Friday, May 25, 2007

Round 6 Preview

This weekend’s Wimmera Hockey Association matches will be split between Dimboola and Horsham.
Starting the day at a very early 9.30am in Dimboola are the Bandits and Kangaroos. These teams have showed their talent so far this year and the match will be highly skilled and competitive. Kangaroos have a number of key forward players who will be dangerous if given opportunity. Nathan Jorgensen and Elizabeth Klinge are two of the players that will be ready to add to their totals this year The Bandits, however, have displayed lots of great teamwork and this could make it hard for the Kangaroos.
Another interesting junior match will be between Raiders and Revengers. Raiders thrashed the Kookaburras last week but will have to be careful they don’t get ahead of themselves, as the Revengers are a much tougher team. Revengers had the bye last week, so, in theory, should be rested and ready to play. Raiders Kendall Meyer is the Raiders key forward and if he attacks, will be very dangerous for the Revengers. Revengers, however, have a few key players such as Rebecca McPherson, Mark Molony and Tom Hewitt that Raiders will need to watch. This should be a close game, as both teams are fairly evenly placed this season.
The two Horsham junior teams will take on each other in a highly prized match. The Bombers are traditionally the better of the Horsham teams, but this year has not managed a win, compared to the Black Hawks. Bombers have experienced players such as Josh Sykes Atkins, Jordyn Pizzoni and Monique Schwedes, who will be very valuable. However, the Black Hawks have a great team spirit, and whilst being overall younger, have key players such as Andrew Valentine, Allie Salter and Sean Creek. The Black Hawks have most of their team carrying over from last year, whilst the Bombers have experienced many changes. The Black Hawks have a real chance of taking the game to the Bombers this time and the final score will be very close.
In the women’s competition, wildcards Kaniva will take on Yanac, after a convincing win last week. Kaniva has a really competitive team this year, with players such as Mary Kedwell and Nicol Wilson creating lots of opportunities for their team. Yanac, however, have players including Sheree May and Sarah Coughlan who will be just as competitive. Although Kaniva seem to be a real threat to everyone this year, Yanac have lots of team spirit and could come out with a win.
In the men’s competition, top side Tigers take on Kaniva, who have only managed one win this year. Kaniva have a young talented side, including players Clint Beattie and Ben Schwedes, but may struggle against the more experienced Tigers, who boast players such as Luke Reichenbach and Kim Croot. Tigers seem to be unstoppable this year, not losing a game yet. This is the first time the teams have met this year and it may be a surprise win for Kaniva, who don’t seem to have played to their full potential yet. In the other men’s game, the young Dimboola side take on Warrack Hoops.

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