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Raiders defeat Kangaroos for second spot on the ladder. Raiders prepared to run and attack goals, being rewarded with several goals. Zack Slater-Collard strong for Kangaroos and Brandon Rich for Raiders. Raiders continues on their merry way with good team work resulting in more goals. Kangaroos with several streaks forward but Raiders defence was too strong. Final score 11-0 Raiders way. Goal scorers were Lachlan Clark (4), Braden Clark (3), Duncan Shalders (2) and Kylan Kennedy and Lewis Bothe (1 goal each). Votes went to Brandon Rich, Lewis Bothe and Lachie Mills of Raiders and votes for Kangaroos went to Jamie Guerin, Madison Albrecht and Zack Slater-Collard.

Revengers defeated Leopards in a 3-0 match. Reasonably even with Revengers having an edge over the Leopards. Revengers looked more dangerous up in the forward line. Leopards holding strong in defence keeping the score 0 all at half time. First part of the second half continued to be close and hard fought. Revengers scored halfway through, then putting on 2 more goals in quick succession to put the game beyong the Leopards reach. Goal scorers were Darius Cosgrave (2) and Hamish Wagenknecht (1). Votes went to Hamish Wagenknecht, Isaac McPherson and Brodie Dennis of Revengers and for Leopards votes went to Duncan Koop, Tim Brandler, Brady Newcombe and Emma Janetzki.

Warriors defeated Bombers by 10 goals. Warriors dominating the match but Bombers had a few good runs. Goal scorers were Alex Pipkorn and Adam Ussing (2) Ryan Smith, Alex McGrath, Louise Bone, Todd Alexander, Josh McGrath and Jaidyn Honeyman (1 goal each). Votes went to Louise Bone, Alex Pipkorn and Josh McGrath of Warriors and for Bombers votes went to Jo Ellis, Claire Barnett and Mikaela Turvey.

Ladder: Warriors 66, Raiders 46, Kangaroos 46, Revengers 44, Leopards 28, Kookaburras 16 and Bombers 6


Highlanders defeated Kaniva by 1. Highlanders dominating first half but was unable to convert on several occasion. Kaniva kept strong in defence keeping scores at 0 all at half time. Second half saw Highlanders strong in forward line scoring with 7 minutes left by Carmel McFarlane. Votes went to Emily Williams, Denise Vallance, Claire Barnett and Mikaela Turvey of Highlanders and votes for Kaniva went to Claire Riches, Rachel Clark, Kiralee Wilde and Heidi White.

Dimboola defeated Warracknabeal in a 6-0 match. Slow and steady match. Dimboola dominated play but unable to score consistently. Warracknabeal defence working well against the constant attack. Half time score Dimboola 2 Warracknabeal 0. Second half saw Dimboola again had more of the play and were able to score another 4 goals as the game slowed down towards the end. Goal scorers were Vicki Smithyman (3), Adina King, Kristy O’Connor and Nyree Hutchins (1 goal each). Votes went to Meaghan Pohlner, Elizabeth Klinge and Jess Ross of Dimboola. Votes for Warracknabeal went to Tiffany Bull, Jess Furey, Donna Robinson and Megan Harley.

Thunderbirds defeated Yanac in a 1 goal win. Fairly even play, Yanac had slightly more attack and passing well together. Thunderbirds were playing more as individuals in the first half. Second half same as first except Thunderbirds particularly Lauren Bendall pushed through and scored. Goal scorers were Lauren Bendall (3) and Bonnie McLeod (1) for Thunderbirds and Yanac goal scorers were Erin Blackwood, Jaz Wilksh and Ellen Wheaton. Votes went to Jeanette McLoed, Pam Cramer, Ange McCartney and Leah Bailey.

Ladder: Dimboola 70, Highlanders 44, Yanac 38, Thunderbirds 34, Warracknabeal 30, Kaniva 0.


Hoops defeated Dimboola by 1 goal. First Half: Warracknabeal pushing hard early with plenty of attacking play in the ‘D’. Although Dimboola had a few shots on goal. Jamie Guerin scoring off a short corner for Dimboola, after a good run down the field from Tim Jorgensen. Warracknabeal coming back with 5 minutes left from Paul Slater scoring from a short. Jamie Guerin scoring from a field goal straight back. Half-time score 2-1 Dimboola’s way.

Ethan Schilling getting a cross through the ‘D’ to even the score in the 10th minute of the second half. Mostly mind field back and forth until Josh McPherson scored off the post in a short with a few minutes left. Shane Langman coming in a scoring straight after. Caleb Halsall scoring from a short within 2.5 minutes to go. Votes went to Steven Laverty, Jarrod Knoop and Paul Slater of Hoops and votes for Dimboola went to James Klinge, Louis Haines, Ben Gebert and Tim Jorgensen.

Tigers defeated Rangers in a 6 goal win. Tigers scoring in 5th minute from field goal to Brad Alexander. Tigers continuing to push, resulting in a great goal to Jamie Harding. Another goal to Nathan Alexander soon after. Penalty stroke to Daniel Kennedy in the 30th minute. Half time score Tigers 4 Rangers 0. Rangers playing more in the 2nd half with a much improved game. Lots of back and forth field play until Brad Alexander scored from a field goal in the 25th minute. Nathan Alexander scoring from a sliding on his stomach shot from a great cross by Luke Riechenbach. Votes went to Nathan Alexander, Alex Wheaton and Jamie Harding of Tigers and for Rangers votes went to Talor Dent, Graeme Janetzki and Bradley Carter.

Cobras defeated Hurricanes in a 6 goal win. Goal scorers for cobras were Braden Clark (2), Chris White Clint Beattie, Jordan Clark, Brett Jewell and Adam Wallis (1 goal each). Hurricanes goal scorer was Andrew Dorman.

Ladder: Tigers 62, Cobras 62, Dimboola 42, Hoops 24, Hurricanes 18 and Rangers 8.

Semi Finals

Semi Finals will be held in Warracknabeal.

11.00 am Hoops V Dimboola Men Warriors V Raiders

1.00 pm Yanac Women V T’birds Revengers V Kangaroos

3:00 pm Tigers V Cobras Dimboola Women V Highlanders

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