Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Round 2 Review


As expected the Revengers were too experienced for the Bombers, winning 8 goals to 0. The Bombers Claire Bennett, Adam Schwedes and goalie Jo Ellis had a hard time on the Bombers backline with Revengers forwards Aisha Dennes, Cass Schilling, Jordon Williamson, Darius Cosgrave, Jess Fury all scoring a goal each. Nakita Langman held off the Bombers attacks in Half Back, and also scored two goals.

Kaniva Raiders fought a hard game against the Dimboola Kookaburras, with the Raiders eventually coming out on top with 5 goals to Kookaburras 4 goals. Brandon Rich, Jordan Clark, Lachlan Clark and Lachie Mills all receiving umpires votes for the Raiders. Jayrell Guzarem, Louis Haines, Jamie Guerin and James Keahng received umpires votes for their efforts in the Kookaburras backline.

The Dimboola Kangaroos were no match for the Yanac Warriors, losing to the Warriors 13 goals while remaining scoreless. The Warriors dominated the first half, scoring 8 goals. The Kangaroos defence stepped up in the second half, but were unable to stop the Warriors onslaught. The Warriors passing, team spirit and shared ball possession was understandably exceptional throughout the whole game.

The junior players are still looking for a Co-ordinator so that Country Week can go ahead, contact you club for more information.


Nhill Thunderbirds nudged out the W'Beal Women in an even match with 2 goals to W'Beals 1 goal. Thunderbirds Christy Marias, Sarah Wallis and W'Beals Suzanne Puls were the goal scorers. W'Beal's umpires votes went to goalie Kate Perkins, Alana Argent and Jenny Gaulke. Thunderbirds best players were Grace McCleod, Leah Bailey and Bonnie McCleod.

Yanac Women and Horsham Highlanders both played a skilful game with plenty of goal scoring opportunities. At the end of the first half Yanac had scored 2 goals, capitalising on Highlanders slower defence. Highlanders came out strong in the second half, but the Yanac defence also stepped up to defend their 2 goal lead. The end result was Yanac 2 goals to Highlanders 0 goals.

Kaniva Women forfeited their game against Dimboola Women.


The Horsham Hurricanes almost held off the Yanac Tigers, but were defeated at the end of the game with 2 quick Tigers goals. The first half was quite an even match, with the Tigers scoring a goal just before the break and Hurricanes retaliating soon after with their own goal. Although the Hurricanes had more of the ball in the second half, the Tigers defence held up strongly. The final score was Tigers 3 goals, Hurricanes 1 goal. Tigers best players were Simon Farmers, Luke Reichenbach and goalie Steve Allen. Hurricanes best were Stuart Hoffman, Jahan Randall-Demllo and Richard Kemp.

Kaniva Men and Dimboola Men started off with evenly matched back and forth play for almost the entire first half. Kaniva were lucky to score a surprise goal late in the first half from a short corner. Dimboola came back after the break with full force and scored an exciting 5 goals. James Klinge, Nathan Jorgensen and Carl Nuske received the umpires votes and scored Dimboola's goals. Kaniva's best were Elema, Clint Beattie and Patrick White. The young Braden Clark was Kaniva's goal scorer.

In the W'beal Hoops versus Nhill Rangers match, Hoops full back Steven Laverty helped to hold off the Rangers attacks. Forward Shane Langman scored two quick goals for the Hoops, with centre forward Marcus Keam holding the forwards together. Full backs Mont Miller, David Reichelt and goalie Graham Jago received the umpires votes for the Rangers. The end score was Rangers 1 goal, Hoops 2 goals.

Spectators at hockey are reminded to sit well back from the sideline, as a deflection can send the hockey ball flying in almost any direction. One spectator was taken to hospital after being struck in the forehead by a wayward hockey ball.

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