Monday, July 11, 2011

Summary of Round 8 - 4th June 2011

Bombers v Raiders

Final score: Bombers 0 Raiders 18

Goal scorers: Braden Clark 7, Lachlan Clark 3, Jemma Bothe 2, Lochie Mills 1, Mark Rabone 1, Lewis Bothe 1, Ducan Shalders 1, Luke Shalders 1 and Kylan Hendy 1

Umpire Votes: Bombers: James Guest, Claire Barnett, Mikaela Turvey and Yash Chaudhay

Raiders: Braden Clark, Lochie Mills, Lewis Bothe and Lachlan Clark

Ist half: Kaniva dominated play. Braden Clark scored 4 goals. Raiders played a good team game. Good play by the older players.

2nd half: No comments

Revengers v Kangaroos

Final score: Revengers 3 Kangaroos 3

Goal scorers: Revengers-Hamish Wagenknecht 2 and Darius Cosgrove 1. Kangaroos- Jamie Guerin 2 and Andy King 1

Umpire votes: Revengers Cass Schilling, Hamish Wagenkencht and Mick Clark

Kangaroos: Jamie Guerin, Zack Slater-Collard and Tom Elsom.

1st half: Even half with back controlling the game. Revengers was the only team to score in the first half.

2nd half: No comments

Leopards v Kookaburras

Final score: Leopards 0 Kookaburras 1

Goal scorers: Kookaburras-Demi-Lee Harberger

Umpire votes: Leopards: Victoria Janetzki, Emma Janetzki and Duncan Koop

Kookaburras: Maydelen Occenola, Georgina Moore and Jayrell Guzarem

1st half: Leopards have had opportunities-a few close calls for Kookaburras. Demi-Lee scored from a short corner through Jayrell.

2nd half: Leopards controlled the half, and had many scoring shots but could not convert. Demi-Lee saved a certain goal with a deflection.

Highlanders v Kaniva Women

Final score: Highlanders 6 Kaniva 0

Goal scorers: Lorna Schilling 2, Robyn Creek 1, Allie Alter 1, Ellie OConnor 1 and Claire Barnett 1

Umpire Votes: Highlanders: Robyn Creek, Kylie Ferguson, Ellie OConnor and Claire Barnett

Kaniva W: Bonnie Tyas, Rachel Clark, Lisa Stimson and Heidi White

1st half: Kaniva defending well. Horsham had plenty of chances of scoring but unable to convert.

2nd half: No comments

Thunderbirds v Yanac Women

Final Score: Thunderbirds 1 Yanac Women 1

Goal scorers: Thunderbirds: Pam Cramer 1 and Di Janetzki 1. Yanac Women: Carmel Beattie 1

Umpire Votes: Thunderbirds: Pam Cramer, Jeanette McLeod, Leah Bailey and Molly Webb

Yanac W: Erin Blackwood, Alana Colbert, Carmel Beattie and Mandy Falting

1st half: Even play. Thunderbirds scoring first with Yanac answering back

2nd half: Thunderbirds came out strong and worked on one side of the field. Yanac’s defence remained strong holding off the Thunderbirds scoring opportunities. Good team work scored the Thunderbirds second goal.

Warrack Women v Dimboola Women

Final score: Warrack 2 Dimboola 12

Goal scorers: Warrack: Donna Robinson 2. Dimboola: Michelle Searle 3, Adina King 3, Jess Ross 2, Zoe-Lee Harberger 2, Elizabeth Klinge 1 and Meaghan Ross 1

Umpire Votes: Warrack-Julie Langman, Jenny Gaulke and Donna Robinson. Dimboola-Meaghan Pohlner, Zoe-Lee Harberger and Michelle Searle

1st half: Dimboola dominated the play. Warrack took advantage of their only chance. Slow scrappy match.

2n half: Dimboola continued to play a good team game utilizing their wings with too much attack for the Warrack defenders to fend off.

Hurricaines v Cobras

Final score: Hurricaines 0 Cobras 2

Goal scorers: Matthew Tyas 1 and Braden Clark 1

Umpire Votes: Hurricanes-Joel Wilkoz, Tim Davey and Stuart Hoffmann

Cobras-Jordan Clark, Adam Wallis and Clint Beattie

1st half: Horsham started off controlling the play but couldn’t score. Even play for most of the half with Cobras converting from a counter attack. Very even play

2nd half: Even start to the second half, with both teams having their chances. Cobras dominated the middle period of play but could only score once from multiple chances. Horsham finished strong but couldn’t convert from short corners.

Rangers v Tigers

Final score: Rangers 1 Tigers 3

Goal scorers: Rangers: Mont Millar. Tigers: Brad Alexander 2 and Adam Clohesy 1

Umpire Votes: Rangers-Mont Millar, Talor Dent and Graeme Janetzki. Tigers-Adam Clohesy, Simon Farmers, Tom Cook and Brad Alexander.

1st half: Tigers have come out strong, but have been countered by Rangers fighting for every possession.

2nd Half: Tigers very consistant, keep up the pace in a good clean game. Yanac proved too much for the Rangers defence.

Hoops v Dimboola Men

Final score: Hoops 2 Dimboola Men 3

Goal scorers: Hoops-Ethan Schilling 1 and Barry Schilling 1. Dimboola- Tim Jorgensen 1, Nathan Jorgensen 1 and Brett Tischler 1

Umpire Votes: Hoops: Steven Laverty, Darius Cosgrove, and Paul Slater. Dimboola-Tim Jorgensen, Brett Tischler and Basil Jorgensen.

1st half: Very scrappy play, both sides even. Half time score 1 all.

2nd half: Tempers becoming a little frayed on both sides, but still the scrappy play continued with neither team getting the upper hand. Final score Hoops 2 Dimboola 3

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