Warracknabeal Revengers. Yanac dominated the first half using the flat Dimboola ground to execute some great passing and attacking plays, netting them several goals. The second half saw the Revengers step up their defense with Nakita Langman and Darius Cosgrave playing strongly, but it wasn't enough to stop the Warriors who continued to score. Goals and votes for Warriors went to Bradley Alexander (3 votes, 4 goals), Nathan Alexander (2 votes), Sam Bone and Todd Alexander (both with 1 vote, 1 goal).


The Kaniva Women fought against the Highlanders, but it wasn't their day. Highlanders attacked early but were unable to score until Kaniva put in an own goal, giving Highlanders a goal. The Highlanders continued to attack and managed to score another 2 goals before the end of the half. In the second half, the highlanders added another 3 goals to their total. Kaniva were unable to put a goal in the net. Votes and goals for Highlanders – Ellie Morrow (3 votes, 3 goals), Robyn Creek (2 votes), Carmel McFarlane (1 vote, 1 goal), Clare Barnett (1 goal). For Kaniva – Claire Riches (3 votes), Rachel Clark (2 votes), Samantha Wallis and Lisa Stimson (1 vote each).

Dimboola Women earned another win at the expense of the Nhill Thunderbirds. The first half saw both teams attacking well, although the Thunderbirds had trouble converting. One good run from the Thunderbirds resulted in a goal, keeping them in the game. Dimboola wound up the half with a total of 3 goals. After the break Dimboola ran away with the game scoring another 2 goals. The Thunderbirds continued to attack hard but couldn't score again. Dimboola's votes and goals went to Christa Rogers (3 votes, 1 goal), Elizabeth Klinge (2 votes, 1 goal), Jessica Ross (1 vote), Zoe Aitken (1 vote), Marli Sallman, Meaghan Hannell and Jennifer Klinge (all scored 1 goal). Thunderbirds goal and votes went to Pam Cramer (3 votes), Leah Bailey (2 votes), Grace McLeod (1 vote) and Christy Marias (1 goal).

Warracknabeal women and Yanac Women played a very close match with fast play and great passing. Yanac managed to come out on top with some brilliant back line play from Erin Blackwood (3 votes), Alana Colbert (2 votes) and Jessica Wheaton (1 vote). Up forward the goal scorers for Yanac were Sheree Shurdington and Jill Kube. Warracknabeal had some hope with a goal from Linley Arnold-Wardle (2 votes). Other votes for Warracknabeal went to Tammy Goyne (3 votes), Alana Argent and Nakita Langman (1 vote each).


Kaniva Men went down to the Horsham Hurricanes in a close game. Hurricanes were a few players short again this week, but were happy to receive 2 of the Horsham women players and a Warracknabeal Hoops player to make up numbers. The flat even ground of Kaniva helped both teams to use skillful passing to make some attacking plays. Kaniva scored a goal early in the first half putting them in good stead for the rest of the game. The Hurricanes didn't give up and were able to come out on top with 3 goals to Kaniva's 1 goal. Hurricanes votes and goals went to Paul Mackereth (3 votes), Aaron Creek (2 votes), Jarrod Knoop (Hoops player, 1 vote, 1 goal), Robyn Creek (Highlanders player, 1 vote), Ash Clark (1 goal) and Ben Schwedes (1 goal). Kaniva Men's votes and goal went to Josh Bedford (3 votes), Clint Beattie (2 votes) and Christian Stimson (1 goal, 1 vote).

The Warracknabeal Hoops played an excellent game against the Yanac Tigers. Hoops came out hard and fast scoring two early goals, which put the Tigers on the back foot in the first half. The second half saw the Tigers show their true form, stopping Warracknabeal from scoring any other goals and scoring 2 themselves. The game went down to the wire with Warracknabeal almost able to score a final goal after the whistle in a short corner, but they ended up drawing with the Tigers. Votes and goals for the Hoops went to Marcus Williamson (3 votes, 1 goal), Darren Brown (2 votes), Marcus Keam (1 vote) and Jarrod Knoop (1 goal). Tigers best players and goals went to Michael Dart (3 votes), Vern Wheaton (2 votes), Tom Cook (1 vote), Kim Croot and Adam Clohesy (1 goal each).

Dimboola Men and Nhill Rangers played a very close game. Dimboola Men scored early in the first half, and the rest of the game for the Rangers was playing catch up while holding back the Dimboola's attacks. In the end Dimboola held out the Rangers long enough to pull off a close win. Votes for Dimboola went to the back line – Ryan Booth (3 votes), James Klinge (2 votes) and Tim Jorgensen (1 vote). Dimboola's winning goal was scored by Sam Wundersitz. Votes for the Rangers were earned by David Reichelt (3 votes), Graeme Janetzki (2 votes) and Trevor James (1 vote).

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