Thursday, May 1, 2008

Round 4 Preview

Venue and time change for Wimmera hockey matches this weekend
Wimmera hockey’s nine matches will be moved to Nhill’s Davis Park this weekend, due to dry conditions still at Horsham fields.
The times of all round four games have also been altered to accommodate a Rules Session to be held in the middle part of the day. Scheduled matches will be altered by half an hour each – some earlier and some later.
Regional Umpires Coach for Hockey Victoria Charlie Martin will be in attendance for the session, as well as during the day for umpire instruction.
The hockey association would like to emphasise the importance of such sessions for the future of country hockey, and have altered the game times so there will be no matches being played at the time of the session, so that everyone is free to attend. Everyone including players, umpires, coaches, parents and interested parties are strongly encouraged to attend.
The session will run for an hour from 12 noon at the Nhill sporting club venue.
Matches previously scheduled to start at 11am or before will begin half an hour early. Matches previously at 12.30pm and after will begin half an hour later.
Matches will therefore start from 9am with Bombers and Warriors. Apologies to these teams and their support for the extra early start! This may be a close match, with perhaps whichever team wakes up first taking the points!
At 10.30am Kangaroos will take on Leopards. These two ladder leaders have both won each of their first three matches this season and will be keen to show some authority on the field as well as on the ladder. Revengers will play Kookaburras at the same time.
The Rules Session will take place from 12 noon till 1pm.
Matches at 1pm will see a tight match between Thunderbirds and Dimboola Women, and Dimboola Men versus Nhill Men.
The 2.30pm matches will be Warrack Women versus Yanac Women, with a good showdown between top men’s teams Hoops and Tigers.
A slightly late start at 4pm will see Highlanders take on Kaniva Women, and Hurricanes meet Kaniva Men.Raiders have the bye.
- Rachel Clark

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