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Round One-14/04/2012

Tigers vs. Cobra’s
Score: Tigers 9 Cobras 1

Goal scorers: Tigers-Daniel Kennedy 1, Shaun Alexander 1, Brad Alexander 2, Michael Dart 1, Nathan Alexander 1, Jamie Harding 1, Sam Bone 1
Cobras-Jordan Clark 1
Tigers Votes went to: Adam Clohsey,nBrad Alexander, Jamie aharding
Cobra’s Votes went to:  Jordan Clark, Kendal Meyer, Braden Clark, Tim Eastwood

First Half: Fast start to the season with the Tigers firing on all cylinders with 6 goals and everything going right.  Some good team play from Cobras saw then with a few chances to score but no luck.

Second Half: More even with both teams presenting well and both teams scoring with Tigers coming out on top.

Hurricanes vs. Hoops
Score: Hurricanes1  Hoops 5

Goal Scorers: Hurricanes-Shaun Westendorf 1
Hoops-Barry Schilling 1, Shane Langman 1, Darius Cosgrove 1, Hamish Wagenknecht 2

Hurricanes Votes went to: Joel Wilkosz, Luke Brunckhorst, Paul Mackereth
Hoops Votes went to: Darius Cosgrove, Mark Furey, Hamish Wagenknecht

First Half: Hot sunny and sweaty day.  Fast plays from both teams but not much compelling action, sloppy skills at times.

Second Half: NO COMMENTS

Dimboola Men vs. Rangers

Score: Dimboola 5 Rangers 2

Goal scorers:  James Klinge 1, Jamie Guerin 4

Dimboola Votes went to: Jamie Guerin, Tim Jorgensen, Caleb Halsall, James Klinge
Rangers Votes went to: Graeme Janetzki, Alex Welsh, Talor Dent

First Half: Rangers scoring with only a few minutes on through Alex Welsh.  Dimboola struggle to get the ball in their "D" until the 20th minute with Jamie Guerin scoring a field goal of the goalies pads.  James Klinge scoring again for Dimboola a couple of minutes later.  Sam Bone evening p the score from a field goal in the 28th minute.

Second Half: Dimboola attacking hard with a couple of chances early on.  Rangers pushing hard as well, but unable to score.  Dimboola scoring through Jamie Guerin to put them ahead.  Darren Welsh with a great stick save keep Dimboola to one goal ahead.  Dimboola pushing harder than the Rangers with more "D" penetration-paying off for Jamie Guerin scoring his 3rd goal, then from a short corner Jamie got his 4th.

Yanac Women vs. Kaniva Women
Score: Yanac Women 5  Kaniva Women 0

Goal Scorers: Yanac Women-Jenny Smith 2, Jill Kube 1, Sharon Croot 1, Ellen Wheaton 1

Yanac  Votes went to: Jo Pedie, Alana Colbert, Suz Hedt, Mandy Falting
Kaniva Votes went to: Claire Riches, Jess Eadon, Donna Meyer, Heidi White

First Half: Yanac strong in forward score two quick goals by Jenny Smith.  Kaniva defence playing strong but were struggling ro get the ball down their scoring end.

Second Half: Yanac worked hard to score three quick goals.  Kaniva working well moving the ball towards their scoring "D" and their defence was still strong.

Highlanders vs. Warrack Women
Score: Highlanders 4 Warrack 1

Goal Scorers: Warrack-Kelly O'Brien 1
Highlanders-Molly Salter 1, Ange McTaggart 1, Ellie O'Connor 2
Highlanders Votes went to: Allie Salter, Launa Schilling, Claire Barnett, Ellie O'Connor
Warrack Votes went to: Cassandra Schilling, Nakita Langman, Tiffany Bull, Kelly O'Brien

First Half: Even play by both teams.  Highlanders quick off the mark scoring 3 goals in the last 15 minutes.
Second Half: Warrack strong in the back line keeping Highlanders from scoring.  Ange McTaggart scoring a quick goal for the Highlanders and Kellie O'Brien scoring Warracks only goal.

Dimboola Women vs. Thunderbirds
Score: Dimboola 5 Thunderbirds 0

Goal scorers: Dimboola-Vicki Smithyman 2, Meaghan Pohlner 3

Dimboola Votes went to: Meaghan Pohlner, Jess Ross, Kelsey Webb
Highlander Votes went to: Deb Cook, Emma Janetzki, Pam Cramer

First Half: Strong play by Dimboola, but only able to score once due to a strong Thunderbirds defence.  Thunderbirds has a few runs forward but were unable to score.

Second Half: Dimboola were able to convert more opportunities this half, despite the Thunderbirds good defence. 

Revengers vs. Leopards
Score: Revengers 8 Leopards 0

Goal scorers: Revengers- Hamish Wagenknecht 1, Toni Woods 1, Robert Joy 2, Brodie Dennes 2, Isaac McPherson 2

Revengers Votes went to: Hamish Wagenknecht, Brodie Dennes, Isaac McPherson
Leopards Votes went to: Emma Janetzki, Victoria Janetzki, Blake Miller, Shanera Delainie


Kookaburras vs. Bombers
Score: Kookaburras 4 Bombers 5

Goal scorers-Kookaburras: Lachlan Schultz 1, Zack Slater-Collard 2, Maydelen Occenola 1
Bombers: Joshua Mackley 1, William Gulline 1, Mia Guest 1, Ashlea Tucker 2
Kookaburra Votes went to: Maydelen Occenola, *Zack Slater-Collard*, Georgina Moore
Bombers Votes went to: James Guest, Jayehne Leffler, William Gulline

First Half: The off season has produced a positive for the Bombers.  Playing as a team.  As for the score 2-2, bombers had more attack but when Kookaburras passed the ball they look good.

Second Half: Bombers dominated the play through team work.  Individual goals scored by Kookaburras

Raiders vs. Warriors
Score: Raiders 2 Warriors1

Goal scorers: Raiders-Luke Shalders 1, Fraser Bothe 1
Raiders Votes went to: Lachlan Clark, Brandon Rich, Lewis Bothe
Goal scorers:  Warriors- Alex Pipcorn 1
Warriors Votes went to:  Louise Bone, Greta Morphet, Zac Dorrington

First Half: Warriors gad a good defence, but the Raiders came out hard.  Pretty even play with the Warriors 1 goal up.

Second Half: Raiders came out much stronger, scoring very early

*Denotes borrowed players 

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