Saturday, May 10, 2008

Round 5 Preview

Highlanders keen to keep winning
Highlanders will look to continue their winning streak when they play Yanac Women this Saturday at Nhill College. The venue has changed for another week, although Horsham will ‘host’ the day for this week’s round five of Wimmera hockey.
It will be a case of the top team playing bottom team, but still not necessarily an easy match. Yanac uses good set plays and Sheree May and Anne Blackwood are always hard to pass. Highlanders’ Ellie Morrow is a good director of play with Kate Ferrier and Launa Schilling working the ball hard also. Carmel McFarlane has scored at least once in each match this season and will need to be watched.
Other women’s matches will see Thunderbirds play Kaniva Women and Dimboola Women play Warrack Women. Dimboola will be keen for another win after drawing last week with Nhill, and especially to keep their second spot on the ladder and edge away from Warrack who are only two points behind, if they can.
Tigers will have a fast match against Hurricanes in the men’s competition. Two of the top three teams should provide some good match viewing and it will be interesting to see how Hurricanes, who have been quietly moving up the ladder, perform. This game will be a test for Hurricanes, sitting in third spot on the ladder after three close wins.
Nhill and Kaniva men’s teams are gaining strength and are both proving they are no easy competition, giving the ladder leading teams hard matches each week. This should be an even match with plenty of chances at goal each way.
Hoops may dominate Dimboola Men but will be aware of the young team’s speed and skill. Tim Jorgensen and Beau Lovett will show Hoops the team will not go down without a fight.
Junior matches may be close this week, but with Ben Smith in form Leopards should be able to combat Revengers. Raiders should be able to score against Bombers, and Warriors may have the edge on Kookaburras.
Kangaroos have won their first four matches but will rest with a bye this week.
- Rachel Clark

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